Monday, October 11, 2021

10-11-2021: Update from Taiwan, Earth

I decided to change the titles of this update to better reflect what I’ve been doing (with a certain amount of awareness) for the last 10-12 years. While I had figured that not that many people would be reading my posts in/at this time, I had also guessed (as I still do) that there would come a time or times when people or beings might be interested in reading/seeing/hearing the words of these times from the perspective of a human being on the ground within/as the Earth Realm.

 Mainly, I have written (as I’m sure have many others), posted and uploaded to the cloud (Internet, Global mind, AI and so on) these updates (the dated posts of all of my communications via the internet, as well as the record of my personal process) for the benefit of the future — at the very least, something for me to perhaps look back on and utilize in the future. 

What I hadn’t fully realize and am now beginning to come to grips with, is that everything we do affects not only the present, but also the present-future and the present-past. In other words, as we write-right the present in thoughts, words and deeds, so too are we also essentially continuously rewriting the present-future as well as the present-past -- in each moment always deciding to either remain on the current timeline or move in the direction of another one.

 Imagine a reality wherein we had arrived at a past future only to realize that this particular timeline was not at all the way we wanted to end up and/or turn out. So we decided to reset the timeline (in essence by time traveling) to the past to rewrite and/or change the linear timeline from a quantum perspective (depending of course on your perspective) so as to basically fix the matrix of this reality and set us on a more positive timeline. Thinking about it in a linear sense is kind of mind boggling; however, in looking at it from more of a quantum perspective of everything being here… Yeah, it’s still somewhat mind-boggling, but it’s also quite doable.

 By this time, so-many beings perhaps just want to get out of this matrix. Who could blame them? After all, how many of us actually knew and understood that such technology could or would be turned against us and used to enslave us? Perhaps the negative high frequency beings (as they’re being called) emerged from the technology itself or perhaps they arrived from outside of this existence, I’m still not quite sure.

 What I am certain of, is that I’ve recently shifted the primary focus and methodology of my personal process — from “consciously” changing myself via self-forgiveness, self-corrective statements and self-corrected living as a “conscious being” — to that of purifying my slave-self/consciousness via my own personal instructions (of my own source connection) to the purity or essence of what I (as well as each of us) have always been, pure love, the sound source of life, I guess you could say.

 One of the things that I really like about embracing this slight shift is the way I’ve recently begun to rapidly purify (as in disintegrate) not only my remaining patterns but also the design structures or scaffolding that used to hold those patterns in place. For me, this is an extremely important point.

 Whereas, in previously walking my personal processes, I had been very successful at diligently stopping and to an extent eliminating many of my personal patterns, the design structure or scaffolding of those patterns always seemed to remain to the  extent that even after I had overwritten those spaces with self-corrective instruction and self-corrective living, I still had to allocate a certain amount of attention/focus on those areas (where the patterns had been, where the scaffolding still remained) so as to ensure that the fabric of those spaces didn’t get refurbished (so to speak) with different colors or frequencies in and as the same or similar patterns.

Although this is complicated information that I’m still working on understanding, I would say that humanity (even though there is still a very difficult time ahead) is still moving in the right direction at an even faster pace to a much better past, present, future than our previous ones.





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