Saturday, May 30, 2020

Blame is a Loser's Game

I said I would write about blame, but to tell you the truth, I think it’s a little too late to make any difference in the near term as far as humanity is concerned, but thankfully, it's never too late to take responsibility.

COVID-19, the Republicans or the Democrats, take  your pick; my favorites these days are by far the rogue AI and the orange man. So let’s talk about blame: it’s still a losing man's’ game. Have a look, did you ever see a winner crossing the finish line, pointing an index finger at the ones behind? Or how about a firefighter who got seriously burned saving a child; did you ever see him or her cursing the little one for having to be saved?  Of course not, because winners don't blame. Blame is simply for losers who have yet to understand how the game of life is won.

Fortunately, a lost game can almost always be turned around in an instant simply by doing the following. Take that index finger along with that outstretched arm and drop them both down to your side. Now lift up your thumb, put the tip of it to your chest and say to the world, “Here I am and I'm taking responsibility right now. And there you have it, the makings of a winner in the process of beginning the journey to be won. Just remember to repeat this process when you get up each morning, before making any important decisions and most of all, whenever you notice the urge to raise that index finger and point it at someone.

Now as much as I would enjoy expounding on the so-called rogue AI, as well as the role of the Orange man, I have an online video conference with family members to attend. This is one of the benefits I guess to come from the COVID-19 crisis, and you know what, we're going to be see a lot more of these benefits - along with some more crisises.

Monday, May 25, 2020

Jumping back into Facebook

Having gone on a hiatus from Facebook for about two years, I recently decided to jump back into the fray. For I have come to realize that communication, even without overt agreement, is in itself a form of agreement in-progress and therefore better than no communication at all.

My experience over the last few weeks in relation to such a diverse community, runs the gamut of the mind.  Everyone seems to be out there in some form or another, but mostly it reminds me of being in a warzone  with most of the participants just trying to survive by keeping their views alive. And me with the difficult, self-imposed task of avoiding serious conflict, refrain from triggering anyone or getting triggered and most of all, don’t harm or destroy. It’s like a virtual reality Game of Thrones with the money changers pulling the strings and tweaking things from the top in the name of social order just enough to keep the war simmering until the orders are given to wreak havoc upon humankind.

I tell myself that I just wanted to test my application of self-forgiveness and self-commitment in terms of living words, such as consideration, respect, honor and integrity - that I have been working with over the past several years. And I guess I was also somewhat curious to look and see more closely into the divide. It’s scary when you realize that all that information “out there” is connected to human beings, while at the same time, it’s all all inside of me.

Overall though, I would say that we (as a mixture of mankind) are making awesome progress. I wanted to educate, but it seems that I was the one that got educated about myself and where I am in my process. For the most part, I recognized and stopped the reactions that came up within me, but not always. Sometimes I ended up going so far as to backchat about someone or something before it occurred to me to bring that point back to myself and take responsibility for it. So I will continue to push myself to communicate with others, as I would have world leaders and policy makers do, too.

Sunday, May 17, 2020

Teeth Issues

Searching for a comet.
Finally, I’m back in the classroom and I’m so glad to be back. Insanity/humanity are the words that come to mind when I look at what has been going on and I guess this will continue until human beings take responsibility en mass, stop relying on politicians to make decisions, stop obeying and start questioning - everything. But, I didn’t come here to beat a dead cow (as the saying goes), but to share something that I've learned, something that may be new.

Up until about two months ago, I had been noticing (at least for about six months) that my teeth seemed to be changing or moving out of alignment. Whereas they used to come together or fit nicely enough when I bit down or chewed, the top and the bottom rows of teeth had started going out of alignment, which was making it uncomfortable for me to chew. During that same time, I had also begun noticing and experiencing pain in the areas where the roots of my teeth connect to the the jawbone - as though the roots of my teeth were withering away, perhaps due to becoming infected by too much bacteria.

Sure enough, when I looked at or focused on this point, the image that appeared in my mind was one of spaces or compartments of trapped gas at the top of the teeth in the areas where the roots connect the teeth with the jawbone. It appears that compartments of trapped gasses in those areas were facilitating the spread of bacteria in those areas. 

In looking at my options, I realized that I could target that bacteria with antibiotics, which is always a last resort for me, or I could look for and experiment with other possible remedies. So I began gargling with sodium bicarbonate and water in an attempt to alkalinize those areas in order to rebalance or regulate those areas and make them a little less hospitable for bacteria.  I guess this helped a little, but it didn’t solve the problem, because the areas that I was attempting to get to, were like air pockets that were sealed off from external contact.

Then one night as I was experimenting with deep breathing (as I’ve been doing off and on for a while now),  I noticed or heard what sounded like plastic bubble wrap popping  whenever I would exhale very completely by really pushing the air out of my lungs with my stomach muscles. At first, this concerned me a little because of the noise and the pressure that I felt in my head. However, when I looked closer at this point  and experimented some more, I realized that the pressure that I was exerting during the final stage of the exhale, was somehow squeezing the gasses out of those tiny gaps, basically closing those spaces and eliminating the gaps.

Yea, I think it’s weird, too. Nevertheless, as I've continued experimenting with this, not only has the pain and the problem seemed to go away, but somehow my teeth now also seem to be back in alignment, more or less. So there it is, a point that I will continue observing and probably write some more on in the years to come. And I do suggest that anyone having issues with the roots of their teeth, consider what I’ve written.

Saturday, May 9, 2020

Time, Story Time, Time for another Story, Perhaps?

Over the last couple of months at the end of each day, in looking back at my overall day as well as the week preceding it, I have been noticing somewhat of an anomaly (something that deviates from what is standard, normal, or expected) in terms of my experience and/or perception of time. While each day, from beginning to end seems to be going by quickly, the seventh day preceding each day of the week feels like a distant memory. Of course I noted this for future reference - as I note and categorize so many points or dots of information to form or create like a ground view picture of the state and progress of humanity. 

Days later while scanning the internet, absorbing information to keep tuned in with the global consciousness, I noticed a Q post or Q drop of a YouTube link to a segment of the movie starring Keanu Reeves, called The Day the World Stood Still. In deciphering this breadcrumb (as it’s called), the guy who produces the X22 Report for YouTube and Bitchute hypothesized that Q was conveying the message that people will only change when on the precipice of destruction or annihilation. I guess though, that there’s a little more to it.

Here is the dialogue from one or the movie scenes, wherein I’ve underlined words that seem to stand out:

Professor Barnhardt : There must be alternatives. You must have some technology that could solve our problem.
Klaatu : Your problem is not technology. The problem is you. You lack the will to change.
Professor Barnhardt : Then help us change.
Klaatu : I cannot change your nature. You treat the world as you treat each other.
Professor Barnhardt : But every civilization reaches a crisis point eventually.
Klaatu : Most of them don't make it.
Professor Barnhardt : Yours did. How?
Klaatu : Our sun was dying. We had to evolve in order to survive.
Professor Barnhardt : So it was only when your world was threatened with destruction that you became what you are now.
Klaatu : Yes.
Professor Barnhardt : Well that's where we are. You say we're on the brink of destruction and you're right. But it's only on the brink that people find the will to change. Only at the precipice do we evolve. This is our moment. Don't take it from us, we are close to an answer. Source: IMDB.

