Tuesday, February 25, 2020

2-25-2020 Notes on Current Events

As crises of viruses, plagues and perhaps the least talked about supply chain woes begin to disrupt people’s love/hate relationship to the world system, I ponder on the birds still singing and the sun still shining - don’t they know that it’s the end of the world? Ahh! I guess I should have been more specific: don’t they know that it’s the end of the world system? I don’t think it’s going to happen right away; these things, manifested consequence, I guess you could call it, does indeed seem to come in waves.

Yesterday, I went to Costco, probably the sixth time this month. The sign said, “one per customer per visit.” So I picked another big box of tissue paper and now I probably have enough for about a year. Why do we need so much tissue paper, I thought to myself. Good for bartering, perhaps?

Planning for me generally comes easy. It’s like imagining myself as a horizontal tree spreading out in front of me. I am the trunk of the tree with my roots behind me, the branches are but future possibilities and probabilities (based on the spread), which I use to plan my strategy, as straight a course as possible. But suddenly it occurs to me, perhaps instead of going horizontally into the future, I ought to upright myself, as well as my self-image to a vertical position,  planting myself here in the ground rather than in an uncertain future somewhere out there. Really good idea!

Before I look at the internet of today’s news, I would like to talk some more about the way I view current events and the phase that humanity seems to have entered into.  As I said before, it’s not so much the virus or viruses that people should focus on, but  the practical steps that each one is able to take right now in order to prepare for the disruption ahead. As I said before, I think it will only take about two more months of severe disruption to the global system in order to reach the point of no return. How much of the system will have to break down before humanity agrees to embrace and live the principles of equality remains to be seen. I’m guessing that the next five years will be very revealing.

In looking at different areas of the world system, I note that in more open and transparent societies, such as  Taiwan, communication and cooperation with a sense of urgency has for the most part, overwritten the fear factor. In times of crisis, those that rule over the people and fear most losing control of them, almost always end up injecting more fear into the crisis by overreacting to it, only to end up prolonging the crisis and  making it worse. Take note of where the most draconian measures are being implemented under the guise of containing the virus. In reality, such measures have more to do with maintaining government control over the people than they do with caring actually for the people. Locking people in their homes, locking down neighborhoods and locking down entire cities will not stop the spread of the virus, but it will probably cause a lot of starvation and mass unrest. Translation: don’t buy into “the need” for draconian measures to stop the spread of the virus; it will only make things worse.

Whether it takes three months or three years, I guess that the disruption to the world system will continue to spread until it either comes crashing down upon us or we replace it with a stronger, more equitable system - preferably one that is based on the foundation of equality, oneness and what is best for all. It’s really not that complicated, humanity’s woes stem from inequality of opportunity to participate equally and live a dignified life (as can easily be measured by the distribution of money), which has in turn caused the world system (from the within of each human being to the without of the manifested world system) to become irreparably unstable, leaving us with an overwhelming number of weak spots or problems, which viruses and other things (as per the automation of things) are now attacking. Deep stuff, too deep for this post. Bottom line, the key for everybody, as well as the body of the system as a whole is to remain stable and not to overreact - least the body become overwhelmed and the entire system comes crashing down too fast.

For me, this translates to embracing the virus, the fever and whatever else comes my way, while supporting my physical body to stand through the process of reconstruction and repair. As for riding out the turbulence within the world system, i.e., staying afloat and breathing, I strongly suggest having emergency supplies and a plan for either staying in place or getting to a safer place. For those in major cities, such as New York and LA, if you have the option of leaving, I highly recommend getting the hell out of these places as soon as (if and when) you hear about the first citywide lockdown (those draconian measures that I mentioned earlier).

I guess that we may see such draconian measures happening in places such as California and/or NYC very soon - just as it’s already been happening in other major cities around the world, where those in control seem intent only upon making things worse. If getting out of the city is not an option, then at least try to be sure you have a supply of clean water and lots of emergency food. I think lots of vitamin C (as an antioxidant), turmeric (for anti inflammation), ginger tea  with lemon (to help clean the system) and sodium bicarbonate (for just about everything) are good, but I’m sure there’s also a lot of other “natural” support available.

Sunday, February 16, 2020

Self Care starts in the Small: Don't put it Off

As the point of self care has been brought up in relation to current events, namely the Coronavirus or whatever their calling it these days, I thought I’d share a short story, as well as my three favorite off the shelf self-care remedies - sodium bicarbonate and turmeric and coconut oil. In short (in my view): sodium bicarbonate (the 99.99% pure stuff) is awesome for maintaining the right alkaline environment for the body; turmeric is great for so many things, but mostly I use it to address inflammation, coconut for topical applications as well as healthy cooking… For more on natural remedies and other cures, I suggest going to naturalnews.com and having a listen to Mike Adams, the health ranger.

One of the things that I appreciate about staying in our home in the big city is that I’m only a 4-5 minute scooter ride from the Taoyuan district swimming pool. The thing is, as with anywhere in tropical and subtropical climates, you really, really should probably wear footwear when walking around outside - and I’ll just leave it at that.

Day 1: As though existence were saying to me, “it’s time to raise your level of preparedness, about a week ago when coming out of 16 degree pool (very cold for us here in Taiwan) with my fingers and toes all numb, I ended up breaking one of my flip flops (or whatever you call those kinds of sandals). So I decided to go barefoot for about 35 meters to where I had left my shoes. In hindsight, that was a big mistake.

Day 2, although I noticed some itching on the inside of my left little toe, as it wasn't bothering me that much, I didn’t I didn’t pay much attention to it - that was my second mistake.

Day 3: my foot started becoming painful and itching a lot more. I figured it was probably Athlete’s foot, which I now see is medically termed ringworm of the foot. So, on the evening of day three, I did what I should have done on day 1, which was (as per my own medical advice) to thoroughly rup a mixture of coconut oil and sodium bicarbonate into the wound and all around the crack that had opened in the skin. I then put on clean dry socks and did the same thing for the next, but I guess it was already too late because the fungus among us had already gotten under my skin.

Day 5: with it becoming difficult to walk, I had a look at my foot and it was clear to me that an infection was spreading. Honestly, I was wondering if it wasn’t that flesh eating bacteria, cus it was moving fast, like faster than usual for this kind of stuff. In assessing my options, I knew I would have to get ahead of this immediately; otherwise, within the next 2-3 days, I would have no other option but to go to the hospital for heavy duty antibiotic treatment, which I consider to be “last resort” kind of treatment.

In realizing that it was time to bring out the big guns, I went and found an old plastic wash bin, filled it full of hot water and a cup of baking soda (Arm & Hammer sodium bicarbonate) and soaked my foot for about an hour. In addition, I took a toothbrush and scrubbed that wound until it bled - painful, yet necessary to create an alkaline environment that the fungus or worms don’t seem to like. Then, before going to bed, I once again coated the area with a mix of coconut oil and sodium bicarbonate, and drank down a cup of warm water mixed with about a half teaspoon of powdered turmeric - to address the inflamation.

In waking up this morning, feeling better, walking around and ever going swimming again (with a much stronger pair of sandals), I think I’m now now ahead of this. Nevertheless, I’m at this moment still going to repeat the soaking and the scrubbing before going to bed, just to be extra careful.

Day 7: Although the wound is still there, the swelling is gone and I no longer feel as though my foot is infected. In order to assist the repairing process some more, I’ve prepared a teaspoon of coconut-oil mixed in with a little sodium bicarbonate to rub in, on and around the wound throughout the course of today and perhaps the next 2-3 days (with care) to ensure a complete repair. 

The takeaway from all of this: when it comes to self care, I suggest expanding that care to the little issues. Instead of putting them off, address and correct them before they become big problems. Additionally, I strongly suggest looking and considering alternative, natural, off the shelf remedies as well as good nutrition, instead of relying on antibiotics and other pharmaceuticals. I’m guessing that the system, from the small to the big is in for some disruption, and the time to prepare for that disruption is fast approaching too late. I’ll write about this, especially as it pertains to the supply chains of the world system, in my next blog post.

