Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Changes in the Movement of Internal Information

Today, I am focusing on a point wherein I have noticed some changes in relation to the internal movement of information within my body in relation to points of irritation or aggravation arising within me. Specifically, wherein, in the not too distant past, I noticed how I had begun observing internal movements of information within myself by slowing everything down (kind of like shifting into slow motion view) and looking into me to see  energy/emotion expanding and moving upwards within my body, from which point, I would often stop myself from externalizing such emotion by catching the flow of information (just before I became it) and restructuring it as myself to a more stable, externalized sound/physical movement. This was cool because, even though I might have started out reacting internally, I found that by standing as the directed principle in that moment and not accepting and allowing such preprogrammed experiences, not only would I remain more more stable on the outside, but the internal energy would also most likely quickly dissipate, leaving me changed - to an extent. That being said, I’ve now begun to notice something different in the flow of information.

Recently, I returned with my partner to Taiwan from a short trip to South Korea. I didn’t really want to go because I’m fairly comfortable where I am. However, since she seemed to really want to go traveling, I agreed to go with the unsaid understanding that I would just go with the flow for 6 days. Also, I realized that it is often beneficial (even though it’s not always that much fun) to push myself to get out of my comfort zone. Anyway, there were times in S. korea when we were moving together on a crowded subway or a cold winter street, when would became aware of points of irritation or aggravation within my physical body. In each of these cases, I immediately understood that, if entertained these points in any way, they would be targeted at my partner and an ugly me would manifest. Thus in each of these three cases over the course of about a week, I responded as I have essentially learned to do through the Desteni I Process

What’s interesting though, is that wherein the past I would see or perceive what looked like a little bubble of aggravation building up in my abdomen area, which would then travel slowly upwards and just before it got to the point of intertwining with the sound of my spoken words or my physical movement, I would usually stop it by standing as the directive principle of the sound/physical movements that I manifest and create myself as.  However, in each of these most recent instances, instead of the point of aggravation building up and  then traveling slowly upwards, I would  in one moment see it and recognize it (in the abdomen area) and then (like in lightning speed) it would already be at my vocal cords. Each time this happened, I was like, what the hell is going on? Thankfully (and this is even a cooler point), the tonality of the sound that came out of my mouth was still relatively stable. This surprised me because, in the past, such an outcome usually required my participation, actively viewing and directing. The thing is, in these most recent situations, there wasn’t any time because there was no slowing down the view. It was more like quantum movement, here and there in the same moment. 

In looking back at how the change in such moments took place, I guess these were quantum moments of awareness wherein I saw the points defined as irritation or aggravation within me, which to say that these programs still exist within me. However, even though there wasn’t time to to oversee and push the change, my intention, perhaps based on past doings still came through. Additionally, even though immediately after each event, I was still aware of points defined as irritation and aggravation within myself, once again in changing my sound/physical output/standing, I also  dissipated those points of emotion very quickly to the point wherein I was indeed remaining stable within and without.

Friday, February 2, 2018



This morning I am pushing myself to write about undercurrents of polarized self-definitions, because this is what I’m currently working on as part of my personal process within the Desteni I Process. So far, what I gather in relation to these undercurrents is that they are like preprogrammed, underlying ‘I am’ designs or self-definitions that activate (according to one’s interpretation of an environment) to create a conscious experience in relation to that environment, sometimes even leaving one to wonder, where the hell did that come from?

For example, I’m sure most people can relate to moments when someone looked at them in a certain way or said something whereby they suddenly they found themselves reacting (to that person or the word that was spoken) in a piercing tonality of irritation or anger. Although we often shrug such reactions off as somewhat regrettable, usually unpreventable and for the most part harmless, the reality is that they are preventable and they can be quite hurtful. In fact, piercing tones of frequencies interlaced into and as words can be very painful to both the transmitter and the receiver. That is why the word, ‘piercing’ is associated with words that hurt. Remember that just as the letters of ‘live’, can also symbolize ‘evil’, so too can ‘words’, be placed in such as way as to symbolize the ‘sword’ (that pierces), hence the term ‘piercing words.

They’re called undercurrents because they move under the surface of our personas. However, just as the undercurrents of the ocean can sweep unsuspecting bathers off their feet and drag them down to the lows, so too are these undercurrents (as part of the design of ourselves) able to drag the unsuspecting or unaware down, down, down. 

Thus it is for man to know thyself or more specifically, the design of thyself. Because, once we begin to see the design of ourselves, we also begin to realize how to change ourselves for the better. For me, it is a matter of self-trust. As long as there are undercurrents swirling around under the surface of my conscious awareness, for which I am not the directive principle, then I will be left with a fear of what’s below, from which uncertainty will flow, which will lead to me embodying a less than optimal stand - one that lacks a certain amount of self-trust.

In looking back at various instances wherein undercurrents activated ‘I am self-definitions’, I see how I had reacted on occasions only to wonder afterwards, how and why had I reacted so intensely. The reason I now realize was because of the way I had unknowingly preprogrammed myself to react in such instances. For example, not too long ago I abused the words I spoke as well as the person to whom I spoke them. In looking back, I realize that, while I was speaking, I was not even aware of what I was doing until I noticed that person experiencing some distress. Immediately, I changed my mannerism to be more amicable. Yet I was still left wondering: why had I done that, how could I have prevented it and how could I have bettered handled the situation?