Later in the movie, I guess when Klaatu (played by Keanu Reeves) realizes that there may be a solution that doesn’t involve the annihilation of human beings (dare I say, again), the conversation between Klaatu and a woman holding her child goes as follows:
Helen Benson : It's alright. He's here to help.
Klaatu : There's another side to you. I feel it now.
Helen Benson : [referring to large, black cloud]  Is that how it ends?
Klaatu : Yes.
Helen Benson : You can't stop it?
Klaatu : I don't know. It would come at a price, to you and your way of life.
Helen Benson : But we can change, you know that now. Please, please, just give us a chance.
Klaatu : I'll try. I must get back to the city. Source: IMDB.

I wish I could say for sure which comes first, the plan or the coming together of the plan; however, like the chicken and the egg, I guess they do both emerge and begin to manifest simultaneously. Which brings me back to about ten years ago (which once again feels more like a hundred) to part of a story I read involving two beings, one named Bernard and the other, Anu-Que or Qui (an Anu that apparently came before (perhaps in a previous cycle) the Anu involved in creating this physical existence). And as I recall, they too seemed to be planning something.

Even though I didn’t get to read the whole story back then, I’m still reading and writing it presently, because this story, our story, is ongoing. Each of us have a role to play or stand as, and the cool part is, each one is able to decide which part/place/location they will stand as and become in the chapter to come. All you’ve gotta do is make the decision and begin the process of standing in/as that position. However, it is also important to understand that the creation process works best for each one from a starting-point/intention to create with zero friction, equally as one with all, outcomes that are best for all.

Getting back to my story: as many of us humans have come to realize, it is indeed our nature that we require to change. Unfortunately, it is also only on the brink of destruction that we seem to find the will to take “self-responsibility” for the “self-change” required to change our nature as a whole, which means that in order to answer the question, is there something more, are we able to evolve, we are I guess going to bring ourselves to the precipice or brink of destruction.  

As fascinating an adventure this may be, one of the most important lessons I’ve learned (and am still learning) is to alway look for and push myself to walk through the “first” door of opportunity (to change myself for the better), because with each missed opportunity, the doors become fewer and farther in between and more difficult walk though.

Which brings me to “The Storm” or that black cloud that’s been building for a long time and has now I guess arrived, at least the front end of it. What exactly is this storm, I ask myself as I look out my window at people walking in the park under the sunshine. I’m planning on going for a swim in an hour; I’ve gotta go back to school on Monday, classes are opening back up, my regular routine will once again begin. I feel a storm approaching, yet I also feel a sense of excitement, why?

To summarize: everything we need to change, as well as everything we require to evolve to live unimaginable expressions of life is, as the saying goes, here on a golden platter. Now all that’s left to do is to pay the price by standing up and walking through the storm on the precipice of destruction as the old gives way to the new. I don’t have much of an idea (beyond a guess of about 5 years to three generations or three lifetimes) how long all this walk through the storm is going to take. Nevertheless, I’m excited to be here, I am determined to continue changing as we require and I’m also certain that we will all eventually get through this and emerge into and as, the same existence, yet completely changed.

Oh! And as for Time, it does seem (from my perception) to be pulsating more than usual, stretching and contracting, perhaps destabilizing a bit.

And… at the end of that movie, when everything stopped, including Time on the watch, what I guess really happened (symbolically speaking) had more to do with the flow  of energy and perhaps the movement of earth - hence the title, The Day The Earth Stood Still.

Finally, whereas the price, to us and our way of life, is to give up everything that we’ve ever held onto (and been helled by), the return for our effort will be the realization that we’ve given up and lost nothing at all to realize or regain everything (back) that we’ve always been.

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Things I do and take Notice Of

One of the many "local" farms behind my home near the center of a very big city in Taiwan
Today, I plan to grade about 100 multiple choice exams, write out self forgiveness in relation to polarizing the  definition of honesty/dishonesty, which I’ve already begun and will probably be working on for about three months, go swimming and then buy some fruit, watch a video about the pandemic (or scam-demic as the case may be) as well as  one about Comet Atlas and Comet Swan - some stories that may not be getting the attention their arrivals deserve, and finally, setup software to join a virtual meeting tomorrow for work.

Yea, I, as with millions of other teachers and students (I guess) are still doing classes online and although I prefer going into the classroom with students (actually getting to teach), having all this extra time is also quite cool. One of the good things to come out of this pandemic fiasco, is the extra time to do things we enjoy, as well as incentive to reconnect with others. And people really are waking up, I’m seeing it everywhere.

A strange thing happened to me two times last week in relation to imagination and the imagination system. Whereas in the past, whenever I would go into imagination, it was kind of like putting my head into a virtual reality balloon,  last week I caught myself twice imagining something, but it was as though I was completely inside of the imagination system just floating there that virtual reality balloon. I’m not sure what to make of it, only that it was different and even though it only lasted about 2-5 seconds, the experience was noteworthy enough for me to take note of it, categorize and store it (to eventually understand it) and to add it to this post as part of the record of my personal process. The weird part was the sensation of floating slightly above and to the right of my physical body.

Saturday, April 25, 2020

My Perception of the BIG Picture, April 2020

The birds with the black tail feathers are native to Africa, but for some reason have now begun to migrate to Taiwan in ever larger numbers.
In my last post, I ended with the statement: “whereas I would say that the first half of our existence has been about understanding the meaning of life, from a tiny bit mean in the beginning to the meanest meaning of absolute and utter despair, I am fairly certain that the second half of our existence is going to be about understanding and living the value of life. To expand on this statement, existentially speaking (in terms of the big picture), I would say that we are now beginning the halftime act or show I guess you could say, in preparation to begin the second half of our existence. Furthermore, I don’t think that this period, change or movement from bad to good, dark to light (or whatever you want to call it) is going to happen overnight. Rather, I am fairly certain that this is going to take some time and perhaps be quite difficult. In terms that most of us ought to be able to relate to: if you imagine existence as a multidimensional game of life (but with real consequences) as a timeline or path on the playing field of existence as a whole, with a beginning and end, we, as existence would be in the beginning of our halftime - having just entered into the space between the first and second halves - kind of like the space in between yin and yang. However, before we’re ready and able to move on to the second half of our existence (which is actually more like a journey to and through life), we require to walk a process of self change. And that’s my perception of the BIG picture.

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

In search of the words to begin With

Taoyuan City, Taiwan: 2 Kms from the center of a city with a population of 1.5 million people.