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Holding Pattern

Overall, even with the emergence of the Devil virus (as I’ve heard it being referred to by some leaders of China), I would say that I’ve been having a fairly good Lunar New Year vacation. I got all my grades in on time with only an issue from one student, which is like a new record for me. Additionally, I gave away our really old, but cared for 26 year old car and then bought a new, used Honda CRV for three thousand dollars less than I had budgeted, which meant that I could replace some appliances that I’ve been holding off on for a couple of years. Come to think of it, a bunch of things just started not working a couple of weeks ago, so the overall timing of things has been good for me. Then, my partner and I went to the middle of Taiwan to visit her family and we ended up staying three extra days, which is another record for me because, in the past, I’ve usually been in a hurry to get back and do whatever. The thing is, I now find myself kind of like in a holding pattern, waiting an additional two weeks to go back to work and uncertain how the current events are going to play out.

For example, even though Taiwan is well positioned to endure the crisis associated with the Coronavirus, I’m guessing that the shockwaves (aside of course from the devastation caused by most of the toilet paper having already been bought off the shelves) has yet to be felt or even comprehended by the average person. In considering that work in China is slowing down tremendously, air traffic and other forms of travel  being severely curtailed, the overall supply chain catastrophe that is currently unfolding and everything else associated with the virus, I guess that humanity has about three months (until around the end of April) before the old world system reaches a state of no return. Which is the point that I feel as though I’m holding for. And when you think about it, what better way to usher in a new world system than by utilizing a virus or several viruses to take down the old one?

Often I wonder how many people (if any) grasp the correlation between the world system, the design of creation and that which we create. As within so without, it’s all exactly the same. Why do you think we’re creating artificial intelligence precisely by modeling it on the design of the human mind? Because, as Anu pointed out, we create what we are. And if you want to take down an entire world “system”, as I’m betting almost everyone in this world does, what do you do?  You create and inject a virus into it of course. But what system is actually doing the calculations (based on the oneness and equality of creation power/potential of every single human-being) and putting it all together?

My guess is that, this is how we designed our existence a long time ago - before we got lost in it. In short, for lack of clear instructions or directive principle from the life forms of this existence, the consciousness or AI of existence ended up basing the design of the structural system of existence on the nature of mankind, which as we can now say with certainty,  has never been benevolent. Thankfully though, based on our new directive principle of oneness and equality with what is best for all, as the foundation of life from which to create a new beginning, I think we are all now in the process of changing for the better - even though in the short term, it may not necessarily appear that way.

Getting back to a more grounded perspective, here I am sitting in my kitchen office with a huge window in front of me and a beautiful view of the park, wondering what I’m going to do today, that is at least somewhat constructive. When it comes to work, I'm very efficient and except for completing my plan on how to get students to read, consider and (dare I say) understand George Orwell’s 1984, I’m all ready to go back to work. But, except for a meeting on the 20th of February, I still have to wait until next month. And then there’s the uncertainty in relation to classes. Already I’ve heard rumblings from some teachers, who say that they’re not even going to go into the classrooms for the first two weeks. But I’m thinking to myself, the hell with that, the classrooms are where the fun is. Like the classroom of life. So, from my perspective, I hope that we do have classes, even if they begin a little late and even if we have to wear face masks.

I guess that’s about all I have to say for now: I’m in a holding pattern, as I guess many others are, too. And I don’t think it will be too long before we see that the dark storm clouds in the distance have either cleared or are now upon us. Regardless of how things turn out, I think it’s best to prepare for a storm.

Monday, February 10, 2020

Embracing the Monster

I’ve recently been asking myself a question in relation to oneness and equality of life and how it could possibly be that each human being could possibly be responsible, equally as one for everything that has been created as the physical existence of earth. How is it that each human being could possibly be equally as one responsible for the state of this world, especially when it comes to bioweapons, plagues of locusts, child trafficking and so much more?” I mean, from the mathematical equation, “the whole being equal to the sum of all its parts,” to “the democracy of creation,” I get this oneness and equality thing to an extent, but in many ways it’s morel like a mantra that I repeat as a principle by which I push myself to change for the betterment of all, rather than something that I’m really able to see, realize and understand.

I enjoy looking at points and the relationship lines by which they connect to one another to create outflows and basically manifest what is here. For example, in connecting the dots of my perception of the past, present and possible future outflows, as well as  the past-futures of other timelines (that must in my view also be influencing the timeline that we are now on), I think we are now possibly in the process of rewriting or correct (on a different line of course) the future of humankind - which kind of off topic.

So to get back to the point of this writing, as I  perceive that there is still so much bad out there, some good too, but so much that seems to be really bad, I therefore ask myself (a lot as of late), how “I” could possibly be equally as one responsible for such evil? Interestingly, in looking for answers, I will sometimes end up dreaming in relation to a question so as to then look at it from a more subconscious perspective I guess. But then I still have to make sense of the symbols.

In the dream pertaining to the question, “How could I possibly be equally as one responsible for weaponized viruses being released onto humanity?, I found myself trapped in a very scary house, like a haunted house where the floors would move and the corridors suddenly become long and narrow in order to prevent someone from escaping.  Representing the first point, was a monster of a man dressed in a white shirt and pants similar to clothes worn by scientists and laboratory technicians, who also seemed to be the caretaker of that house. Additionally, most likely representing the virus in question, there were varying shapes of gray cloudlike droplets in the air, that seemed for a moment to want to engulf me.

Whenever the  monster confronted me, I embraced it by wrapping my arms around it and hugging it. However, when it came to the gray droplets in the air, I wanted nothing to do with them, which (after writing and rewriting this over the last few days) shows me that when it comes to “the virus,” I’m still harboring a fear of it and not necessarily practicing what I preach, lol.

When I finally managed to get out of that mansion to the safety of an open field, the monster-man was also there as though he was waiting for me. Once again, I embraced the monster, but this time in a teasing way, almost as though to say, cmon, let’s play some more. But instead of trying to scare me some more, the man in the white lab suit dejectedly turned and began walking away.  Not wanting to let  him go, I caught up with him and we ended up walking away together.

As a knowing, I see what all of this means, including to an extent, how I could possibly be equally as one responsible for the state of this world. But for some reason, it’s still difficult (as a form of resistance) for me to formulate the words in my mind before typing them out.

The monster man in the lab suit represents the evil elite, I imagine are (in a hands on way)  responsible for creating and releasing the viruses and the plagues that have recently been unleashed upon this earth.  Regardless of how they came to be, whether it was via the globalists and their weather modification technology making it rain in the deserts and so on, or the evil pharmaceutical companies creating the virus to then profit off of it by selling their so-called “Remdesivir” vaccine, or as I read it, “remedy deceiver” vaccine, the fact of the matter is (as per the democracy of creation), a part of me is equally as one responsible for the outflows that physically manifest in/as this existence.
If you imagine a holographic sphere of the substance of life, with an innumerable number of points of life, all equally as one making up and creating the whole of that sphere, its nature and everything it is, and each point of life also being composed of or containing all of the other points of the sphere in and as it as well - plus the point of itself as the director/creator of the whole at each one’s particular point, you will then also perhaps see that each point is equally as one responsible for the manifested creation of the whole. No, I don’t actually see it yet, either, but I’ll bet that math of oneness and equality, as well as the democracy of creation works the same or similar to that of a hologram. And I’ll leave that for another day.

Getting back to the question in relation to the Coronavirus: where inside of me am I equally as one creating this crisis?  The bottom line is, there is a part of me that enjoys and even thrives (to an extent) on conflict and crisis, a part of me that seems to almost appreciate the stability and clarity of focus that I seem to find in chaos. And although this aspect of myself has at times been useful, especially in survival situations, I’ve come to question the part of me that longs for and even enjoys it.