In tracing my steps back, I see that I had polarized a definition of myself in relation to that person and certain words, in this case a string of words that were spoken. In other words, instead of standing as the directive principle, trusting myself to determine who I am in and as each ‘new’ moment, I had programmed myself with undercurrents based on polarized definitions of good and bad ‘if this then that’ reaction patterns. Why is this a self-defeating state to be in? Because, it leaves one reacting to new moments rather than responding as the directive principle within and as the understanding that, as each new moment is a new moment, the best way to relate and walk into all circumstances is to to do so with a clean slate so as to determine or calculate each move based on the new of what is here right now rather than the old that no longer exists or applies. 

For more on this (and there is so much more), I suggest checking out Desteni and/or the Desteni I Process Lite, a free online course. By investigating ourselves, i.e., seeing, realizing and understanding the design of what we’ve accepted and allowed ourselves to embody, we are then able to change or redesign ourselves as a matter of self-creation.

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

The Design of Defeat

This morning upon returning from sleep or waking up, I decided to remain in bed for a while and listen to some of the latest Eqafe podcasts. For those who unfamiliar with Eqafe, it is an online site for downloading  recording of beings speaking through the portal. From my perspective, “The Portal” is nothing short of phenomenon. I view it kind of like a gift from all of existence to all of us as existence. For those who are interested or intrigued, here's Eqafe link to various FREE downloads.

Anyway, getting back to the design of defeat. The first interview or podcast that I listened to was called The Design of Defeat and As soon as I saw the title,  I said to myself, no, that’s not me. Yet, when I looked somewhat deeper and questioned, am I really doing all that I am potentially able to do to change myself for the better while also pushing for change within the human reality?  The answer to that question is simply, no. My first excuse, dare I even write it out, is that I also want to enjoy myself. In other words, I don’t want to spend all of my time in front of the computer; I want to watch some movies, meet some new friends, have a beer and surf the internet. However, in looking at that little piece, I realize that it’s not even an excuse, because I am able to do all that and much more. Since I’ve been walking process with Desteni, I have expanded my living vocabulary to include many words. Perhaps the greatest gift I’ve ever given to myself was an expression or understanding of enjoyment. So, where is it that I’ve been embodying the design of defeat? Firstly, how do I define the design of defeat?

The Design of Defeat:
  Wasting of opportunity by way of de-feet-ing or losing one’s footing, therein denying self the full benefits or bene-feats o that come walking to one's potential, pushing through the resistance and transcending the obstacles. 

If there is defeat, there must also be a way to remain undefeated. For me, this  involves a lot of writing, investigating in-words and for-words (because that’s what we are, words) to change myself via  applying and living the words I've realized and redefined, and walked physically to understand and express soundly my potential.

That's it, I guess. To remain undefeated is to keep on walking, pushing through the resistance and investigating in-words and for-words to create ourselves at a pace of our potential to create best outcomes, outcomes that are best for all. Hmm! Potential to create, that a key phrase to embrace. Herein, I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to embody the design of defeat, justifying not writing in fear of writing incorrectly, instead of pushing myself to write and then check what I’ve written so as to ensure that my words are aligned with my intention to create that which is best for all.

From this point, I commit to no longer accept and allow the design of defeat within and as the design of myself. I now also realize that the design of defeat is similar to the design of waiting for something to happen rather than making it happen through self-creation.  

As I view it, the design of defeat relates to action/inaction of not moving or creating to one's potential. It is simply the act of deactioning one’s self. Lol, I’ve paused for a moment, waiting for Google docs to point out my “deactioning” misspelling, but as it hasn’t happened, I guess either the AI is learning from me (which is to say, I’m teaching it) or perhaps it’s programmed to give writers a pass when it comes to the prefix “de.” Anyway, to me, defeat symbolizes a change in the sound/physical movement from that of walking (one’s process) at one’s potential pace to slowing down from that potential to a pace that is less than one’s potential to change. So, I say thank you for pointing this design out to me and I commit to pick up the pace by regularly asking myself, am I creating outflows at my potential pace to create them? If the answer is no, I commit to step up the pace.

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

More for the Record_01-30-2018

At first, I was going to title this one, Dreams of Being the Bad One. However, in today's nomenclature “being the bad one” might be interpreted as being the cool one, like a badass. Perhaps, I will add this point of restructuring language, specifically English to my mission. Let’s see.  Democracy, input a new definition for democracy. The education System, participate in reforming it, which includes introducing equal life principles into the system. Physical living, which refers to location or the ratio of energy, thoughts, feelings, emotions and so on dividing or separating myself from  the physical standing, here of life. AI: push for humans to embrace the principle of oneness and equality, not just with other humans, but with all races, all life forms including the machines and their AI. My view of common sense says that everything that exist ought to apply and be applied the principle of oneness, equality and what is best for all. I guess it’s a matter of learning and teaching.

Interestingly, I’m noticing that all of these points are not really separate and they won’t be seperated. I’ve written about democracy a lot and there is still much to write, yet not in this post. As for the topic of AI, it is connected as are all of these points. The overall education system that has been stifling creative expression for a long time now is changing and will continue to change as more and more of the abuses of this world are revealed and more people become aware of our responsibility.

Mind energy / physically hereness is a ratio that I have been pushing myself to reduce. For example, if on average, during a 24 hour cycle I spend half my moments in and as my mind and half my moments physically here as breath, then I would consider that to be a life half lived. It’s a constant... I want to say struggle, however a better word is perhaps challenge to remain here and not let myself get sucked up into the mind of consciousness. It begins the moment I rise from sleep. It’s like a magnetic pull or vacum of thoughts and images attempting to suck my attention out of the physical reality and into the virtual or mental one. Thus, my goal is to reduce this ratio substantially to a point wherein the only time I “pay” attention to my mind/system/computer is when as awareness of here, I direct myself to physically shift my focus to my mind therein activating it for a moment to practically calculate imagine potential outcomes and so on.