On most mornings, I get up and begin writing. There are so many things I want to say, yet so little I am sure is right. I wonder, am I speaking or is this the preprogrammed part of me? I want to tell humans specifically what we are. The thing is, as far as I can see, we’re everything - the past, present, future, all of the dimensions, parallel existences and even the failed timelines. So maybe it doesn’t matter what’s out there or where we’ve been. Maybe what really matters is what’s right here, right now, as the choices we make. I feel it inside of me; I have something to say. So I type and I delete and then I type some more, searching for the words.

A couple of months ago, I think it was in January or February when I started checking myself physically for signs of the virus, I noticed a point in the upper left corner of my left lung. It’s an old injury that I first noticed in the eighty’s, like a small hole or a wound that just wouldn’t seem to heal. I remember thinking to myself, eventually this is going to lead to other problems, perhaps pneumonia and this may even be the thing that finally does me in.

About 2-3 months ago, I also started experimenting with my breathing - deep breathing, extremely deep breathing. And then 2-3 weeks ago, I started linking my inhalations of breath to my exhalations in an attempt to equalize the extent or range of my inbreath and outbreath. Usually I do this when I wake up in the mornings between 2 and 4:30 and what I find really fascinating and kind of fun is seeing how much of my physical body I am able to touch or connect to with the in breath and the out breath. Whereas the in-breath is like an expansion to see how far within me I am able to reach and connect to, the out-breath is more like a contraction wherein I’m pushing everything together in an effort to fill in the spaces or fill in the gaps.

OK, one more story and then perhaps I’ll once again look for those words. The other night, I had a dream that I was playing around with the being that used to be my best friend, a dog named Happy. When I looked back at the dream, what I found strange was that Happy’s form wasn’t that of a dog, but more like that of a human with a face that was blurred out. Then I found myself looking into a mirror at what appeared to be a face that was not yet completely formed, kind of like that of an unborn child whose features have yet to develop. What got me most though, was when I looked at my eyes and saw them to be almost completely closed, but for two tiny slits revealing what I guess would be the black pupils of that which was still very much asleep. I took my thumb and forefinger and I tried to open my eyes. But even though the porus (almost see through) skin would stretch, the eyelids refused to open - because they were not yet developed enough to do so.

That’s my story for today and it only took a half hour to write. As for the main point that I keep pushing myself to somehow understand and explain, I have the introduction.

Whereas I would say that the first half of our existence has been about understanding the meaning of life, from a tiny bit mean in the beginning to the meanest meaning of absolute and utter despair, I am fairly certain that the second half of our existence is going to be about understanding and living the value of life. Fascinating times ahead: all we’ve gotta do is push through these last few miles.

Oh! And by the way, that injury in my lungs, I’ve been checking for it and it seems to be gone.

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Viruses, the World System and the Enemy Within

In terms of the global consciousness, I strive to be aware of what’s going on. So I read, watch and listen to perspectives from individuals, citizen journalists, mainstream media, popular TV series and of course that which comes through via Mostly though, I continue to walk my personal process of understanding and changing myself. Because the more I understand who, how and what I am, the more I will correspondingly see, realize and understand everything else, hereby giving myself the ability to participate (in awareness) in the changes taking place.

The most obvious movement is of course taking place in the global financial system, specifically the world money system. We are told in so many ways that there is an invisible enemy waging war against humanity; and while many may perceive that enemy to be the novel Coronavirus virus threatening to wreak havoc on our physical bodies, I’m here to say (once again) that, although the enemy now coming out of the shadows is real, it’s not the Coronavirus. Viruses, regardless of where they come from (whether or not they are manmade) are simply an outflow of the changes that take place from the within to the without and vice versa.

Just as human mind consciousness systems in connection with physical substance, manifest and sustain the world system, so too will changes to our individual mind consciousness systems (as the within of ourselves), result in changes to the overall world system. Likewise, when structural changes to the world system (as the without of ourselves) occur (are impulsed or pushed by whomever for whatever reason), the mind consciousness systems of human beings are also going to be affected - and this is where viruses in-effect come into the picture to clear out the old systems that are no longer sustainable and/or viable - due to changes in the overall system.

The main point that I’m making here is that viruses are not the enemy for what they do any more than the weather is our enemy for doing what it does. Human beings are changing, the world system is changing and viruses are correspondingly emerging  to clear out the clutter (so to speak), and when their job is done they will disappear or perhaps hibernate until the next time. And for those who wonder which comes first, the virus or the change: like the chicken and the egg, I guess that both emerge simultaneously.

As to who or what is the real enemy that is now coming out of the shadows, that would perhaps be that of ourselves that (metaphorically speaking) is now beginning to see the light - because the light is now being shined upon it… Season 3 of Westworld presents interesting analogy to this.

Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Questioning the Narrative

I used to say that, if I saw humanity for the most part, all running in one direction, I would probably start heading in the opposite direction. Nowadays however, although I wouldn’t necessarily say that I’d be heading in the opposite direction, I don’t think that I’d be in any hurry to run along. Perhaps it’s just my questioning nature, but still I wonder how so many people could still be buying into the same old script.

It’s as though the collective delusion was the compromise that the warring sides had agreed upon to uphold while the battle rages on. So once again, the masses are instructed to look straight ahead, focus on “The Virus,” put on a mask, stay at home, obey all instructions unquestionably and above all, ignore all of those silly facts and figures being put out by people who dare to question the narrative. Focus on the fear, let the government take care of you, after you get your mandatory vaccination, you'll be fine. I guess it is necessary to shut down the world system in order to upgrade and/or install a new one. So I’ll fill in the online forms questioning my whereabouts; I’ll wear a mask in public and even quarantine myself if that's what they ask. I’m just not going to buy into the collective delusion and the propaganda that organizations such as the WHO have my back. Have a look: even though the CDC is apparently ordering hospitals to attribute all questionable causes of death (that could possibly, maybe or might be virus related) to “the Coronavirus,” the overall death rate in most places is still at or below average - sometimes as much as 15% below average. What does this actually say about the true virulence of the virus?