For example, in dreams past, I once found myself attempting to save an innocent little boy from a burning house filled with monsters that I had just destroyed in a duel with swords, which ended with me chopping the pig-head of the pig-man in the tuxedo. “Cmon”, I said to the cute little boy, “We’ve gotta get out of here now!”, only to have him look up at me with a devilish grin and say, “why, the fun’s just getting started.” I didn’t realize until years later that that little boy was me.

Symbolically speaking, the gray water-like droplets moving through the air and attempting to engulf me represent “the virus.” And even though, I would say that I’m really not too worried about viruses, that in an existential sense, I think they’re actually supporting human beings and the physical body of earth by targeting the systems of consciousness and so on, I still would prefer to see humanity just come together, renounce inequality and corruption, and work together to bring about a world based on the foundation of equal life that is best for all. This is the point that I am walking to stand as, and I will see this through. But to do that, I must understand that, as a point within and as the whole, everything that I think, say and do does matter. Which is why it is important for me to locate, address and correct all points within and as myself that are in any way, shape or form contributing to creational outflows that are not what is best for all.

On a final note: as for the disruption that is now becoming very visible in the world system, I’m guessing it’s going to serve as a catalyst for ushering in a new global financial system. Not necessarily the optimal path to a solution, but as I said, still heading in the right direction.

There is so much more, the bottom line for me being, if I’m gonna preach oneness, equality as what is best for all (which I will forever do), I’ve gotta learn to live it through and through. This is my challenge - to face the monster in me and change myself to stand as that which really is best for all. Which means I gotta stop teasing and egging on the monster in me.

Monday, February 3, 2020

Lunar New Year and Guānzhuàng bìngdú or Coronavirus

A fascinating thing that has been occurring more and more these days has to do with my work and vacation time. Instead of resting during vacation so as to have energy to be very busy during work time, I find myself usually feeling as though I’m busier during my vacation time. Metaphorically speaking, it’s as though my working is now like a routine flight path (that I enjoy), while vacation time is the time that I find myself having to get a lot of challenging stuff done, fixed and replaced - which I also enjoy most of the time.

As though the home that I return to for vacations and on every other weekend is aware of my schedule, appliances, plumbing and other things of late have been breaking down almost as soon as I walk through the door. For example, during the last five weeks, we’ve had to replace the microwave oven, the hot water dispenser and now the hot water heater. And as if that wasn’t enough, upon our return from a family visit to the center of Taiwan, water just started pouring out through one of the air conditioning drainage outlets in the living room onto the wooden floor. It was really weird; however, instead of allowing myself to go into a state of overwhelmingness, I’ve just been dealing with everything on a case by case basis. And honestly, really quite thankful that all of this has been happening while I’m home on vacation, so that I have the time/opportunity to deal with it, rather than being away at school and unable to deal directly with it. My philosophy here: as long as you’re standing in the home, as one with the home, the home will stand “equally as you stand.”  In other words, you have to become one with the home, a part of it wherever you are, because it is the ones in the home that will define the structure of the home.

Getting to the Guānzhuàng bìngdú, Coronavirus or devil virus as some in mainland China are calling it,  I have (in consideration of world events) also been preparing for some possible changes that may be stimulated (a nice word for it) by what is currently  unfolding. Without adding to the fear of the future that many may already be experiencing, I think that it’s important to prepare for some disruption to our daily living routines - perhaps just a little, perhaps quite a lot.

Transportation and logistical supply lines are already getting hit in Asia and it could get a lot worse. Taiwan’s government just announced that they would be postponing the start of the spring semester for public schools, which means that my university will likely also follow suit. Herein, I strongly suggest that people use common sense, err on the side of caution and have an ample supply of daily necessities on hand to weather the transition through the storm that seems almost to be upon us. And then if it turns out to be a false alarm, as the preppers often say, you can always eat the food you set aside as your insurance policy. The good news here in Taiwan is that, from what I’ve seen so far, people are not panicking and the government is doing an awesome job of leading by example while also preparing for the worst.

The way I like to look at my location in relation to the big picture is in increments by imagining rings of influence going out from myself into the broader environment as far as is practical and then reversing the view or process back to myself, so as to have some sort of a picture or idea of what we might be facing, so as to then take practical steps or measures to prepare. In terms of an immediate, this entails looking for about two to three months into a future of possible playouts, preparing as I am able, while also realizing that plans are no substitute remaining here, breathing and dealing with points as they arise.

In terms of viruses, one important thing to remember is that, regardless of the origin of this particular virus or combination of viruses, it’s still just a virus, like a flu virus. Which means that, rather than fearing what the virus may or may not do to our bodies (and in so doing, waste valuable living resources of the body), better to focus on self care, which usually involves caring for yourself as well as your immediate environment, i.e., expanding the ring around you into and as your environment to care for others as well as your environment, as a whole, which will in turn then reflect back unto you at the center of  your environment.

From a personal perspective, rather than being programs that attack our physical bodies for the sake of physical harming our bodies, I view viruses more as frequency disruptors that attack certain systems of conscious programming. In other words, I think that viruses (which are apparently frequency based) are more focused on devouring the energetic systems designed to keep our lives automated, rather than on devouring and/or destroying our physical bodies. After all, isn’t it usually an “overreaction” on the part of the body’s immune system that causes damage to our physical bodies, rather than the virus itself?

As such, the way I personally choose to face viruses is to essentially embrace them and let them do their thing, while I do my thing supporting my physical body by remaining calm and not wasting valuable resources on fear. Yea, this is my advice when it comes to viruses: embrace them by focusing on caring for the physical body (rather than going into a state of fear) and letting the viruses do their thing. After all, other than this particular virus perhaps being a new combination of viruses, I don’t think that it’s really anything new. I’ll  have more updates from Taiwan in the near future.

Saturday, January 18, 2020

Waking up with a low Heart Rate

Once again, I begin with a dream, which wasn’t  really a dream in the classical sense wherein I found  myself in a sleep state interacting with different characters and/or programs in different dimensions myself, but one wherein I suddenly found myself aware of myself in my physical body, as the physical body covered with blankets and something else intent upon getting my attention and waking me up.

As I lay there aware of myself inside of my body surrounded by blankets, yet unable to physically move, like I was paralyzed, something that I perceive or imagined to be a cat on the outside of the blanket startled me with a bite to my big toe. Immediately, I tried to wake up, but I couldn’t move. Then the same thing happened to one of my fingers on my left hand and I began struggling even harder, attempting to yell and scream in order to wake up, but still I couldn’t move. And although I was perceiving myself as making noises, I got the feeling that I wasn’t really getting through to the physical reality out there. Finally I decided to breathe: one, two, three, wake up, I said to myself and then I was awake.

As soon as I awoke, the first thing I noticed was that my heart rate was very slow. I guessed that my blood pressure was also very low and I really felt like just falling back to sleep again, but I didn’t dare. So instead I just focused on my breathing, which I often do when I wake up in the middle of the night - rather than allowing my mind to race like I used to do. After a while, I did go back to sleep, but not before removing most of the blankets so that I wouldn’t get too comfortable.

In the morning, after I got out of bed, walked around for a while and drank come coffee, I used one of those machines to check my blood pressure and heart rate. While my blood pressure was 105 over 60, my heart rate was still only 46 beats per minute. Now, after being up for an hour, writing and drinking coffee,  it’s still only 124 over 74 with a heart rate of 48 beats per minute. This does seem kind of slow. However, this could also be the result of eating better, exercising and reducing my alcohol intake by about ninety-nine percent over the last 7-9 months.

Now for the main reason or question I have in deciding to write this out: once again I ask, who am I in all of this and why is it that one part of me has to communicate with another part of me - shouldn’t it be one “I” of understanding and moving as one? Literally when I finally woke up and was able to move, I embraced my physical body and said, “good work, thanks for waking me up.”

I guess in communicating with my physical body (of my physical body communicating with me),  I’m bridging the separation gap and the parts of me are coming closer together. Something to as part of my journey. And now I’m going to begin preparing for next semester’s classes.

