Saturday, July 17, 2021

Change, Free Will & Hope: July 17, 2021

 Everything seems to be happening so quickly, even the writing that I’ve been doing daily with plans to post the following day, seems to be out of date or in need of updating by the time I’d like to post it. Change feels as though it is being impulsed from all around; and I feel as though I am updating and/or expanding my awareness on a daily basis. Whereas since the beginning of 2020, I mostly felt as though I were running to keep up with events, I am now moving more with the flow and learning how to utilize that flow to get to where I’m heading — which, for now, is simply an understanding of where I am.

 While many people in the world are beginning to question the vaccine strategy, the masses in Taiwan seem to be dutifully lining up for their shots as per the programming instructions that come through so clearly from just about everywhere. While I used to refer to those programming instructions as “self-termination instructions,” I guess in reality, they’re more like “How to” instructions for getting to a particular pathway, one that appears to be slightly different than the one I have decided to walk.

 The programming here in Taiwan is so intense that it scared me for a while. I had hoped that I could shield my partner from it, but that was, like almost everything else in this realm, just an illusion. As I waited for the car to get an oil change, I stared at the TV and watched the propaganda programming. Over and over and over again, they played the same scenes of people being injected with vaccines. Then they played a scene of someone riding her motor scooter straight into a sign post over and over again in the same manner. In looking back at this, it was like the system was not only programming the people with marching instructions, but also showing them where they were headed.

  When I got home, I suddenly remembered that my partner had fallen asleep with the TV news still on. Quickly, went upstairs and turned off the TV. When she got up, she seemed ok, but later that afternoon, after I got up from a nap, she told me that she had just used the internet to sign up for the vaccine. I hugged her and assured her that I respected her decision and her right to decide, which I do. She doesn’t seem to understand why I refuse to go along with what everyone else is seemingly doing, or why I refuse to just accept the easy life. 

The reason I refuse to go along with what everyone else is seemingly doing or to just accept the so-called easy life, is because it's an illusion that is quickly fading; and like the world system that is collapsing and the hope that I once clung to, it will all soon be gone. Maybe some of the good parts will remain; either way, I’m not getting my hopes up.

Free will is the gift of life that never stops giving as long as we are willing. How we utilize that free will in each moment is the only decision we will ever have to make. I guess we have, for the most part, already made our decisions. Now, it's a matter of walking  the playouts and seeing where it takes us.


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