With one million reserve soldiers are now being activated in the USA, giant hospital ships being placed on either side of the country, companies being ordered to retool their machines, supply lines being set up and a massive amount of supplies being strategically positioned to be available when needed, it looks more like preparations for an invasion or a terrorist attack than it does a viral outbreak. It really is a war footing that the United States (and I guess a lot of other countries) is now being put on. The likes of which hasn’t been seen I guess since World War II. I’ve heard the term, “war against humanity” being used. President Trump says that the United States is at war with an invisible enemy and I don’t deny this. My question is simply, who or what are we fighting or preparing to fight against? It’s not the Coronavirus and that's for sure! There, I said it. I don’t recall the last time I didn’t have a specific answer as to what was actually going on; on this occasion though, I am perplexed as to why the powers that be seem to think it necessary (or convenient) to blame everything on the Coronavirus. If it is the deep state or the globalists, why not just come out and say it? The globalist, Satanists or whatever they call themselves are apparently threatening to set the world on fire, but I’m fairly certain they’ve said all that before. There is also a big asteroid scheduled to pass by earth this month. Not to worry though, in searching on Google for “April 2020 asteroid,” I couldn’t find anything that didn’t include the words, “safely pass by” or “don’t worry.” And there don’t seem to even be any (in English) conspiracy theories on the topic - red flag! Perhaps those guys are just preoccupied with the virus hysteria.I’m not saying that there isn’t a war being waged against humanity, just that I don’t see a virus as being that which is attacking us. And by the way, viruses are not invisible. They look just like those undersea mines that I used to see in the movies about WWII. I guess I could be wrong about COVID-19; the thing is, I really don’t think I am. Instead, I suggest that the biggest danger, the real killer, is Fear, which is not going to disappear simply because of ignorance. The often repeated mantra, “The people can’t handle the truth” is bulshit if you ask me. Not only do I think that people can handle the truth, I also think that people behave much more responsibly when faced with the facts rather than the story. Trump, to his credit, seems to be attempting to bring the information into the light - only to be attacked from both sides of the political spectrum. Finally while I’m still on the virus topic, I keep thinking about the ending of that movie, World War Z. While many might think that the hero saved himself by injecting himself with another deadly virus to then become invisible to the zombie virus, what I saw (as the main message) was that the virus was simply attracted to fear and that is what it was attacking and I guess, exposing. Hence, when Brad Pitt let go of his fear and faced the virus (without fear) the virus was no longer attracted to him. To put it simply, the frequency that the virus was honing in on was that of fear. Face and let go of the fear and the virus will disappear.

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

In a Nutshell: My Perspective of Where we Are

Perhaps it has something to do with what's going on in the world/humanity. I spend a lot of time absorbing information from the internet and there are huge changes taking place in the world that strangely enough, not so many people are even aware. For example, Trump has already essentially nationalized the Federal Reserve. And if that wasn't enough to make the international (for the most part also fake) international news report on something real, it looks as though he's now beginning to take control of the other Central banks throughout the world. Fascinating stuff going on while most eyes are all focused on the virus.

It's all part of a (so to speak) plan that I actually learned about in 2008 or 2009 from (believe it or not) interdimensional beings speaking through a portal that happens to be a human being. Around 100-200 (or perhaps many more) of us throughout the world were able (for some reason) to listen, consider and hear the words, while many others that we pushed to attempt to listen would usually end up reacting angrily. Their minds, as with the minds of most humans had apparently been fitted/designed with defense mechanisms making it extremely difficult to listen to such words - basically anything that might wake them up or weaken the enslavement/control design of the human mind.

Since that time, a small group of human beings have been walking our processes through our minds, from energetic awareness or "consciousness" to physical awareness. Actually, all of humanity have been going through a similar process; however, most have probably only been aware of it on very deep levels. And although I have been actively aware of much of what has been taking place in the world, e.g., the power and control shift from the multi-tentacled bloodline elites and their minions to "one" group of human beings - mainly represented by Trump and Q, many people probably still do not have much of a clue as to what is taking place.

See, a long time ago, all of existence except for I guess 3-7 races were apparently enslaved by a very small group of beings who set up this "physical" existence (earth and whatnot) to mine the substance of our human physical bodies for energy for the heaven existence, very similar to the way we humans mine the substance of earth for energy - represented by money - as above so below as the saying goes.   It was and still is a very complex system that couldn’t just be completely disengaged from the bodies of human beings due to the extensive interconnectedness of the mind/being/body relationship of human beings. And just to be clear, the responsibility for where we ended up (and are now heading) really, really, really is equally as one, shared by all.

The bottom line (as I view it) is that we (actually, all of existence I guess) have now entered into a new stage of this process, wherein the power structure of earth is now essentially shifting to one group. To better comprehend this, imagine an extremely complex enslavement system in the shape of a pyramide. Although it would be easy enough to obliterate the entire system, blow it to smithereens and watch it come crashing down, the net effect would also be the death of an enormous amount of human beings. Therefore, instead of taking the system down all at once and attempting to rebuild it from the ground up, certain components of the enslavement system (beginning with the really nasty ones) are being removed, taken out of commission and replaced piece by piece with ever more supportive components, which is actually a good example of Jesus’ suggestion (Investigate all things...) being applied.

As for what human civilization is going to look like in the near term: well, the plan was and still I guess to create a platform so to speak on which to raise up as many as possible (out of survival mode), so as to provide many as people as possible with the opportunity to also walk their processes from consciousness (mind controlled organic-robots) to awareness of themselves as life equally as one with everything of existence. It’s really fascinating stuff that is going to take a while to walk through, and I for one am going to do all that I am able to make this plan/process successful. The cool thing is, as far as I am able to see, we humans are making substantial progress, which I’m guessing (actually I’m certain) is going to become more and more apparent as time goes on.

So as the saying goes, hold onto your hats, because the world as we’ve known it is rapidly changing. While some embrace the metaphor of moving from “from dark to light” in reference to what is taking place, I would prefer to simply state that the veil is coming down. Or if you're into religion, you may prefer to use the term, Revelations (meaning a revealing). Either way, I’m guessing that it’s going to be quite interesting and that’s about as far as I care to speculate.

This is (in a very small nutshell) where/how I view humanity being in terms of the process that we’re walking. My suggestion in relation to the fear porn that is apparently being disseminated (and seems to be spreading to an extent throughout humanity) is to not get caught up in it. The virus, as far as I view it, is essentially an outflow of the changes taking place. It has a purpose which I’m sure will eventually be better understood.

Monday, March 9, 2020

Stably Walking through Disruption

Having been called to an emergency meeting at my school last week, it was no surprise to me that I would have to make some changes to my agenda and routine in response to the virus. Not very much does surprise me these days; even going back to the month of December, I could feel that there was something different in the air. Due to intuition or whatever you want to call it, I ended up leaving a lot of tasks open ended. At the meeting, all of the instructors in the foreign languages department were told to move everything - from a classroom based learning structure to an online learning structure - by next Monday, which was three days away - like mission impossible.

However, now that I was clear to me how how things were going (including having a general guess as to how this virus thing (as but the first wave of consequence is going to play out, peak and die down until the next big event and so on over the the next 4-5 years), I now needed to figure out how to get prepared in time classes to begin in three days.

In addition to having to learn how to use an education software platform that I had never bothered to really learn because I deemed it to be outdated in comparison to Google docs, I would have to effectively use that platform, design new course material, organize it with detailed instructions for students and so on. I’m laughing a little here because I guess that working 14-16 hours a day is normal for many people, but not me. I like doing things at my own pace, taking afternoon naps, going for walks, while also always being prepared for disruptions - which is why I had 2-3 months of emergency supplies on hand even before the virus scare, just in case there’s a really a big earthquake, but I guess that’s another story.