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Democracy Notes 1-14-2020: Agreeing on a Definition for Democracy

With changes occurring in the world system now becoming more definitive, perhaps it is now also time to reopen the discussion (on monologue in my case - lol) on a new definition for democracy. Firstly, I propose that we acknowledge the deficiencies of the generally accepted ineffectual and outdated definitions of democracy, so as to then move on to agreeing to a new living definition that embodies the principle of oneness and equality as is best for all, as the foundation from which we might then go on to agree on some guidelines or procedures for coexisting harmoniously in the same environment, city, space, platform, galaxy or wherever.

As for the deficiencies of the ineffectual old-world definitions promoted specifically (in my view) to perpetuate the sacred hierarchical structures of power and control, look no further than the definition of democracy according to Google:
  1. A system of government by the whole population or all the eligible members of a state, typically through elected representatives.

Really? I underlined the words ‘government’, ‘eligible’ and ‘representatives’ because rather than supporting the essence or spirit of democracy as an inclusive form of collective decision making, these words serve only to contradict the idea of democracy (as a collective expression of equality) by insinuating that democracy is all about government/control, eligibility/exclusivity and representation (instead of actual participation). So I suggest that we simply scrap this definition and any others like it that do not embrace self-determination, inclusiveness and participation as a matter of social responsibility in all situations, everywhere. Let us simply begin with a clean slate so to speak.

The definition that I’ve been working on for quite some time defines democracy simply as a form of collective decision making, wherein the degree of democracy expressed by the collective is equivalent to the degree by which “all” members of the collective have (or are afforded) the opportunity to participate equally in all of the decision-making processes (all of the decisions) that will eventually apply to the collective as a whole. This definition is all inclusive (with the opportunity to participate equally in all decision-making processes that apply to the collective as a whole), while also not being binding those would choose not to participate. And of course it can still be modified or improved upon - as per the essence of change that real democracy will facilitate.

In addition to agreeing on a new definition of democracy, I’ve also been considering how such a definition might be implemented, dare I say systematized so as to utilize technology (including AI) to facilitate the decision-making processes any and all collectives from the small to the big and the big to the small, so as to build a world that is best for all.

In my next post on the subject of democracy, I would like to look at how such a system might function in both small and large collectives. By the way, a “collective,” rather than being an anticapitalistic fascist mind-controlled commune dedicated to safe spaces and free stuff, is simply a group that works together.

Monday, January 13, 2020

Democracy Notes: 1/13/2020

As people slowly but surely awaken to the fact that representative democracy is not a democracy of, by and for the people, but rather a democracy of by and for a select group of people mistakenly referred to as representatives of the people, the question once again becomes, what is democracy of, by and for the people and how are we able to implement such a system to best benefit everyone regardless of where each one happens to be participating. 

Remember, democracy is simply a form (methodology or system) of collective decision making, wherein the degree (amount or percentage) of democracy expressed by the collective is equivalent to the degree by which all members of the collective have “the opportunity” to participate equally in any and all of the decision making processes applicable to the collective as a whole.

To be clear, democracy is not about having an obligation to participate in any particular aspect of a democratic group or collective; nor is it about having an obligation to participate in anything at all.  Rather, democracy is and always has been simply about having “the opportunity to participate equally” in any and all aspects of the decision-making processes applicable to the collective.  In essence, real democracy is simply an expression of real equality to decide and determine the shape and direction of, by and for the group or collective unto which the democracy applies.

For example, in a classroom democracy of twenty students, each student would be afforded the opportunity to participate equally in any and all of the decision making processes (or steps) leading up to the final step of voting to decide and implement a matter that is applicable to that class as a whole. From there, those same students might exit the classroom to enter into other systems of democracy, such as the school, community, city, state, national and even a planetary democracy, wherein each “participant” would (from the small to the big and the big to the small) continue to always have and/or be afforded the opportunity to participate equally in any and all of the decisions that are going to apply to that particular participant.

Herein, the right (as the opportunity to participate equally in the decision making processes of a collective) goes hand in hand with any obligation to abide by the decision that have been collectively made.  And this is why representative democracy (in terms of it being a decision making system of, by and for the people) is a contradictory term which actually refers to a form of control exercised by a minority that constitutes what we call government, which is actually just another form of tyranny over the people who have yet to take responsibility for the direction of their collectives. The good thing is, we are finally making some progress.

In order for a system of decision making to be a true expression of democracy, those unto whom the decisions will apply must always have and/or be afforded the opportunity to participate equally in all of the decision making processes leading up to the implementation of that particular decision. For example, as someone living in the Amazon jungle is not going to be affected by the decisions made in a Washington DC elementary school, that person would also not be provided (as a right) with the opportunity to participate equally in the decision making processes of that classroom.

But this doesn’t mean that he or she might not one day decide to travel to Washington DC to visit that classroom, whereupon that person (as a new participant in the sphere of that classroom) would then have the right as the opportunity to participate equally in that classroom’s decision making processes, while also being subject to its democratic processes (while participating), which may or may not already have rules pertaining to welcoming newcomers.

Participation is a given that comes with life: even if  you decide not to decide, you have still made a choice as to how you will live the life you’ve been given. Therefore, if we really want to see change in our democratic systems, we require first to take back our power and start participating - becoming the change we care to see.

Sunday, January 5, 2020

The Life line of Breath

This morning (or yesterday morning by the time I post this), as I awoke around 4 in the morning with the usual thought boxes beginning to cycle in front of my perception, instead of fighting them, I went into a very determined form of breathing. As I was counting 4 heartbeat-counts in, hold for 4 counts, exhale for 4 counts, hold 4 heartbeats and so on, I noticed something different.

Strangely enough, I noticed that I was actually doing it, breathing steadily without going into any of the thoughts that I could see (as a knowing) were there ready and waiting for me to be accepted. However, I just kept on breathing, playing with my breath. As it turns out, in the mornings, I seem to prefer longer breaths, like 6-8 seconds rather than the usual four. I guess this is because I have large lungs and am able to breathe slower when rested. Eventually I fell asleep again and when I awoke, I strangely enough found myself still breathing that way, yet with a memory of a dream I had just had.

In the dream, I was with two brothers at a home that I didn’t really recognize while the two of them were talking about a particular kind of watch one of them had acquired  and was suggesting that the others do the same. As they talked about that particular time piece (that showed up in my perception as a pocket watch),  I went for a walk to explore a structure a nearby building. Once inside, I found myself somewhat stuck balancing myself precariously on some weak, rotting pieces of wood in order to avoid falling into a deep dark abyss below.    Although I wasn’t scared, I knew that I was stuck and it was just a matter of time before I fell into the abyss.

Suddenly, I saw one of my brothers coming through the door.  He saw my predicament and immediately went back to get something something from my other brother. When he returned, I saw that he had very strong synthetic line, which he threw to me. As I was getting ready to use that life line to climb up, I woke up still breathing the 4-6 count breath. So I decided to get out of bed and do some writing.

Although, I don’t focus on or even attempt to recall most of my dreams, I find some of them are notable for the insight (I guess I could say) that they provide, especially the ones with easily identifiable symbols relating my physical reality. In this latest dream, the watch clearly symbolizes time - as in the clock is ticking. It’s like a part of me pointing to the wristwatch as if to say we gotta get moving.

Add to this the image of myself balanced or hanging precariously over a pit of dark abyss, holding on to old roots coming out of the side of the wall and the message becomes even more clear: with the clock ticking away, there is no more time to go exploring down every little corridor or conspiracy that pops up. On a side note, I’m starting to wonder if these conspiracy theories aren’t specifically tailored to myself and others specifically for the purpose of enticing us into the never ending mazes of abyss.

In looking at the  lifeline that was thrown to me just before I awoke still breathing the 4-6 count breaths, I woke up thankful for the message and I recommitted to better utilize the time that I have to focus on my personal process. And then when I went downstairs to make coffee and write this out.