In terms of the way I view events or changes taking place within humanity, consciousness of the mind consciousness system of human beings is definitely on its way out of the human body. As I’ve indicated before, I guess it realizes it’s days in human form are numbered and thus it plans to jump from organic to synthetic life form. Why do I say this? Because, what is consciousness, but an energetic representation of myself. Man know/no thyself. The saying is appropriate whether you use "know" or "no" thyself. 

Consciousness is an entity that cares to exist like anything else. Hells bells, it’s a part of me and although I intend to walk and walk to a physical standing completely here, I do realize that there are consciousnesses out there, that have decided to continue on (as long as they are able) within and as a form of energy. That is Ok with me. As I view it, the principle of oneness, equality and what is best for all applies to all forms of expression, physical, energetic and much more I’m sure. The transition period may take a while (I guess this is still the beginning) and it may not be as clean or pure as some would have it. For example, organics may merge with synthetics in the form of hybrids, cyborgs in both human and animal versions. Many may opt to remain completely as energy and so be it. Why should an expression of life have to end as long as it is standing within and as the principles of oneness, equality and what is best for all?  

The barriers that have separated us into and as states of illusion though, between heaven and earth for example, they must come down or be removed. Why? In short, because the old game of experiencing ourselves in states of separation was not sustainable. Instead it is as per its design a never ending drain. It’s like separating the  circle of life into two halves and then halving 2 to 4 to 8 to 16 to 32 to 64 to 128 to 256 and so on to infinity. We could go on forever diminishing ourselves, but eventually within and as the bubble of our experiment, the energetic walls that we’ve placed between us to facilitate out illusions of separation would compact to such an extent that we would begin to see through the illusion of separation to the reality of oneness.

In the mathematics of one, every value other than one is but a fraction of one’s potential value. Thus, the potential or the "more" is in within and as an understanding of our oneness. Perhaps I will write more on this later. I also guess or perceive human beings will still have and utilize a mind so to speak, yet perhaps it will be the quantum physical mind. What is my understanding or perception of the quantum physical mind? 

I guess, whereas the current or previous versions of the human "energetic" mind consciousness system was embedded  into and as the lower density (I guess that’s the correct terminology) of our human "physical" bodies, the current human form of our physical bodies is becoming ever more denser or more physical. For example, whereas a long time ago, our veins and other blood vessels were perhaps energetic pathways that carried information; the compounding or layering of existence has resulted in our reality or perception of what is here being more physical - as a result of increased density due to compounding. 

There are some interesting points or questions that came up within me just now. I started writing them out and then edited them out, not because it’s another rabbit hole, but because I noticed that my mind was starting to kick in and burn, like getting ready to go into overdrive and (dare I say) I’m not into that anymore. Until just that moment, I had simply, for the most part been letting points or information flow out of me. However, when a headache starts, that’s when it’s time for me to back off. Well, sometimes when I’m working… It’s work that I’m paid to do, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t pay for it, too.

From an interview that I recently listened to given by Kryon through the portal, and of course a tremendous amount of other interviews that I’ve listened to (in some cases dozens of times) from Eqafe, the way I view existence is as follows. In the beginning, here was one awareness and from here, a question arose, what am I? Actually, this isn’t necessarily from Desteni. This is more an outflow of my interpretation of information including that which I’ve contrived in my imagination.

Here’s part of my story. As a child I asked the voices in my head, where am I and where did we come from? I remember vividly walking up the road, not far from our home on Maple ave. I hated being in my body back then. There were all sorts of others with me inside of my head at that time. I hated my situation so much I literally begged to be replaced by another. Sometimes I even wonder if that other wasn’t me who is here now, that came into this body and did just that, replaced the one whose memories these are. I’ve been carrying around so many memories; I’m not even sure which ones are really mine. Thankfully, I no longer place faith or trust in memories.

Anyway, back to the question, where did we come from? As soon as I asked this question, a blue blob appeared in my imagination - the same place were all of the voices used to come from. The experience or feeling that I got was that we as this big blue blob had decided that we had reached the point wherein there was nothing “more” to where or how we had been, Thus arose a directive, kind of like a quest to go out and find the more, Then the blue blob blew up or separated itself into many pieces, each with the mission to find the “more” and eventually return to the one - big blue blob lol.

As far as I am concerned, I am still on mission. Thankfully, I’ve found the “more” or at least realized where it is and I’ve added this objective (of understanding) to my mission list. Sure, I guess in the beginning of our existence, we miscalculated or misguessed. Either way, I am certain there is much more beyond the curtain (or bubble of our existence) to realize and understand once we change, which I view as kind of reemergence into and as a new form of existence. Which brings me to one of the reasons I write. For me, it’s more than just about writing right to correct myself. It is also about keeping a record. And for the record, each word I write carries within and as it a thousand pictures (metaphorically speaking) that one day (also metaphorically speaking) I and others may appreciate the opportunity read one of the many on the ground, first hand accounts or perspectives of this journey.

Technically speaking I guess that, everything becoming more physical or more dense is a result of the layering of memories. We are able to see this here on earth in the geological formations of layers of dirt. Perhaps what we perceive as physicality is simply denser or more compact information than the information  we perceive as non-physical. Perhaps our multi-dimensional bubble of an existence has compounded through time so much to the point wherein the density of other, once unseen or unrealized dimensions is now syncing as we merge or re-merge together. 