In terms of how I used the process that I’ve been walking for several years now, writing out my mind in mind constructs and so on, I simply did what I’ve become very good at, standing as the directive principle, identifying the programs that were already in place, redesigning them to then reprogram the outflows.

My first directive though was to remain stable and primarily move myself physically rather than mentally so as not to consume too much substance (literally) and end up burning myself out by thinking too much. In observing myself moving, I found it really cool that even though there were so many points (like de-energized molecules) surrounding me, that I probably would have in the past used to define myself as being emotionally stressed out, this time around, I simply walked through them, all the while being sure to breathe and keep my awareness grounded. It was kind of like finally being the director of a team, me, as a mind, being and body cooperating for the common good. Herein I now see that what I’m really getting at isn’t so much in relation to difficulty level of what I had to do. Rather, it has to do with “how” I ended up doing it, stably, almost completely without the emotional impacts that I would have had to also deal with in the past. And I call this Progress in my Process.

Tuesday, February 25, 2020

2-25-2020 Notes on Current Events

As crises of viruses, plagues and perhaps the least talked about supply chain woes begin to disrupt people’s love/hate relationship to the world system, I ponder on the birds still singing and the sun still shining - don’t they know that it’s the end of the world? Ahh! I guess I should have been more specific: don’t they know that it’s the end of the world system? I don’t think it’s going to happen right away; these things, manifested consequence, I guess you could call it, does indeed seem to come in waves.

Yesterday, I went to Costco, probably the sixth time this month. The sign said, “one per customer per visit.” So I picked another big box of tissue paper and now I probably have enough for about a year. Why do we need so much tissue paper, I thought to myself. Good for bartering, perhaps?

Planning for me generally comes easy. It’s like imagining myself as a horizontal tree spreading out in front of me. I am the trunk of the tree with my roots behind me, the branches are but future possibilities and probabilities (based on the spread), which I use to plan my strategy, as straight a course as possible. But suddenly it occurs to me, perhaps instead of going horizontally into the future, I ought to upright myself, as well as my self-image to a vertical position,  planting myself here in the ground rather than in an uncertain future somewhere out there. Really good idea!

Before I look at the internet of today’s news, I would like to talk some more about the way I view current events and the phase that humanity seems to have entered into.  As I said before, it’s not so much the virus or viruses that people should focus on, but  the practical steps that each one is able to take right now in order to prepare for the disruption ahead. As I said before, I think it will only take about two more months of severe disruption to the global system in order to reach the point of no return. How much of the system will have to break down before humanity agrees to embrace and live the principles of equality remains to be seen. I’m guessing that the next five years will be very revealing.

In looking at different areas of the world system, I note that in more open and transparent societies, such as  Taiwan, communication and cooperation with a sense of urgency has for the most part, overwritten the fear factor. In times of crisis, those that rule over the people and fear most losing control of them, almost always end up injecting more fear into the crisis by overreacting to it, only to end up prolonging the crisis and  making it worse. Take note of where the most draconian measures are being implemented under the guise of containing the virus. In reality, such measures have more to do with maintaining government control over the people than they do with caring actually for the people. Locking people in their homes, locking down neighborhoods and locking down entire cities will not stop the spread of the virus, but it will probably cause a lot of starvation and mass unrest. Translation: don’t buy into “the need” for draconian measures to stop the spread of the virus; it will only make things worse.

Whether it takes three months or three years, I guess that the disruption to the world system will continue to spread until it either comes crashing down upon us or we replace it with a stronger, more equitable system - preferably one that is based on the foundation of equality, oneness and what is best for all. It’s really not that complicated, humanity’s woes stem from inequality of opportunity to participate equally and live a dignified life (as can easily be measured by the distribution of money), which has in turn caused the world system (from the within of each human being to the without of the manifested world system) to become irreparably unstable, leaving us with an overwhelming number of weak spots or problems, which viruses and other things (as per the automation of things) are now attacking. Deep stuff, too deep for this post. Bottom line, the key for everybody, as well as the body of the system as a whole is to remain stable and not to overreact - least the body become overwhelmed and the entire system comes crashing down too fast.

For me, this translates to embracing the virus, the fever and whatever else comes my way, while supporting my physical body to stand through the process of reconstruction and repair. As for riding out the turbulence within the world system, i.e., staying afloat and breathing, I strongly suggest having emergency supplies and a plan for either staying in place or getting to a safer place. For those in major cities, such as New York and LA, if you have the option of leaving, I highly recommend getting the hell out of these places as soon as (if and when) you hear about the first citywide lockdown (those draconian measures that I mentioned earlier).

I guess that we may see such draconian measures happening in places such as California and/or NYC very soon - just as it’s already been happening in other major cities around the world, where those in control seem intent only upon making things worse. If getting out of the city is not an option, then at least try to be sure you have a supply of clean water and lots of emergency food. I think lots of vitamin C (as an antioxidant), turmeric (for anti inflammation), ginger tea  with lemon (to help clean the system) and sodium bicarbonate (for just about everything) are good, but I’m sure there’s also a lot of other “natural” support available.

Sunday, February 16, 2020

Self Care starts in the Small: Don't put it Off

As the point of self care has been brought up in relation to current events, namely the Coronavirus or whatever their calling it these days, I thought I’d share a short story, as well as my three favorite off the shelf self-care remedies - sodium bicarbonate and turmeric and coconut oil. In short (in my view): sodium bicarbonate (the 99.99% pure stuff) is awesome for maintaining the right alkaline environment for the body; turmeric is great for so many things, but mostly I use it to address inflammation, coconut for topical applications as well as healthy cooking… For more on natural remedies and other cures, I suggest going to and having a listen to Mike Adams, the health ranger.

One of the things that I appreciate about staying in our home in the big city is that I’m only a 4-5 minute scooter ride from the Taoyuan district swimming pool. The thing is, as with anywhere in tropical and subtropical climates, you really, really should probably wear footwear when walking around outside - and I’ll just leave it at that.

Day 1: As though existence were saying to me, “it’s time to raise your level of preparedness, about a week ago when coming out of 16 degree pool (very cold for us here in Taiwan) with my fingers and toes all numb, I ended up breaking one of my flip flops (or whatever you call those kinds of sandals). So I decided to go barefoot for about 35 meters to where I had left my shoes. In hindsight, that was a big mistake.

Day 2, although I noticed some itching on the inside of my left little toe, as it wasn't bothering me that much, I didn’t I didn’t pay much attention to it - that was my second mistake.