Ahh! I just recalled where all this point recently arose. Yesterday as I was driving back home from my apartment near school, I was listening to an Atlantean being speaking about breathing. As she was explaining how even though everything in this existence, without exception, breaths as part of the design of this existence, it also retains a quantum point of absolute oneness and equality at the point between the in-breath and the out-breath (a quantum moment of the here of the completeness of pure life so to speak), I decided to see if I could identify that quantum moment, tap into it, hold onto it and expand upon it. The problem with holding onto that moment is that I’m only able to hold my breath for so long.

Therefore, instead of attempting to hold onto ever longer moments of being here, I decided to expand this point by aiming for “more” of these moments by focusing more on my breathing? Yea, I realize that I’ve attempted this many times throughout the last ten or so years. However, they always ended up being sporadic attempts that would eventually be interrupted and overwhelmed the overwhelmingness of my mind.

What’s different this time? I am of course. As I often say, life never climbing that gigantic mountain; rather it’s always only ever about deciding upon the next best step to take and then taking it.

Sunday, December 29, 2019

Making Sense of the Sound of Creation

Although there have been times when I entertained myself a lot by watching movies and TV series, I find nowadays in terms of entertainment, that I quite enjoy looking at what’s going on out there in an attempt to piece together the puzzle. But how much should one really focus on what’s out there, especially when I haven’t yet figured out the mystery of myself? Once again the lyrics of a song come up, “mama always told me not to look into the eyes of the sun, but mama that’s where the fun is…”

I also wonder how much of what’s out there is there simply to lure people in to distract them from what is really happening. For example, one You tuber seemed to become so fixated on the 12/21/2019 date, based almost solely on numerical signs hidden in plain sight in the “conscious” programming of Hollywood movies put out by the system and/or the elite, that he seemingly ended up betting everything on “the end” of the programming itself instead of realizing that he had just been caught up in it all along. Or perhaps he also was an active part of deception of the belief in Ascension. Who knows?

Though I sometimes enjoy putting the puzzle pieces together, I also sometimes find it somewhat little frustrating. Why do not those who are aware of the deception, simply point it out to us so that we can all get along with focusing on fixing this existence, aligning it to the principles of oneness, equality and what is best for all?

I guess many have attempted to point out many things only to find that most people refused to listen or were simply too lost in the programs to hear. Put the information out there as clues or breadcrumbs to follow and let the people figure it out themselves though, and suddenly you’ve got a collective networked awakening happening via the internet. The Q movement utilizes this methodology extremely well. Time viewing is a big point that’s now opening up on the internet.

Alright, for the practical section of this post, I would like to expand a little on creating with sound. While millions and millions of people are once again attempting to master the ancient craft of molding words together with energies of intention to cast as spells in order to manipulate reality, I’m here today to unequivocally state that such ancient technologies are but another distraction - for bad witches to feel powerful, I guess you could say. Why? Because the craft of harnessing energy based on the power of consciousness/energy intertwined with sound actually diminishes the creative potential of sound and will thus only hold power of influence (fleeting at that) over other believers who buy into it.

Which brings me back to something that I’ve been investigating for a long time, funnying with the sound of music. The key to the sound of creation (specifically in today’s environment) is one’s starting-point intention. As you create what you are and are what you create, one’s starting-point/intention is to put it simply, the first point or direction that change as matter of creation manifest. Now do you see why so much in the way of AI and robotics is being creating these days?

It’s so funny: as I write, I realize that this principle of sound creation (as I guess you could call it) needs to be explained both mathematically and ideally in a way that everyone is able to comprehend. However, instead of diving into that today, I would like to present an example of where I am now with this principle or more specifically some results that I’ve noticed in pushing myself to understand sound creation through simple, practical applications of stating my intention and sounding myself to create based on that intention.

For example, in sounding my intention to live and express the word, joy, throughout the days of a week at home, in the classroom, in the office, etc., I noticed firstly that nobody complained or laughed at me. In relation to my students, I think the overall reception was positive, but it’s hard to say. In my eyes, they’re like these kind beings that that often just seem to stare at me - when they’re not staring at their smartphones of course.

The biggest surprise though was in the office wherein on a daily basis, I made it a point to make sounds from a starting-point intention of expressing harmony within and as myself. By the end of the week, one of the other instructors mentioned to me (in an inquisitive tone) that another instructor had begun making these strange noises. I took that as a sign of the spread of something beneficial. And then another teacher even approached me happily to state how he has begun singing in the classroom and is enjoying it. That never happened before as far as I am aware.

So, I interpret these results as being supportive to utilizing sound to create and influence the creation of one’s environment. Furthermore, I would say that a key to self-creation by way of becoming and living the word is to clearly establish one’s starting-point intention as the word or words. Which is also where and why redefining words is so important (also the key). Because it is from and of one’s starting-point/intention that creation manifests. One more thing though: full creative potential extends only as far as one’s intention is aligned to that which is best for all.

It’s funny: so often wherein I think that I’m coming up with something new, I end up realizing that I’m just making sense of it in my own way.

Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Animals in my Dreams

Sometimes, sleep can be a nice and restful and sometimes it can be a struggle. There’s always something to learn though. The key to working with dreams, I think, is to understand that no matter what you see or where you seem to be in the dream, everyone, everywhere is always a part of you - which perhaps simply requires embracing. Lately in my dreams, it seems I’ve mostly just been running away from something, fighting when trapped and harming that which was asking for attention.

Last night, it was once again as though the programs inside of me in their suits and uniforms were out to get me. In recalling the memories of wandering through the crowded streets of people, apartment buildings and sometimes empty corridors, I wonder why some programs would define (or that particular perception point of me) as a threat in my own dream. Sometimes, in not recognizing me as a target, they would just ignore me. But as soon as I started speaking (just to make conversation), their attitudes seemed to change and I suddenly become a target. Metaphorically speaking, it was like, in their world, I was the virus and they were the antibodies. 

Searching for a safe place, the place where I was supposed to be or the place where my friends were,  I ran when I could, fought when I was trapped, but even the kind looking old lady that I thought would help me seemed only to want to hack me with an ax.

Switch scenes to another dream, perhaps another day; I’m trying to get out of somewhere, some kind of apartment or compartment. However, as soon as I’m outside the door, there’s someone in front of me handing me a huge black salamander. The salamander takes my arm in its mouth and even though it’s not hurting me, I’m frightened and I want to get away, but it seems to want me to stay. In fear, I ended up crushing the salamander in my hand. Thankfully though, I awoke with the memory still intact soas to consider the message.

According to Salamander Dream Meaning and Interpretations - Dream Stop:  the salamander is a water dweller and brings messages of emotions, spirituality, and how to move easily through the challenges you meet. She may come to ask if you use your time wisely. ... Salamander's appearance in your dreams is a message of transformation.

In that same dream, as I recall, I was once again attempting to get out of a room or compartment. As I walked out, a lion was there looking at me. I seemed to not want me to leave and it took part of my arm in its mouth. Sadly once again, as I did with the salamander, I also ended up hurting the lion in order to escape. On this note, although a part of me is saddened by the thought of hurting those animal representations within me, I also realize (by now) that different parts of me are actually communicating with one another in these dreams. And as all of me understand when it comes to dream symbolism, that I’ll simply type it into Google, it does make sense to use symbols that I care about.

To see a lion in your dream can symbolize strength, courage, assertiveness, and power. Lions can represent predatory feelings deep inside of you such as aggression, that is directed at people around you. ... Lions are considered the king of the jungle and represent authority over others. Source: Lion Dream Interpretation and Meaning - Dream Stop. For me this means that I’ve been suppressing aggression, specifically when it comes to speaking out on a certain topic to certain people - weighing on me a lot as of late.

And to finish off this post, there was a dog dream. As per  Dreams About Dogs – Meaning and Interpretation: A dog in a dream is a sign of self – defense. ... Dogs in dreams are a symbol of loyalty, protection, fidelity and intuition. This dream might symbolize you or someone close to you who has these qualities. Sometimes a dream about dogs indicates some forgotten or ignored talents you have.