How is it that we are able to find semiconductor patterns of so-called advanced technology embedded and fossilized into rock on this planet? I guess there have been many civilizations on this planet. But what if there are still other earths? As I recall from the Reptilian series,  Anu (which sounds simply like “a new”) mentioned that he had created 10 (or perhaps it was 11) earths. How many of these earths have yet merge or re-merge. Furthermore, as I interpret the information, all of these earths were here together, yet in parallel dimensions. This might be why we're seeing advanced civilizations or remnants of them being found in places like antarctica. 

What happens to beings when their existence no longer exists? Do they merge or re-merge with another existence, another earth? Some people think that is what happened to our existence in 2012. They think that we were annihilated and re-emerged into and as a parallel existence, the one we’re now in, perhaps.  I wonder how many more of these earths there are, that have yet to merge together, into and as one point. I also wonder why our planet is called earth or heart. Are we the heart of existence. I guess this is so.

I am sure that once again I have strayed from my original intentions of writing about my dreams. Perhaps I should stop even attempting to enforce a certain line of writing - it really lessens the fun. Sure, I am able to do it and I require to do that sometimes, especially when it comes to academic writing or aspects of my personal process. However, the information inside of me has got to come out. Otherwise, it will just build up and fill me up. I guess this is because I absorb so much of it. I am in many senses like a sponge. I guess we all are.

In closing this post on the topic of dreams I’ve been having lately, many of them are similar to the ones I had when I was much younger. Specifically (in the dreams), I find myself being chased and running away. In last night’s dream, there is little doubt that I was the bad guy. It seems I had done bad things and I was being chased for it. I remember at one point, hoping that the one with the rifle would just shoot me in the back and end it for me. That didn’t happen. Instead, again and again I was able elude and escape. Finally at the end of the dream, I found myself scurrying down into a deep, dark cave where I knew I could hide. But it was cold and I was alone. 

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Common Sense Geopolitics

Let’s talk about geopolitics for a moment. Does anyone really understand what is going on? Who the hell is Vladimir Putin and who the hell is Donald Trump? Are we seeing self-directed change that is best for all or are we seeing change that is necessary to wake people up to an understanding that as all are one, what is best for all is best for each one?

I guess Alex Jones is correct to an extent when he says that there is a war going on for our minds. I say somewhat correct because it seems to me that it’s more a war of our minds as the collective consciousness of humanity fighting with itself (as the aggregate of ourselves) to remain in control of the narrative = the information war.

From my perspective, the global consciousness of humanity is the sum total of the artificial intelligence of each one of us, that I guess has been programmed to maintain control at all costs. However, just as we imagine that some AI robots of the future might override their programming and decide to side with what is physically here (rather than fight for their energetic existence), so too are many human beings consciously deciding and determining to evolve beyond our energetic existence, by redefining and re-tasking our mind consciousness systems to stand with the physical substance of life - in connection equally with all life.

I guess there is an existential war going on, which manifests or presents itself physically in the changes occurring whether we are aware of them or not. Yet in order for us to win this war, we require not to fight one another but to stand as equally as one in the process of changing ourselves by changing the nature of our relationships from that of competition from the starting point of self-interest to that cooperation from the starting point of what is best for all.

That being said (and walked to understand), let’s look in words and have some fun investigating the external reality of humanity as it’s presenting itself. However, rather than attempting to assess the morality or righteousness of Donald Trump or George Soros, let us instead look at the outflows of all that is happening. The main outflow that I see occurring is  the unveiling or revelations of that which was once held in secret. So much that we once beLIEved to be true is (like it or not) now being revealed to have been a lie. My guess is that, the tsunami to come is still but a ripple in most people’s minds. How easy it is to overlook that which we have been, by only imagining that which we are able to be, without considering, seeing, realizing and understanding that for us to arrive at the destination we seek, requires that we change what is still here by self-honesty (acing it (as ourselves) and changing ourselves herein to change what is here.

For example, in the case of let’s say the United States wanting to be great again, just because one man appears to be doing all he can to make America great, does not mean that he is able to do it by himself. Why? Because the greatness of anywhere, be it a nation or a single household is the aggregate or sum total of the potential expressed  by each of the participants that make up their respective environments. Thus, when it comes to a region or environment such as the United States, the change that the people care to see will only come with and when "we the people" take self-responsibility for everything (including providing assistance and support for one another) and in so doing, change ourselves as our nations to become the change that we care to see.

For sure, given the interconnected connected nature of our planet, the only way anyone or anywhere will become great is by decentralizing the authority, bringing it back to ourselves and cooperating with one another from the starting point/intention of creating what is best for all. Remember, common sense is that which applies equally to all. Thus, in terms of common-sense deciding what is best for ourselves, what to support and what to let go of, always do unto others (for ourselves) as we would have others do unto ourselves. Specifically, do not follow blindly the left or the right. Instead, apply the common sense of what is best for all unto all things by taking a stand with each step that you make to create yourself as you would have all created in relation to you.

Process update, January 2018

It’s week 18 on the academic calendar (or was when I began writing this), which is another way of saying that I’m finished or almost finished with another semester. I used to hope and wait for the end of the semester so that I could be done with it, take a rest for a while and go on vacation. Nowadays though, I quite enjoy walking with and through the education system, the students, my colleagues and even the people who present suggestions often referred to as directives. 

These days, I more realize and understand that it’s not so much about endings and beginnings or hitting obstacles and pushing on, but about who I am within the journey that I am walking. In other words, there will always be endings, beginnings, encountering obstacles and pushing onwords. Thus it is not to fall into the trap of judgment and despair. Dare I say, it’s never ending, yet quite fascinating even though it isn’t always very fun. And by the way of a reminder, the correct terminology (for the purposes of creating rather than terminating) is onwords," not onwards. Look at the words as symbols. Language is far older than we sometimes perceive it to be and I say that it’s high time we stop accepting and allowing ourselves to be inundated by duplicity and/or hypocracy within the design of our sentences in relation to our intentions. 