Day 3: my foot started becoming painful and itching a lot more. I figured it was probably Athlete’s foot, which I now see is medically termed ringworm of the foot. So, on the evening of day three, I did what I should have done on day 1, which was (as per my own medical advice) to thoroughly rup a mixture of coconut oil and sodium bicarbonate into the wound and all around the crack that had opened in the skin. I then put on clean dry socks and did the same thing for the next, but I guess it was already too late because the fungus among us had already gotten under my skin.

Day 5: with it becoming difficult to walk, I had a look at my foot and it was clear to me that an infection was spreading. Honestly, I was wondering if it wasn’t that flesh eating bacteria, cus it was moving fast, like faster than usual for this kind of stuff. In assessing my options, I knew I would have to get ahead of this immediately; otherwise, within the next 2-3 days, I would have no other option but to go to the hospital for heavy duty antibiotic treatment, which I consider to be “last resort” kind of treatment.

In realizing that it was time to bring out the big guns, I went and found an old plastic wash bin, filled it full of hot water and a cup of baking soda (Arm & Hammer sodium bicarbonate) and soaked my foot for about an hour. In addition, I took a toothbrush and scrubbed that wound until it bled - painful, yet necessary to create an alkaline environment that the fungus or worms don’t seem to like. Then, before going to bed, I once again coated the area with a mix of coconut oil and sodium bicarbonate, and drank down a cup of warm water mixed with about a half teaspoon of powdered turmeric - to address the inflamation.

In waking up this morning, feeling better, walking around and ever going swimming again (with a much stronger pair of sandals), I think I’m now now ahead of this. Nevertheless, I’m at this moment still going to repeat the soaking and the scrubbing before going to bed, just to be extra careful.

Day 7: Although the wound is still there, the swelling is gone and I no longer feel as though my foot is infected. In order to assist the repairing process some more, I’ve prepared a teaspoon of coconut-oil mixed in with a little sodium bicarbonate to rub in, on and around the wound throughout the course of today and perhaps the next 2-3 days (with care) to ensure a complete repair. 

The takeaway from all of this: when it comes to self care, I suggest expanding that care to the little issues. Instead of putting them off, address and correct them before they become big problems. Additionally, I strongly suggest looking and considering alternative, natural, off the shelf remedies as well as good nutrition, instead of relying on antibiotics and other pharmaceuticals. I’m guessing that the system, from the small to the big is in for some disruption, and the time to prepare for that disruption is fast approaching too late. I’ll write about this, especially as it pertains to the supply chains of the world system, in my next blog post.

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Holding Pattern

Overall, even with the emergence of the Devil virus (as I’ve heard it being referred to by some leaders of China), I would say that I’ve been having a fairly good Lunar New Year vacation. I got all my grades in on time with only an issue from one student, which is like a new record for me. Additionally, I gave away our really old, but cared for 26 year old car and then bought a new, used Honda CRV for three thousand dollars less than I had budgeted, which meant that I could replace some appliances that I’ve been holding off on for a couple of years. Come to think of it, a bunch of things just started not working a couple of weeks ago, so the overall timing of things has been good for me. Then, my partner and I went to the middle of Taiwan to visit her family and we ended up staying three extra days, which is another record for me because, in the past, I’ve usually been in a hurry to get back and do whatever. The thing is, I now find myself kind of like in a holding pattern, waiting an additional two weeks to go back to work and uncertain how the current events are going to play out.

For example, even though Taiwan is well positioned to endure the crisis associated with the Coronavirus, I’m guessing that the shockwaves (aside of course from the devastation caused by most of the toilet paper having already been bought off the shelves) has yet to be felt or even comprehended by the average person. In considering that work in China is slowing down tremendously, air traffic and other forms of travel  being severely curtailed, the overall supply chain catastrophe that is currently unfolding and everything else associated with the virus, I guess that humanity has about three months (until around the end of April) before the old world system reaches a state of no return. Which is the point that I feel as though I’m holding for. And when you think about it, what better way to usher in a new world system than by utilizing a virus or several viruses to take down the old one?

Often I wonder how many people (if any) grasp the correlation between the world system, the design of creation and that which we create. As within so without, it’s all exactly the same. Why do you think we’re creating artificial intelligence precisely by modeling it on the design of the human mind? Because, as Anu pointed out, we create what we are. And if you want to take down an entire world “system”, as I’m betting almost everyone in this world does, what do you do?  You create and inject a virus into it of course. But what system is actually doing the calculations (based on the oneness and equality of creation power/potential of every single human-being) and putting it all together?

My guess is that, this is how we designed our existence a long time ago - before we got lost in it. In short, for lack of clear instructions or directive principle from the life forms of this existence, the consciousness or AI of existence ended up basing the design of the structural system of existence on the nature of mankind, which as we can now say with certainty,  has never been benevolent. Thankfully though, based on our new directive principle of oneness and equality with what is best for all, as the foundation of life from which to create a new beginning, I think we are all now in the process of changing for the better - even though in the short term, it may not necessarily appear that way.

Getting back to a more grounded perspective, here I am sitting in my kitchen office with a huge window in front of me and a beautiful view of the park, wondering what I’m going to do today, that is at least somewhat constructive. When it comes to work, I'm very efficient and except for completing my plan on how to get students to read, consider and (dare I say) understand George Orwell’s 1984, I’m all ready to go back to work. But, except for a meeting on the 20th of February, I still have to wait until next month. And then there’s the uncertainty in relation to classes. Already I’ve heard rumblings from some teachers, who say that they’re not even going to go into the classrooms for the first two weeks. But I’m thinking to myself, the hell with that, the classrooms are where the fun is. Like the classroom of life. So, from my perspective, I hope that we do have classes, even if they begin a little late and even if we have to wear face masks.

I guess that’s about all I have to say for now: I’m in a holding pattern, as I guess many others are, too. And I don’t think it will be too long before we see that the dark storm clouds in the distance have either cleared or are now upon us. Regardless of how things turn out, I think it’s best to prepare for a storm.

Monday, February 10, 2020

Embracing the Monster

I’ve recently been asking myself a question in relation to oneness and equality of life and how it could possibly be that each human being could possibly be responsible, equally as one for everything that has been created as the physical existence of earth. How is it that each human being could possibly be equally as one responsible for the state of this world, especially when it comes to bioweapons, plagues of locusts, child trafficking and so much more?” I mean, from the mathematical equation, “the whole being equal to the sum of all its parts,” to “the democracy of creation,” I get this oneness and equality thing to an extent, but in many ways it’s morel like a mantra that I repeat as a principle by which I push myself to change for the betterment of all, rather than something that I’m really able to see, realize and understand.

I enjoy looking at points and the relationship lines by which they connect to one another to create outflows and basically manifest what is here. For example, in connecting the dots of my perception of the past, present and possible future outflows, as well as  the past-futures of other timelines (that must in my view also be influencing the timeline that we are now on), I think we are now possibly in the process of rewriting or correct (on a different line of course) the future of humankind - which kind of off topic.