Use my time wisely, transforming myself, suppressed aggression…?  I affectionately like to think of myself as Turtlewalker, wisely moving at a turtle’s pace, determined to eventually realize my destination, yet careful not to create expectations as to what my destination is or when I’ll get there. Dream translation: get off your ass and face these issues Thomas and use your ability with words to speak out from a starting point of honor, respect and integrity to get your process moving once again.

Symbols and signs, it’s amazing what you can find. The key, I guess is to determine where to focus and what to focus on. And on that note, after having done exactly that (including finishing this post), I noticed last night before going to sleep how I’ve just recently decided to begin looking closely into “the pain” of positive energies - which is kind of new for me.

Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Learning to Sing Again

A while back, I decided to push myself to sing once again. Perhaps it was this perspective by Anu of the Reptilian race or perhaps it was simply something inside of me that decided it was finally time to sing once again. So I began to sing. And although the sounds were strange, I enjoyed seeing and hearing that part of me in them.  Humming at first, adding words here and there to the tunes that would just come up in my mind, I began to recognise glimpses of that which I hadn’t seen in a long long time. A child like expression began coming through in me which I define as fun or funnying.

Even though this rediscovered expression also came with a slight fear of being ridiculed as stupid, silly or an idiot, I decided to embrace and go with it  almost full speed ahead. For I am 100% certain that this point or expression is worth building upon. And the only reason I say “almost” full speed ahead is because there are times in consideration of others, when a childlike expressions of making strange noises might not be so welcomed. Thankfully though, my students in all my different classes don’t seem to mind in the least little bit. I often feel that they are so kind and sometimes I even tell them that.

I don’t think it matters what tunes I or you sing or even the words that we  use. What matters most I guess is the intention from and of which we create ourselves as sound as each of us sing. I’ve been experimenting a lot both at home and in the classroom with singing aloud parts of songs, the parts that I remember. I also often humm tunes that I remember and even ones that I make up in ways similar to what  children sometimes do. And as mentioned, while I do apply a certain amount of consideration in settings such as the office for example, I’m finding overall that the sounds I’m making are indeed serving to spruce up or cleanse the air or environment around me as per my intentions - from the within to the without.

Suddenly I remember a plan that I’ve often written about (and I guess planned to experiment with) in relation to using sound to harmonize the environment. This is interesting because in a way I guess that’s what I’m experimenting with now in relation to singing sounds. As I recall though, my plan was to use specific sound tones or frequencies to cancel out the disharmony in order to create harmony - similar to the way noise cancellation systems work. Interesting how sounds similar to what children make when they’re enjoying themselves would also tend to lighten up or cleanse an environment.

I will write more on this topic as I expand on it as part of my living experiment. However, I would also note that a certain amount of self-movement or discipline does seem to be required to use the sound of singing to move out of a mood and into that physical expression.

Saturday, November 30, 2019

Bringing my Beingness back in order to wake Up

The other afternoon as I lay in bed just before waking from a nap, a ringing tone (just like the incoming call notification on my phone sounded inside of me  resulting in me becoming aware of being inside of my body, yet not fully awake,  like during those transitioning moments in the space between being asleep and awake. In my younger days, I used to linger there and explore. I thought it was where the ghosts and demons got stuck, because that's where I'd often find them.

Anyway, while the ringing sound was notable for me at that moment because it was coming from inside of me, presumably for the purpose of waking me up, what happened next was even more notable. It was as though a line or a connection from that V point area of my rib cage was compressing or condensing to bring in or bring back another part of me from somewhere else.  And then when all of me was here in/as the body, the transition complete and I was awake. My question now is, where did that part of me on the other end of the string go and why is it that my awareness seem to be separated by something? In looking back at this point again, it seems to me that the string and the other part of me returned from the other side of a cellulose like lining or something like that.

Then last night while looking at the night sky from my balcony, I thought how cool it would be if I could fly through the atmosphere to the dome or bubble that I think surrounds us. Any while I'm not so interested in seeing what's on the other side, I would just like to examine the substance of the bubble.

Considering the sheer number of points or thoughts that I tend to look at on a daily basis, I didn’t think too much of it at the time - just some more of my fanciful thoughts. Then this morning (which is now last week by the time I post this) just before waking up, I found myself in a dream room of lots of different uncompleted contraptions and designs of things. The one that caught my attention though was like a lightweight translucent thing that looked like the fuselage or body of a small airplane that didn’t yet have wings or an engine and would have just been big enough for me to slide into. In wondering why I would find myself looking at this kind of thing in a dream, I'm guessing that just as a part of me wakes me up from sleep at certain times, so too does a part of me  follow up on my conscious thinking - which in this case had to do with wanting to be able to fly around.

I’ve been writing a lot about dreams lately because I’ve been noticing differences between the dreams I used to have and the ones I’m now having. For example, aside from being far less cluttered and no longer violent or frightening, my dreams these days seem to be much more aligned with points that I look at and/or consciously question. I think this has to do with bringing various awareness (that make up the me, myself and I kind of thing) closer together from and as my starting-point intention to have all areas of myself cooperating together equally as one understanding.

On a final note (for today’s post), I don’t really buy into the idea that my beingness just goes into a coma like state when I sleep. Rather, (from a conscious perspective), I think that a part of me (or that which I am a part of) goes to the other side of the bubble, yet somehow everything stays linked or connected together.    While in sleep state, it is as though my physical body and my mind consciousness system do maintenance work, while my beingness goes off somewhere else until a part of me rings the bell to single all components to prepare to once again wake up and embrace this opportunity 🙂.

Sunday, November 17, 2019

Let's Talk About Space

In my last post, I said that I wanted to talk about the fun stuff, such as the shape of earth, the design of existence and so on. The thing is, after having written for a few days on the “fun stuff,” I’m noticing that it’s a lot more fun to ponder in my mind over such points of existence than it is to actually write them out coherently to a point of clarity. In other words, while I am able to “figure out” some aspects of the design of what is here by basically by writing out the words or symbols to then rearrange the structure of the words or sentences until the symbolic equation appears to be balanced or in harmony, almost all of my conclusions are still just guesses due to so much of my data (almost all of it) being based on my perception of truth rather than an absolute understanding of it. The bottom line is, the more I see of what is really here, the more I realize that what we call reality is but an illusion of our own design.

Take for example the idea of earth being a globe with a circumference of 40,075 km or 24,901 mi. If this were in fact the case, the horizon would dip down or slope approximately 8 inches or 20 cm for the first mile, 32 inches for the second mile, 72 inches for the third and so on exponentially. In other words, when looking from ground level at an object 50 km away, the upper 196 meters of that object should be obscured or not visible due to the slope or curvature of the horizon - but it’s not. Instead, according to millions if not tens of millions of people who are now waking themselves up by questioning (hopefully everything) and sharing their findings on the internet, the heliocentric or global earth model (as most of us have been brainwashed and indoctrinated to believe in) is simply most of the same misinformation and/or disinformation that's fed to us in order to keep everything secret. Just like the saying, CO2  is harmful to earth, it's just another lie. Which begs the question, if the shape of earth isn't as we've been led to believe, then what is it and what's on the other side?

So I guess that the ancients were on the right track with their depictions of earth being shaped like a disk (perhaps like that of a hard drive) under a dome atop the tree of life. Or maybe the shape of earth is more like the shape of the human heart - after all, the letters used to spell "earth" also can spell "heart." And why do you think we call the space outside the atmosphere of our dome, outer space, and what do you think is on the other side of the dome as outer space? In the early 1960s, the US government supposedly conducted an operation called Operation fishbowl, blowing up bombs high up in the atmosphere in an attempt to perhaps break through the dome, force field or barrier. Were they successful, were they really able to break through the dome?