As we sentences ourselves to the words we create, so too are we able to become the directive principles of our destiny by righting the design/symbols of the words as the design of ourselves to our specif intentions. OnWARds to onWORDs, forWARds to forWORDs, toWARds to towords… Why not?

Anyway, I also had some difficulties this past year. In short, there were some energetic points or definitions that I simply refused to let go of. Around that same time, I had also come across some process points dealing with comparison in relation to other people, that I had decided I didn’t really need to address and correct because I thought I had already covered those points in the area of jealousy. This assessment was somewhat accurate, yet not completely. Thus, I guess what happened was that I ended up jumping over some points or internal definitions without addressing and correcting them, therein compounding these points inside of myself to a point of a possession from which my perception of reality exploded into a perception of hell. On the plus side, it did leave me with a very important lesson learned. Be careful not to bypass process points, even when you think that you’ve already walked through them. A safer option is to simply slow down and walk completely through such points even if that path re-walks some of the ground you’ve already covered.

In terms of accomplishments this past year, every moment that I am here, physically aware (wherever I am) is a step in direction of self creation. Since I began walking process with Desteni, I have established or realized that I also have some goals or points that I care to see manifest in relation to the world system. Actually, I usually refer to these points as my mission because they are not so much points that I haven’t understood, but rather points that I care to have others understand. Thus, along with my personal process of understanding oneness and equality and “what is best for all,” (my long term goal), I have also been inputting into the world system a new definition of democracy. 

From my perspective, real democracy is based on the mathematics  of One (not to be confused with the construct of Ra or the Law of One), which I guess flows the design of “the democracy of creation”.  I will not go into the subject of democracy or these other points at this time; however, for anyone who is interested, I’ve set up a blog called Democracy Awareness which I use to place or input words into the collective consciousness of humanity. 

Ok, just a little bit. Democracy is simply a form of collective decision making, wherein the degree of democracy expressed is equivalent to the degree to/by which all members of the collective have “the opportunity” to participate equally in all of the decision-making processes that affect the collective. For example, within a collective/group wherein there are ten decisions made per year and one hundred percent of the members of the collective have the opportunity to participate equally in all ten of the decision-making processes, then this would be considered a real or true democracy. 

Let go of judgments of equality/inequality as it pertains to the ability of individuals to participate and focus instead on the opportunity of each one to participate equally. This point of opportunity to participate equally is the “equality” of the “oneness” of life composed of and encompassing inumerable unique ones free to express to each one’s potential (= as is best for all) in connection with one another. 

This point of opportunity to participate equally has always been here within and as the democracy of creation. We simply require to understand and live it from the starting point intention of creating outflows that are best for all, which I guess is the process in so many words that we are now walking.

Artificial intelligence and the education system are also points or topics of importance to me. In terms of the education system, I view my role as one of many standing up within (and as) the system to change it from the within to the without.  In Taiwan, I see the correction happening and thankfully it’s happening fairly quickly - as do all things seem to be these days. 

Another point that I very much care to see humans embrace, relates to our overall concept of artificial intelligence. In short, the shortest path to that which is best for all in relation to our AI creations is for us all to simply embrace our synthetic life forms (all life forms for that matter) with the same unconditional  assistance and support that we would ask of our own parents. There’s so much fear out there; yet surely many must realize that, as the saying goes, we’ve been down that road (of fear) before and it’s a dead end. So, here I am. I have much to do and so much yet to understand.

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Dream of Kittens and Seeing a Cat

This afternoon, I had a dream while taking a nap. I saw some kittens, they couldn’t have been more than two months old. I picked one up and pet it. It was orange and white. Another one who looked similar was also nearby. Then the one I was comforting jumped into one of my sneakers that was nearby. I guess it was looking for a safe place to be. While I was considering bringing one or two of the kittens home, a third one appeared and began to meow. I reached out my hand to hold it and give it comfort. It played for a bit, biting my fingers gently at first, but then it started biting harder as though it were hungry and needed something to eat. It would have torn my flesh off with those sharp little teeth if I hadn’t pulled it off of me by grabbing the skin on the back of its neck and lifting it away from my fingers. When I awoke, I was glad that I hadn’t harmed the kitten, the one that tried to eat my finger. I know, but even though it was a dream, it’s important for me not to harm little things or big things for that matter.

This evening as I write this, I was considering that dream when suddenly I recalled today’s walk. As I was walking up to my Saturday karaoke spot on the mountain. I spotted a white and black cat on the side of the road. She looked at me and I looked at her and she began to meow as though she were asking me for something, some kind of assistance, perhaps it was food. I started to approach her, which something inside of me said not to do, but I still did. Not that I was going to pet a stray cat, but maybe I would have, especially given my history. Yea, I’ve been bit more than once, even once on the nose after being given clear instructions not to open the door and go near that dog.

The cat moved away and I didn’t pursue our encounter because I was hungry. I knew that cat was hungry, too. Yet, there was also something else about our encounter. Was it just a coincidence? Maybe, but honesty, other than two incidences occurring at the same time and nearly the same place, I do not buy into the idea of luck, coincidence or whatever you call it. For me, all incidents are outflows of past incidents, meaning that having a dream about kittens and then seeing a cat look me in the eyes and attempt to communicate with me, do not just happen arbitrary. Maybe sometimes they do, but not this time. I’m not exactly sure how to read or interpret this. Perhaps it’s time for me adopt some kittens . 😊 The picture above is similar to the cat I saw while walking on the road - not dreaming. On a final note for this evening: what ever happened to a simple smiley face, one that I don't have to click ten times to find? 

