Sunday, December 16, 2012

Sandy Hook Massacre: What if it were you and Yours?

The senseless murder of children is a point for which I have no words to accurately describe the pain felt by those parents who are left behind. Why did it have to be their children? What did they do to one day be safe in their homes, as dutifully loving and protecting parents, and the next day, without warning, from someone whom they never even knew, be cast into the deaths of hell, beyond pain and sorrow... If only they/we could turn back the clock and go back in time. Yet, there is no going back, not for the parents of Sandy Hook, who's lives have been shattered by a pistol-bearing demon who may have lived just down the street; not for the victims of a drone strike, ordered by a general because a man he called a terrorist happened to be walking down that street. And certainly not for those that are left behind, now hiding in fear that they may be next. 

What would you do if this were you or yours?
What would you do if it were you? Put yourself in the shoes of those grieving parents, and ask yourself, what would you do. What would you give to turn back the clock for just a few days, a week or two? Would you promise to be good and prey every night, give a little more to the church, how much money would it take? Ask yourself this question, because tomorrow or the next day, this may be you. There is no going back, not for me and not for you. Yet, what if we are able to change the future and create a tomorrow based on equality – no more killings, murders and other atrocities. What would you do for this opportunity – would you change you? Would you begin to see anther’s pain as your own, her child as yours? Would you protect a stranger you never knew? Would you stand up for him, and give your life to save his child, as you would your own, or would you turn away, put your hands together and prey? So many are depending on so few. Who is willing to face their fears, ask these questions and become the answers?

Stand up and look in the mirror, because time is running short for all of us who still have the resources/money to take a stance, stand-up and put a stop to the abuse that is so clearly taking place in this world. Within the current Capitalist system, children are starving, being raped and murdered every single minute. Nothing is getting better, it's all getting worse – spreading like a plague. Now is the time to ask yourself. Are you willing to give unto another, an equal opportunity for live a dignified life. If so, start with a simple standing for an Equal Money System, as a stepping-stone for real change.

It's about consequences: our acceptances and allowances of the past that is now catching up with us in the present. It's about you and me taking responsibility for each other, standing-up and stating, “Till here no further, what happens to one, happens to all.” Within this stance we may begin to see the bigger picture and participate in changing it. Because, if you and I don't, the consequences will reach a point of total devastation, and not even all the money in the world will buy you or I a place to hide. To learn more about standing-up and taking responsibility, visit a group that are doing just that: Desteni.

Where Demons Lie
Do you really want to know where the demons lie, and from where they will arise? Close your eyes and imagine a picture of those who stand-ignorant and idly by while others surfer and die. See the starving children in a far-away land. See the aftermath of a drone strike, a surviving child picking up the pieces of what's left of her extended family. Keep your eyes closed, and picture yourself putting your hands together and preying, “God, I know you work in mysterious ways, but please don't let this be me and my family.” Then walk into the the bedroom and stand in front of the mirror. Now, open your eyes. See the demons that hide in the shadows of the love and light of ignorance while others suffer and die. Go to church and look at them sitting in their pews, paying and preying for god to do unto them that which they're too frightened to do for another. Look closely into their eyes and you'll see a reflection. Perhaps then you'll realize (the real I's), the evil-demon responsible for all the abuse in this world, that we've never allowed ourselves to see, has always been here in and as our own reflections, the part of ourselves that we hide. It's always been only us. And now, slowly but surely as the veil comes down, look into the eyes of the universe – the eyes you call “I”, and ask yourself, ignorance aside, “What should I do, now there's no where left to hide?”

If you knew that you could change the future, and in doing so turn this world around and save millions of lives? Would you take responsibility for all as you? Would you exercise the demon of ignorance, self-interest, and selective-love? Together, one way or another, we all shall realize and see.

For those that really do care (for all), I suggest to begin the process of investigating how All, within and as this world actually function, and within that, what one's responsibility is to All. For, with an understanding of what is happening and why, we enable ourselves to direct and change the present – before it becomes the consequence of our past (probably why it's called the Present).

Take a stand and become aware. Assistance and support is available by following any one of the links below.

Self forgiveness
  • I forgive myself that I accepted and allowed myself to state, “I have no words to accurately describe the pain felt by those parents who are left behind.” I realize that I do have words for it. Within this I commit myself to write and speak the words of what is here as life, regardless of the pain, as I realize my responsibility in waking-up others to the reality, as I too awaken.

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