So to get back to the point of this writing, as I  perceive that there is still so much bad out there, some good too, but so much that seems to be really bad, I therefore ask myself (a lot as of late), how “I” could possibly be equally as one responsible for such evil? Interestingly, in looking for answers, I will sometimes end up dreaming in relation to a question so as to then look at it from a more subconscious perspective I guess. But then I still have to make sense of the symbols.

In the dream pertaining to the question, “How could I possibly be equally as one responsible for weaponized viruses being released onto humanity?, I found myself trapped in a very scary house, like a haunted house where the floors would move and the corridors suddenly become long and narrow in order to prevent someone from escaping.  Representing the first point, was a monster of a man dressed in a white shirt and pants similar to clothes worn by scientists and laboratory technicians, who also seemed to be the caretaker of that house. Additionally, most likely representing the virus in question, there were varying shapes of gray cloudlike droplets in the air, that seemed for a moment to want to engulf me.

Whenever the  monster confronted me, I embraced it by wrapping my arms around it and hugging it. However, when it came to the gray droplets in the air, I wanted nothing to do with them, which (after writing and rewriting this over the last few days) shows me that when it comes to “the virus,” I’m still harboring a fear of it and not necessarily practicing what I preach, lol.

When I finally managed to get out of that mansion to the safety of an open field, the monster-man was also there as though he was waiting for me. Once again, I embraced the monster, but this time in a teasing way, almost as though to say, cmon, let’s play some more. But instead of trying to scare me some more, the man in the white lab suit dejectedly turned and began walking away.  Not wanting to let  him go, I caught up with him and we ended up walking away together.

As a knowing, I see what all of this means, including to an extent, how I could possibly be equally as one responsible for the state of this world. But for some reason, it’s still difficult (as a form of resistance) for me to formulate the words in my mind before typing them out.

The monster man in the lab suit represents the evil elite, I imagine are (in a hands on way)  responsible for creating and releasing the viruses and the plagues that have recently been unleashed upon this earth.  Regardless of how they came to be, whether it was via the globalists and their weather modification technology making it rain in the deserts and so on, or the evil pharmaceutical companies creating the virus to then profit off of it by selling their so-called “Remdesivir” vaccine, or as I read it, “remedy deceiver” vaccine, the fact of the matter is (as per the democracy of creation), a part of me is equally as one responsible for the outflows that physically manifest in/as this existence.
If you imagine a holographic sphere of the substance of life, with an innumerable number of points of life, all equally as one making up and creating the whole of that sphere, its nature and everything it is, and each point of life also being composed of or containing all of the other points of the sphere in and as it as well - plus the point of itself as the director/creator of the whole at each one’s particular point, you will then also perhaps see that each point is equally as one responsible for the manifested creation of the whole. No, I don’t actually see it yet, either, but I’ll bet that math of oneness and equality, as well as the democracy of creation works the same or similar to that of a hologram. And I’ll leave that for another day.

Getting back to the question in relation to the Coronavirus: where inside of me am I equally as one creating this crisis?  The bottom line is, there is a part of me that enjoys and even thrives (to an extent) on conflict and crisis, a part of me that seems to almost appreciate the stability and clarity of focus that I seem to find in chaos. And although this aspect of myself has at times been useful, especially in survival situations, I’ve come to question the part of me that longs for and even enjoys it.

For example, in dreams past, I once found myself attempting to save an innocent little boy from a burning house filled with monsters that I had just destroyed in a duel with swords, which ended with me chopping the pig-head of the pig-man in the tuxedo. “Cmon”, I said to the cute little boy, “We’ve gotta get out of here now!”, only to have him look up at me with a devilish grin and say, “why, the fun’s just getting started.” I didn’t realize until years later that that little boy was me.

Symbolically speaking, the gray water-like droplets moving through the air and attempting to engulf me represent “the virus.” And even though, I would say that I’m really not too worried about viruses, that in an existential sense, I think they’re actually supporting human beings and the physical body of earth by targeting the systems of consciousness and so on, I still would prefer to see humanity just come together, renounce inequality and corruption, and work together to bring about a world based on the foundation of equal life that is best for all. This is the point that I am walking to stand as, and I will see this through. But to do that, I must understand that, as a point within and as the whole, everything that I think, say and do does matter. Which is why it is important for me to locate, address and correct all points within and as myself that are in any way, shape or form contributing to creational outflows that are not what is best for all.

On a final note: as for the disruption that is now becoming very visible in the world system, I’m guessing it’s going to serve as a catalyst for ushering in a new global financial system. Not necessarily the optimal path to a solution, but as I said, still heading in the right direction.

There is so much more, the bottom line for me being, if I’m gonna preach oneness, equality as what is best for all (which I will forever do), I’ve gotta learn to live it through and through. This is my challenge - to face the monster in me and change myself to stand as that which really is best for all. Which means I gotta stop teasing and egging on the monster in me.

Monday, February 3, 2020

Lunar New Year and Guānzhuàng bìngdú or Coronavirus

A fascinating thing that has been occurring more and more these days has to do with my work and vacation time. Instead of resting during vacation so as to have energy to be very busy during work time, I find myself usually feeling as though I’m busier during my vacation time. Metaphorically speaking, it’s as though my working is now like a routine flight path (that I enjoy), while vacation time is the time that I find myself having to get a lot of challenging stuff done, fixed and replaced - which I also enjoy most of the time.

As though the home that I return to for vacations and on every other weekend is aware of my schedule, appliances, plumbing and other things of late have been breaking down almost as soon as I walk through the door. For example, during the last five weeks, we’ve had to replace the microwave oven, the hot water dispenser and now the hot water heater. And as if that wasn’t enough, upon our return from a family visit to the center of Taiwan, water just started pouring out through one of the air conditioning drainage outlets in the living room onto the wooden floor. It was really weird; however, instead of allowing myself to go into a state of overwhelmingness, I’ve just been dealing with everything on a case by case basis. And honestly, really quite thankful that all of this has been happening while I’m home on vacation, so that I have the time/opportunity to deal with it, rather than being away at school and unable to deal directly with it. My philosophy here: as long as you’re standing in the home, as one with the home, the home will stand “equally as you stand.”  In other words, you have to become one with the home, a part of it wherever you are, because it is the ones in the home that will define the structure of the home.

Getting to the Guānzhuàng bìngdú, Coronavirus or devil virus as some in mainland China are calling it,  I have (in consideration of world events) also been preparing for some possible changes that may be stimulated (a nice word for it) by what is currently  unfolding. Without adding to the fear of the future that many may already be experiencing, I think that it’s important to prepare for some disruption to our daily living routines - perhaps just a little, perhaps quite a lot.