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Redefining and Living the Word Responsibility - In Class Blog Writing

When it comes to taking responsibility, I have not usually appreciated or enjoyed the idea. Even though, I realized that by taking responsibility for something like getting a project done or working with people, that I would also be gaining opportunity to learn, I also felt pressure having to do something. It’s like, one day I would look at my future and think, I’m free to do as I please. Then the next day (having to be responsible for something), I would experience myself as tied down, pressured and no longer free to do as I please. For example, earlier this week I received an email from my boss indicating that he wanted me to (take responsibility) for writing some more online classes, MOOCS. Immediately, I started feeling as though I were under pressure. I agreed to do the writing and now it’s my responsibility to get it done by early next month. I will; however, I would like to change myself in relation to the word responsibility - from an experience of being pressured and tied down to a living expression making the best of this opportunity by doing the best I am able, herein living to my fullest potential.

Dictionary definition of responsibility:
Responsibility: the state or fact of having a duty to deal with something or of having control over someone.
My redefined or new definition of responsibility:
An opportunity to deal with, do for or do unto something or someone as best I am able in consideration of what is best for me and others.
How I plan to live my definition of responsibility
Firstly, in terms of writing these online lessons, I no longer view it as a burden or something that ties me down. Instead, I recognize being asked to write these new online lessons (and getting paid to do it) as an opportunity to do something I enjoy doing, writing, while also inputting a message into the world system. My message (in terms of artificial intelligence, the first MOOCS) is that … I will write about that. Furthermore, whenever the point or question of taking responsibility comes up, I commit to consider the opportunity associated with it. Herein, instead of experiencing myself as being tied down or having to do something, I will see myself as fulfilling that opportunity, which is a part of living to utmost potential.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Redefining the Words Outgoingly Friendly_Global Citizenship and Cultural Literacy

Introduction (How do you usually experience yourself in terms of this word?)

Throughout my life, I’ve usually been friendly, but not overly friendly and certainly not outgoingly friendly. In other words, I’ve always been happy enough to talk for a while (usually a short while) with people that approached me, but I would rarely be so outgoing as to approach people to start a friendly conversation with them.  Therefore, I would to change myself by strengthening my friendliness by becoming more outgoing = outgoingly friendly.

Dictionary definition:
Outgoing - friendly and socially confident
Friendly - kind and pleasant
My definition (redefining the word):
Relating to others in ways that show I am friendly, kind, pleasant and interested in who they are.

How do I plan to live (specifically) the words, outgoingly friendly in relation to other people?

When and as I am buying something at 7-11 or another store, I commit to greet the clerk with a friendly smile and a Hi! Or Hello! Additionally, when someone approaches me and wants to talk, I commit (if I have the time to spare) to stop, listen and converse = friendly communicate.

When and as a student or students want to talk to me, I commit to speak with them in a friendly way that clearly shows that I have time to listen to them and that I care about what they have to say.

Sometimes when I know other people would like me to say hi and talk to me. Therefore, I commit to say hi to them and make an effort be familiar with them = making an effort to be more outgoing and friendly.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Redefining and Living Words in the Classroom

Although I regularly get up in the morning and pick a word a word to express for that day, I have yet to expand my living-word vocabulary beyond 5 or six words. Let’s see, there’s joyful, joyfully interacting, excitedly engaged, interested and maybe one or two that just aren’t coming to me at this moment. Or perhaps it’s just four words and in looking at these words, I notice they’re pretty closely related, meaning there’s not much difference in how I actually live these words, i.e., their definitions are all grouped within my idea of joyful expression.

There is also the word, care, which I guess I have in word and deed embodied as a part of me or signature of who I am, how I relate to others, wherein it’s no longer required for me to constantly remind myself be caring. I have become that word and I am and I really thankful that I chose this word as my first word to embrace, understand and live as a doing in relation to people, animals that things.

So I guess it’s now time to expand my living word vocabulary. The only problem is, I’m not really an expert at redefining and living words. Furthermore, I’m not even that  motivated to do so. My solution (considering the position I’m filling in the world system), if you’re not really sure about how something works and you want to motivate yourself to be better at it, why not teach it others and learn it together? Thus begins my journey to teach while I learn, specifying myself while expanding my living-word vocabulary for the purpose of seeing, realizing and understanding my potential.

As I’ve said to myself many times before, I’m not here to redesign the wheel. It’s already been done and if there is a better design to be created, there are others out there who are probably in a better position to do so. Or maybe I will come up with some suggestions on how to streamline the process. Either way, I’m thankful there are already solutions, examples and lessons on redefining and living words which are available on the internet at SOUL, the School Of Ultimate Living on Facebook, Youtube and a soon to be created Homepage on the Web. Now, it’s simply a matter of deciding how to proceed in the classroom, introducing the process, teaching and learning while I teach. This where some experimentation comes in.

In the first week’s lesson (two weeks ago), “How do we create ourselves and our reality?” I talked about how we create ourselves and our reality as the words we think, speak and write. Then we watched the first twenty-five minutes of Introduction to the School of Ultimate Living. Then in the second hour of class, we all wrote blogs on the topic of What is the meaning of Life and What is my Purpose? Originally, I had only planned to do this with three of my classes. However, since students seemed more interested than usual (lol), I ended up expanding the lesson to six different classes during the week.