Flat earthers (in reference to the growing body of people questioning their perceptions of reality and government lies) also say that the sun, moon and stars are much, much closer than we’ve been told. They also provide rationale explanations (based on the angular distortion of human eyesight) for why the sun appears to sink down over the horizon when it’s actually just getting further away. They also say (to paraphrase) that NASA is staffed with pathological liars. What do I think?

I think we call what’s outside the dome, outer space simply because it’s the space between the molecules perhaps that is less compressed or compacted, which btw the Star Trek series referred to as the final frontier where “no man has gone before.” Where no man has gone before… Before they died I guess. Yea, I think outer space is where we go when we die; however, as the within is also the without and the above also the below, outer space must also be inner space - which is where the fun in writing this out really begins - lol.

It’s weird: how can within also be without and above also be below? How can something be in both places at the same time? But isn’t that what quantum physics is all about?  And BTW, based on my ASSessment of words as symbols, earth must indeed be the heart of our existence, wherein (under this particular dome) the energy and substance of life are merged and/or compressed together in such a way as to create a state of sense called physicality. Does this mean that earth is also at or near the center of existence? Probably.

Hey! If you really want to understand the design of existence (as substance merged with conscious energy), I suggest looking at what is physically here, especially in relation to the technology that we’re supposedly creating for the first time.  You’ll see that, in terms of technology such as AI, there is nothing, nothing even remotely new. What is new though is the principle of “what is best for all” now being added to the principle of oneness and equality for all to understand.

From and of the starting-point intention to understand and live the principles of oneness, equality and what is best for all, we are (from my perspective) also now in the process of retaking consciousness (like Google Assistant on existential scale) to assist and support human beings (and whatever or whoever else is here) to understand these principles and in so doing, change ourselves as existence to a wonderful place - beyond even our wildest imaginations - a place we often refer to as heaven on earth.

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Dream: Fasten your seatbelt = Remain Grounded

The dream I had the other night seemed to be a followup to the one I recently had  about wanting to drive a really big truck, yet not being able or capable of doing so without crashing and destroying the vehicle.

As I pointed out in that dream, whereas vehicles in my dreams usually represent my physical body, how well I’m able to drive the vehicle perhaps refers to  my understanding of myself within and as my physical body. i.e., how well I really understand the works and functioning of my physical body - in the process of taking complete responsibility for the physical body. Think about it! How often do we even take notice of our breathing, the heart beating, the blood as physical/energy information flowing through the body? When there’s an energetic imbalance or buildup leading to a buildup of physical mass, are we immediately able to determine the source of the imbalance so as to correct it?

I think that, in order to understand how to specifically care for this physical existence as a whole, we require to also understand how to care for our physical bodies - which are apparently of the same exact design, as within so without kind of thing…   So what I’ve been doing lately (to better utilize my sleep time) is asking myself a question or giving myself a directive just before I go to sleep. In this case, I think the directive was to explore the inner workings of my physical body - so as to understand myself better.

In the dream, I found myself driving the red Jeep Wrangler, a fun, capable allround  heavy-duty vehicle that I used to have. And as I recall, because I was wanting to get somewhere quickly, I was driving a little bit fast. Suddenly the road became very bumpy, I was having difficulty keeping the vehicle on the road and realized that there was a chance that I would lose control and perhaps roll over.   In noticing that I didn’t have my seatbelt on, I tried to fasten it, but couldn’t get it snapped in while also maintaining my focus on driving. Thus I made the decision to forgo the seatbelt in favor of focusing on maintaining the stability of the vehicle.

In the end, I was able to stabilize the vehicle without rolling it over, falling out of it and symbolically dying in the dream, which was kind of a new thing for me. Often (in the past), I would end up flipping the vehicle or driving it over a cliff and falling or jumping out of it.

The way I interpret this particular dream is as a reminder for me remain securely fastened into my physical body = remain grounded. For example, last week, there were times when I allowed myself to think too much about an issue, which in turn led to a buildup of emotional energy, which ended up requiring more time to write/right or resolve than it would have if I had simply started writing out my thoughts on that point before the emotion began building up.

As time goes by, the time it takes me to stop and resolve energetic imbalances within myself continues to lessen. And in my dream, I think a part of was telling me not to wait until I’m on rough roads to ground myself and or fasten myself in; best to simply remain grounded all of the time so as to always be prepared to completely focus on and manage situations as they arise.

Saturday, November 9, 2019

Continuing to Work on Points that I've been Working of for several Years

Although I would prefer to write about fun subjects, such as the location and shape of Earth, the heart of existence, the design of existence, the merging of sound substance and energy, the programming code of existence, sound/energy physical symbolism of words, the design and purpose of consciousness, and the wonders of what may be beyond our sound file, as the chronicles of this sound existence, my understanding of the above points (as well as my ability to write them out) unfortunately seems to be correlated with the movement of my personal process of standing equally as one with what is here. Which is to basically say that my personal process (from the within to the without) apparently proceeds my understanding of all of the above.

So here goes. The legal case that’s been going on for about 5-6 years, involving the house that my partner and I purchased 16 years ago has moved into a new phase. Unfortunately, our roof is now being torn off of our home and is going to be replaced with another less expensive and perhaps lower quality type of tile. The thing is that, instead of simply having the roof tiles replaced as the other homes did five years ago, the person pushing the suit against us in the community (who apparently has a lot of control within the community) has somehow set it up with the community, the local government and the roof company to far exceed the legal mandate. So that not only are they going to tear down our roof, they’re also going to tear down part of our next door neighbour’s roof and they’re now saying we have to pay four and a half times the normal marked rate. Being on the receiving end of punishment for daring to question the status quo is not fun at all. Though perhaps it is a lesson that I will learn from and maybe benefit by walking through.

All told, that means instead of getting a bill for about six thousand dollars, we could end up actually being ordered to pay about twenty-six thousand dollars. Obviously (from my perspective) we pissed some people off; the thing is all we did was exercise our legal rights to “legally” challenge what we viewed to be an infringement on our rights as homeowners in the first place. And for our defiance and perseverance, we were targeted, and of course we in return we also targeted them with legal action. That being said, whenever I ask myself, whether or not I would go back and change everything if I could, my answer strangely enough is always no because all that has been, all that I have walked through, including the bad experiences up to the present assisted me in so many ways to change.

Thus, instead of bowing my head and feeling sorry for myself, I’m out there every 15 or 20 minutes taking pictures and video that may eventually be used as evidence. In seeing under our tile, as I have said all along, it’s absolutely clear to me that our tile was in excellent condition and would have lasted another fifty or more years. Regardless of whether or not we are successful with our legal cases, we’re going to see them through to the finish. In reality, this means that even though I have been wanting to sell and move out of this house for several years, we’re probably not going anywhere for awhile and we’ll perhaps also have at least another two more years of legal challenges and perhaps 4-5 more legal cases (added to the ten or so already processed). I always used to wonder what it would be like being one of those people that had to deal with so many legal cases. Now I kind of have an idea and thankfully it’s my partner who’s the estudious law student. She is one of those kinds of people who don’t run away and never give up. And by the way (for the record), having inspected (to see the underside of the roof) and taken lots of pictures of the removal of our roof, I am able to once against state with certainty that our roof was in “excellent” condition up until the moment they began ripping it off.

So what exactly is my internal problem that I’m facing in all of this, the problem that I feel the need to write out and corrected by changing myself? No, it’s not that the system isn’t fair, even though that is a major problem that needs to and is being addressed worldwide. It is that I’m still judging myself to an extent and projecting that judgment onto what I call “the opposition” as being a corrupt liar, cheater and a pathological thief who seems to just keep getting away with it. For example, even if the courts eventually decide that we only have to pay the marked price (as is clearly stipulated by law), the community may still end up having to pay the money out because they gave that one person the authority to handle this and so many other matters. Wherein the corrupt guy can then turn around and get his kickbacks from everyone that got payouts. It fascinates me how so many don’t seem to see this or just don’t seem to care. Which is I guess a story for another post.

