Thursday, December 13, 2012

Responsibility to Life

Each being is an inseparable part of all that is here, and thus equally as one responsible responsible for the whole. Yet still the condition of the Whole-World spirals downward with far too few even willing to take the first step to stopping and reversing this trend. We fear giving up our positions: “why should I risk loosing what I have, so that others can have more?” Wave the colored flag of war, and we willingly suffer, fight and die. Show us the reality: starvation, deforestation, dead oceans, and a dying planet, and we change the channel in our minds, so as to remain ignorant, not hear and see. Solving the problems on Earth is like climbing up and over the highest mountain. It's a frightening prospect, and from the current perspective of some, cannot be done; so why even try. Because, if we are to have any chance of surviving, this is a journey that we all must be, and it begins with the first step of responsibility. Some will at first, not accept responsibility, seeing only the hugeness of a mountain and not realizing that as the mountain is the sum of many small grains of sand, so too is its crossing the sum of many small steps. What many do not realize about their responsibility to life – what I also did not at first see, is that responsibility it is always only equal to one's ability to take the next step. And within this step-by-step process, each successive step prepares one for the steps ahead. The more we walk, the more we evolve and align ourselves to our current destination - a world where all life is equal and as such, equally provided with the opportunity to live and express equally as one. This, through my participation with Desteni is what I have come to understand as my responsibility to me and all as me. Standing as a responsible being, participating in changing this world to a place that is in all ways best for all is a step by step process, wherein each moment my responsibility to all is to take that next step. For those who choose to direct themselves as what is best for all life: assistance and support is available through the Desteni I Process, and Desteni I Process Lite. It is a the step by step process, a journey to life that involves facing one's fears, and through self-forgiveness – letting them go, self-change, establishing an Equal Money System, and much more.

Self forgiveness and self-commitments
  • I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to fear taking the next step, as I fear that each step brings me closer and closer to having to stand and let go of that which I have valued / defined as me. Within this I forgive myself that I did not allow myself to realize that standing-up is a step by step process of self-change, and that within/as each step is the responsibility and the ability to respond within and as me. Herein I commit myself to remain here within and as breath, facing my fears and standing one step at a time.
  • I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to fear being part of a group that accepts responsibility for all, and within this not see, realize and understand that my responsibility / ability to respond to all is only limited by that which I have defined/limited myself to being. Within this I see, realize and understand that each step that I take / fear I face, is a limitation that I leave behind. Thus I commit myself to continue my process of stepping-up to stand as life, one step/breath/moment at a time.

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