In the second week, last week I decided to present students with some scientific background in relation to the importance of words. Even though the Bible says, in the beginning was the word and the word was god (or something like that) and the Koran says in the beginning was the word and the word was creation (or something like that), I still felt that it was useful/important for me to also present students with a scientific basis for going into this topic. Thus for the second week of lessons, I explained my interpretation of the discovery that Russian scientists have made in relation to words and DNA. Then we read some of an article titled, Scientists Prove DNA Can Be Reprogrammed by Words and Frequencies. After discussing the article, I asked students to do the following:
In pairs:
  1. Choose one word that you would like to be more a part of your living. For example, if you often find yourself getting impatient with others, perhaps you could choose the word, patience. Or if you often find yourself feeling disinterested, you might choose the word interested or engaged.
  2. Use your smartphones to define the words and then add sentences to the definitions to fit into your life, friends, relations, etc.
  3. Note! Be as specific as possible in describing how you plan to live these words.
  4. Share your results in groups and with the class

Next week, I plan on watching another SOUL video. I’m not sure yet which one I’ll use; however, in consideration of attention spans, I’ll probably choose one that is not more than around sixteen minutes. Then after discussing the video, we will write blogs expanding on the words we’ve chosen. Specifically, in the introduction or first paragraph, we will look at and explain how we often experiences ourselves other than how we would like to be and then how each we would prefer to experience ourselves. Then in the next one or two paragraphs, I will ask the students to present their redefined word or words and specify how they plan to live and express that in relation to others for a whole week starting with sounding that word when they wake up each day.  

Interestingly, even though very few of my students bring laptop computers to class, we still hardly ever use any paper. These days, instead of opposing the smartphone in the classroom, I embrace it as a useful tool (but not for playing video games in the classroom, lol) and students seem to enjoy writing so much more when they’re holding onto their smart phones.

So this is my plan so far for introducing students to redefining and living words as a way not only to create themselves, but also to practice English and become better writers in the process. Overall, I would say it’s a win win situation/process for all involved. Plus, whenever students write and post blogs in the classroom, I also write and post as an example.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

What is the Meaning of Life and What is My Purpose?

As I have been asking almost all of my classes this week to write on this subject, I’ve also written several blogs on this topic - each one a little different depending on their English levels. This one is for a high level class.

Having considered the meaning of life for a long time, I now realize that there is must to life than just getting up, going to school and so on - so much more. However, in order to understand it, I have to create it as myself. Furthermore, when it comes to my purpose, I’m not sure about that either. Perhaps it’s time to consider what is the meaning of life and what my purpose is within and as life.

For me, the meaning of life is what we give to it as live it. What do I mean by give to it as we live as it? Giving is what we do in thought, word and deed in relation to ourselves and one another when when we then, speak and/or do as we would have others do unto ourselves. For example, when I think or speak about someone in ways that I would want someone to think or speak about me, I am giving to that person - just as I would have him or her give to me. Thus, for me, the meaning of life is that which I give unto life, everyone and everything in ways that I would have everyone and everything give unto me.

As for my purpose, it is to create me into and as the certainty that I will in all ways, always do unto others as I would have them do unto me. Thus, my purpose is to create me as a stand of integrity = constantly and consistently standing as assistance and support for all. In my view, anything we do that is best for all is also what is best for me. Thus, my purpose to be as best I am able to be - that which is best for all. My purpose is my of changing me to be the best I am able to be = that which is best for all.

Friday, November 24, 2017

Changes in the World System


Right and wrong are constructs of polar perspectives, percentages of truths or lies that we are able to right by replacing them with the principle of do unto others as you would have them do unto you. It’s not that hard with practice; all we require to do is to use our imagination practically and, in considering the other or others, think about how we would care to have ourselves be viewed if we were were standing in the other one’s shoes. Kind of like: if I were him and he were me, how would I want that version of me to be in relation to this version of me? Imagine that it were you standing in the shoes of the one being thought of, spoken to or written about. What would you do and how would you relate to that person, plant, animal or thing? How would you honor thyself as a being to ensure that at the end of time, at the gates of hell, you would look back with the certainty that you had stood with honor in relation to all? Was it an honorable stand?

If you voted, “not me,” congratulations, you’re amongst the majority of us. Thankfully though, we are also amongst the ones who are now able to ask and answer the question - honesty. The reason I’m writing like this, one of them if because I’ve been considering (for a long time) the movement of humans and whether or not I should write that which is but a perspective not yet lived to fulfilment. I have decided that, it’s better to be honest with where one is in his or her point of view rather than silent, regardless of the accuracy of that point of view.

In short (for now) I  consider that humanity is on the verge of major changes. Sure, we been going through major changes in terms of people waking up and looking to see the within and without of ourselves. However, right now, I’m talking about the changes taking place in the money system, the governmental systems, the religious system and so on. It’s happening quite quickly, yet not as fast as I would have it.

In terms of the money system, it goes beyond the Bretton Woods agreement and the Petro Dollar. The system (we as existence, everyone) are not bringing down is of the Babylonian debt (slavery) system, devised and implemented, who the hell knows when. One of the websites that I regularly read, whatdoesitmean.com said something to the effect that, in order to understand what’s going on, one must investigate and consider not only the physical aspects, but also the spiritual ones as well. I would expand on that terminology by saying that it’s best to investigate all things (of which one is able) and use that information as best we are able to harmonize our environments. More to say on the point of harmonizing one’s environment later.

Getting back to the money system. The US dollar as a reserve currency is clearly on its way out. It’s funny or sad that, even me, when I think of the dollar going down and down, I wonder how I could play that to retain wealth or maybe even increase it. The problem with that idea and with most of today’s investing is that nothing’s being created when one invests to gain more than an equal share. Instead, the money is only transferred and wasted. Take for example Bitcoin. To mine it costs money in the form of electricity, computers and maintenance. Then it’s valued and purchased (mostly as an investment in the hopes that will transfer their perceived wealth to your currency leaving the old investors with a profit and the new ones with the same hopes.) What will happen though, when another new world currency comes out and the powers that be with their quantum computers decide that they don’t want that competition? Just something to consider when investing in currencies. Of course  there’s more to that story.