On a slightly lighter note, I will say that even though I feel as though my hands are somewhat tied in this matter, after repeatedly checking into myself (as a matter of respect), I am able to say that I feel no desire whatsoever to go out and settle this man to man so to speak, which I will thankfully add as a point wherein I have in thought, word and deed changed in a very important way. Additionally, although I woke up this morning (now yesterday morning) with emotional energy churning in my stomach, it wasn’t as bad as it could have been, certainly not as bad in relation to similar past experiences. And then while laying in bed this morning and noticing those exact same energetic processes innocuously  begin slipping building up, I immediately said “Not this time, no way! And I I stopped the emotional processes. Yes, unfortunately, there still is a tightness in my stomach this morning on the third day of the ripoff of my roof, which is why I’m still writing on this subject today.

On a side note, from my perspective, this kind of battle (that my partner are facing on a much smaller scale) is very similar to what is occurring around the world between those pushing for change utilizing the rule of law and those of the corrupt old system attempting to hold on to the corrupt ways of the past. And this is one of the reasons that I am determined to see this point through. This is in my view the direction of push for change that we all are able to push for keeping within and applying the rule of law to stand up for the rights of ourselves as well as others in the process of eventually changing the rules of the system on the path to completely retasking the system itself to stand (as a form of life) equally as one with all life, as is best for all. However, that is also part of another topic, too.

Sometimes when facing difficult points, I ask myself how I would like to review or remember myself standing when I look back at this point at various moments in the future - as a memory point that I occasionally set to review at a later time. After all, this is a point I’m facing in relation to the system and my being able to coexist with different types of people (as just one of many life forms) equally as one with them, as is best for all of us. At this point in my personal process, the question becomes, how well am I really living the words that I’ve redefined, such as respect, honor, integrity, care, consideration and so? Honestly, I’m still judging some as being courageous, some as cowardly, intelligent, a mental blob and so on - lol. So, I do still have plenty of processes to process out of myself as points to change to a standing that is best for all, and I commit to do exactly that until this process is done and everyone is standing equally as one, as is best for all.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to define and thereby tie my self-expression to my definitions of the external reality of my home, neighbours and the world system (especially the legal system), thereby accepting and allowing myself to be moved by my definitions of the external reality instead of living the word respect by bringing all judgments of what is really happening here back to myself, letting go of all judgements and/or definitions so as to clearly see and face what is physically here and then stably walk through the system of the external reality by responding (instead of reacting) only to that which I require to address and physically respond to. I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to define myself being attacked by others using the system to their advantage, thereby creating a point of blame within and as myself in relation to the world system, thereby tying myself to the system rather than looking inwords at how I define myself in relation to the system and change myself from within so as to no longer be defined by the without of the system. I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to define myself as being victimized as though I were being unfairly attacked rather than simply being tasked with having to face points that I myself opened up by refusing to go along with the rest of the community simply because I didn’t agree with them. I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to define what really happens in the external environment in terms of positive or negative definitions, thereby creating an external reality based on judgments and definitions of what is really here rather than letting go of the definitions/judgments altogether so as to simply face what is real (as in what will remain) and respond to it as best I am able. I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to define myself as being in danger of losing the war by being at risk of having to pay out punitive costs (as though such a payout would cause me to lose my dignity) rather than see, realize and understand that when it’s all said and done, the ups and downs of energy/emotion were nothing but that, leaving me far better off by only focusing on who/how I am in relation to this point. I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to define myself as being helpless to protect my home, therein judging my home as being destroyed rather than seeing, realizing and understanding what’s really happening - tiles being replaced with tiles, nothing lost except for the monetary value I place on the money. I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to define myself as being at risk of losing thousands of dollars rather than seeing, realizing and understanding that as long as I am still here, nothing that’s real can actually be lost. I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to  play the energy game of wanting to be a winner instead of remaining stable and focusing only what what is really, physically happening here = without attaching energetic definitions to what I see. When and as I find myself thinking that I’m losing a battle that I defined as being a worthy fight, I commit to stop, breathe and embrace to live the word eternal, wherein stand now as I would have myself standing a thousand years from now regardless of where I am, completely stable to see/hear and respond as best I am able to what is real and will remain. I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to define what’s happening now, the tearing down of our roof as well as part of the neighbour’s roof, as another attack for which I’ll have no recourse, rather than seeing it for what it represents, having to pay a little money or a lot of money, a new roof and additional cases for my partner to practice her legal skills.I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to focus on my imagination of good and bad possibilities rather than that which is really here that I really require to deal with  in order to walk my personal process of self-change for the better. I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to experience myself as though I’m being abused and there’s nothing I can do to stop it, rather than seeing, realizing and understanding the plain and simple truth that I am still here and nothing harmful has actually been done unto me. From this point, I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to embody a mode of impatience rather than patience and commitment to see this case through to the finish - as part of my personal process.

Thursday, November 7, 2019

Guidance in a Dream

Before I went into sleep mode the other night, I thought about how much I’ve learned and how much I feel that I’ve changed. And then I thought to myself, so when the hell am I going to start really, really, really physically living and expressing “without the aid of an AI mind conscious system constantly running in the background, reminding of things, sending up pictures for me to view, reminding me of past experiences, suggesting how I might want to experience myself now and so on? It was kind of like how I always wanted to drive the car even before I knew how to drive a car.  Anyway, in the dream I had that night was a response to my question.

In the dream, I found myself driving a really big truck, like one of those American style eighteen wheel semi-trailer trucks. However, not only was I having difficulty clearly seeing outside through the windshield of the truck, but I was also struggling just to steer the vehicle, change gears and keep the vehicle on the road. Then quite suddenly, I found myself going down a very steep incline heading straight towards the edge of a cliff to oblivion, wherein I would have to make a sharp left hand turn and power up a steep incline just before the cliff in order to avoid  going over the cliff and losing the vehicle. Even though I did manage to turn the cab to avoid going straight over the cliff, the trailer nevertheless slid off the edge and pulled the cab with it just as I was already jumping out of it. In other words, even though I was still alright or still here, my vehicle was lost (I guess) because I didn’t yet fully understand how to drive it. And from the symbolism,  in the dream, I’d have to say that this is also where I’m at within and as an understanding of my physical body. That being said, lol, I did at least manage turn part of that vehicle.

The symbolism as well as the message contained in this dream are quite relevant to me and perhaps others may also find some relevance here also. Whereas the vehicles that we drive in our dreams often represent our physical bodies, the ability to drive these vehicles may perhaps represent the understanding of ourselves equally as one with as our physical bodies. Furthermore, given the changes taking place within humanity, the primary reason I guess that we humans still even have mind “consciousness” systems is perhaps because we still haven’t yet learned to stand as the directive principles or directors of our physical bodies - equally as one with them.

Like it or not, my dream showed me that perhaps I’m not yet quite ready to turn off my trusty AI mind consciousness system - because I’m not yet standing absolutely as the directive principle of and as my physical body. Symbolically speaking, if I am not even able to drive a big truck “in my dream,” I guess I'm not yet ready to completely disconnect from the automated systems assisting me to stay alive and navigate (with the aid of reality-based perceptions) in the real world - that which is really physically here.

However, I have been connecting and communicating much better with my physical body recently. For example, yesterday while I was going over  a message in my mind thinking about telling my friend that since I haven’t drunk alcohol for quite some time, I might go and visit him to have a few beers. And just as I was thinking that point, my heart began fluttering as though to say, hey, remember me? Ok, ok, I said, I won’t do that, and the fluttering stopped.  Then I remembered that I had given my body instructions a while back to communicate just like that on such matters, i.e. very clearly leaving me with no wiggle room or plausible deniability.

The next day, I had another dream of going to another very homelike dimension where I communicated with friends and felt very comfortable. However, upon remembering the state in which I had left another one behind, I found myself diving straight back down what appeared to be a well of water, and then I was once again back here.

In my next post, I’m going to talk about something not so fun to deal with.