Transportation and logistical supply lines are already getting hit in Asia and it could get a lot worse. Taiwan’s government just announced that they would be postponing the start of the spring semester for public schools, which means that my university will likely also follow suit. Herein, I strongly suggest that people use common sense, err on the side of caution and have an ample supply of daily necessities on hand to weather the transition through the storm that seems almost to be upon us. And then if it turns out to be a false alarm, as the preppers often say, you can always eat the food you set aside as your insurance policy. The good news here in Taiwan is that, from what I’ve seen so far, people are not panicking and the government is doing an awesome job of leading by example while also preparing for the worst.

The way I like to look at my location in relation to the big picture is in increments by imagining rings of influence going out from myself into the broader environment as far as is practical and then reversing the view or process back to myself, so as to have some sort of a picture or idea of what we might be facing, so as to then take practical steps or measures to prepare. In terms of an immediate, this entails looking for about two to three months into a future of possible playouts, preparing as I am able, while also realizing that plans are no substitute remaining here, breathing and dealing with points as they arise.

In terms of viruses, one important thing to remember is that, regardless of the origin of this particular virus or combination of viruses, it’s still just a virus, like a flu virus. Which means that, rather than fearing what the virus may or may not do to our bodies (and in so doing, waste valuable living resources of the body), better to focus on self care, which usually involves caring for yourself as well as your immediate environment, i.e., expanding the ring around you into and as your environment to care for others as well as your environment, as a whole, which will in turn then reflect back unto you at the center of  your environment.

From a personal perspective, rather than being programs that attack our physical bodies for the sake of physical harming our bodies, I view viruses more as frequency disruptors that attack certain systems of conscious programming. In other words, I think that viruses (which are apparently frequency based) are more focused on devouring the energetic systems designed to keep our lives automated, rather than on devouring and/or destroying our physical bodies. After all, isn’t it usually an “overreaction” on the part of the body’s immune system that causes damage to our physical bodies, rather than the virus itself?

As such, the way I personally choose to face viruses is to essentially embrace them and let them do their thing, while I do my thing supporting my physical body by remaining calm and not wasting valuable resources on fear. Yea, this is my advice when it comes to viruses: embrace them by focusing on caring for the physical body (rather than going into a state of fear) and letting the viruses do their thing. After all, other than this particular virus perhaps being a new combination of viruses, I don’t think that it’s really anything new. I’ll  have more updates from Taiwan in the near future.

Saturday, January 18, 2020

Waking up with a low Heart Rate

Once again, I begin with a dream, which wasn’t  really a dream in the classical sense wherein I found  myself in a sleep state interacting with different characters and/or programs in different dimensions myself, but one wherein I suddenly found myself aware of myself in my physical body, as the physical body covered with blankets and something else intent upon getting my attention and waking me up.

As I lay there aware of myself inside of my body surrounded by blankets, yet unable to physically move, like I was paralyzed, something that I perceive or imagined to be a cat on the outside of the blanket startled me with a bite to my big toe. Immediately, I tried to wake up, but I couldn’t move. Then the same thing happened to one of my fingers on my left hand and I began struggling even harder, attempting to yell and scream in order to wake up, but still I couldn’t move. And although I was perceiving myself as making noises, I got the feeling that I wasn’t really getting through to the physical reality out there. Finally I decided to breathe: one, two, three, wake up, I said to myself and then I was awake.

As soon as I awoke, the first thing I noticed was that my heart rate was very slow. I guessed that my blood pressure was also very low and I really felt like just falling back to sleep again, but I didn’t dare. So instead I just focused on my breathing, which I often do when I wake up in the middle of the night - rather than allowing my mind to race like I used to do. After a while, I did go back to sleep, but not before removing most of the blankets so that I wouldn’t get too comfortable.

In the morning, after I got out of bed, walked around for a while and drank come coffee, I used one of those machines to check my blood pressure and heart rate. While my blood pressure was 105 over 60, my heart rate was still only 46 beats per minute. Now, after being up for an hour, writing and drinking coffee,  it’s still only 124 over 74 with a heart rate of 48 beats per minute. This does seem kind of slow. However, this could also be the result of eating better, exercising and reducing my alcohol intake by about ninety-nine percent over the last 7-9 months.

Now for the main reason or question I have in deciding to write this out: once again I ask, who am I in all of this and why is it that one part of me has to communicate with another part of me - shouldn’t it be one “I” of understanding and moving as one? Literally when I finally woke up and was able to move, I embraced my physical body and said, “good work, thanks for waking me up.”

I guess in communicating with my physical body (of my physical body communicating with me),  I’m bridging the separation gap and the parts of me are coming closer together. Something to as part of my journey. And now I’m going to begin preparing for next semester’s classes.

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Democracy Notes 1-14-2020: Agreeing on a Definition for Democracy

With changes occurring in the world system now becoming more definitive, perhaps it is now also time to reopen the discussion (on monologue in my case - lol) on a new definition for democracy. Firstly, I propose that we acknowledge the deficiencies of the generally accepted ineffectual and outdated definitions of democracy, so as to then move on to agreeing to a new living definition that embodies the principle of oneness and equality as is best for all, as the foundation from which we might then go on to agree on some guidelines or procedures for coexisting harmoniously in the same environment, city, space, platform, galaxy or wherever.

As for the deficiencies of the ineffectual old-world definitions promoted specifically (in my view) to perpetuate the sacred hierarchical structures of power and control, look no further than the definition of democracy according to Google:
  1. A system of government by the whole population or all the eligible members of a state, typically through elected representatives.

Really? I underlined the words ‘government’, ‘eligible’ and ‘representatives’ because rather than supporting the essence or spirit of democracy as an inclusive form of collective decision making, these words serve only to contradict the idea of democracy (as a collective expression of equality) by insinuating that democracy is all about government/control, eligibility/exclusivity and representation (instead of actual participation). So I suggest that we simply scrap this definition and any others like it that do not embrace self-determination, inclusiveness and participation as a matter of social responsibility in all situations, everywhere. Let us simply begin with a clean slate so to speak.

The definition that I’ve been working on for quite some time defines democracy simply as a form of collective decision making, wherein the degree of democracy expressed by the collective is equivalent to the degree by which “all” members of the collective have (or are afforded) the opportunity to participate equally in all of the decision-making processes (all of the decisions) that will eventually apply to the collective as a whole. This definition is all inclusive (with the opportunity to participate equally in all decision-making processes that apply to the collective as a whole), while also not being binding those would choose not to participate. And of course it can still be modified or improved upon - as per the essence of change that real democracy will facilitate.

In addition to agreeing on a new definition of democracy, I’ve also been considering how such a definition might be implemented, dare I say systematized so as to utilize technology (including AI) to facilitate the decision-making processes any and all collectives from the small to the big and the big to the small, so as to build a world that is best for all.

In my next post on the subject of democracy, I would like to look at how such a system might function in both small and large collectives. By the way, a “collective,” rather than being an anticapitalistic fascist mind-controlled commune dedicated to safe spaces and free stuff, is simply a group that works together.