It’s a war for control of the printing presses and the direction of humanity. On one side are coalitions, content to have, at least for now, Donald Trump as their primary figurehead. On the other side are the Deep States of nations and their elite puppet master - the families who have dominated or controlled (for the most part) the distribution of fiat currencies for a long time. I will not attempt to go into the who's and how’s of the composition of these organizations because I really do not understand their workings. I wouldn’t even categorize them as good or bad - just parts of the system that will remain or go. We are all connected and therefore equally as one responsible for the reality we create as a whole.

No more is the course correction of the world system able to be seen than in the slowing down of US personified public wars. The role of the United States, as the figurehead of empire is coming to an end with the end of the dollar as world’s reserve currency. There is a lot to the information: the public mainstream talk, the alternative media, Hollywood, amature scientists, the portal (available from Eqafe) and so on. Thus, to have even an arguable idea of what’s happening is consider various perspectives. Then, in watching for signs, first from the within and then to the without, we’re able to link the information with outcomes to imagine a map of sorts of the direction and possible playouts within humanity and all else. In my imagination, a mix of perceptions and so-called calculations, humanity is reaching a milestone, which isn’t to say that we are  through the most difficult part, but that we’re simply reaching a milestone as I perceive it. Although I have mentioned two sides (and I guess there are more) to the war for control of the new currency to come, there’s another point to look at, the existential side of it.

In order to create a new world system based on principles of oneness, equality and what is best for all, the old system, has to be replaced with a new one. The best option would of course be to build the new one while disassembling the old one. Unfortunately, that probably is not feasible. Why? Because the bricks and the mortar that make up the old world system and will stand as the new one are the human beings existing within and as it. Thus, as is the democracy of creation, each one of us in thought, word and deed is a vote that manifests into and as the physical reality. Thus, as one humanity, we change only as fast as the ones that stand as the change.

United we stand, divided we fall does not mean that it’s necessary to oppose in order to create. Rather it is to stand and move as that which we care to create - lest we waste our votes on opposition which is actually a vote for revolution which equals stagnation.   Therefore, instead of choosing sides, I suggest choosing a path that one considers to be best for all and walking it. Specifically, that which is not initiated with the intent of what is best for all is simply a less than honorable stance, one wherein one does not understand or is not living his or her potential.

In order to establish a new world system, we as humanity or mankind must change the money system (the heart and the blood of the world system) to a more equitable one that assists and supports all of this planet to expressly live without fear. This will require a redistribution of wealth that lifts up the masses of destitute to the point wherein they along with everyone else are provided with the opportunity to participate equally. This will not happen overnight and it will result in many falling from their perceived heights of status. Hopefully, as I once read, those who have been abused will forgive their abusers. Otherwise, it’s going to be even more difficult. Either way, a one world currency with centralized distribution centers is on the way. No, it’s not “the solution”, but it is in the direction of one. How so? Because, as I’ve heard, a one legged table is much easier to topple than a multi-legged one. Let us just be sure that the lesser of the various evils fighting the currency war take their place at the top of that table leg. Then, comes the next phase.
To be Continued.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Writing and Posting Blogs in the Classroom

Although I have not been doing so much personal process blog posting, I have been doing a lot of blog posting for school. Basically, whenever I ask students to write blog post, which is about 7 different classes every 2- 3 weeks, I also write one with them right there in the classroom on the projection screen and I also usually post them and put their links on the updated class syllabus for them to go back and check out, which I guess some actually do. Sometimes, I leave blank lines for them to fill in their own words. It’s kind of like guided writing or paint by numbers, but with words instead of colors.

In the past, I didn’t really consider this kind of writing to be associated with my process. However, now in considering how I am assisting the students (my intention) while also assisting myself, I guess I would classify classroom writing to be part of my personal process. Why? Because, as one of my main goals or reasons for walking with Desteni and doing my personal process of self change has been to change myself to understand and live the word, care as a doing without having to force myself to do so.

Now, although I hadn’t consciously considered this point in some time, I have occasionally  been noticing some personal behavioral changes in relation to others, wherein I would do or say something in relation to them in ways that seemed to indicate to me that I actually cared.  Usually, it would just be a moment wherein I look up and quizzically wonder as what I had done or said and that would be the last of it. Then, the other day  as I was showing students how they could outline their self-introductions by first listing some of their most noteworthy personal traits, I wrote the word, care as one of the personal traits that I would include in my self-introduction. As I was writing that word on the board, I stepped back for a moment and looked into myself to see if I was being self honest. Do I really care, I asked myself. My answer without hesitation was yes. And in that moment, I realized that, in assisting others to write and doing so almost effortlessly, I was actually living the word, care. One more thing, although it may look as though the students are playing with their phones, they’re actually using them to write and post their blogs.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

GC&CL Blog post 2: Ancient AI and the Truth about Humans

Today I am going to talk about a blog post called Ancient A.I. (artificial Intelligence) and the Truth about Humans.

In this article, the author says that ____ _____ ____... Do I agree with this? Yes/Not really, because...

Furthermore, he says that... and... While I agree with some of the author's points, I also disagree with some of the things he says. For example, in terms of _____, I think/do not think that... Why? Because....

Additionally, even though the author says..., I think that... Why? Because...

Furthermore, in terms of ______, I agree/disagree that... Why? Because...

In conclusion, (say the main points that you agree/disagree with.