Saturday, July 11, 2020

The Unseen Enemy Revealed in a Dream

I dreamt of being in a town controlled by an entity that was feeding off of the energy of the town’s people, absorbing their life essence as the people fought among themselves in the hopes of gaining (interestingly) more power. As I was moving through the town, I walked by a crowd of mostly young people in their twenties making their way  towards what reminded me of a fraternity house.

Someone in the crowd spotted me as an outsider and decided to target me to be bullied and abused.  In looking back at this point (going deeper into the layers of the memory so to speak) and asking myself who these people were,  it was as though their nature, lacking purpose, yet not in itself intrinsically evil, did not  match the callousness of what they were attempting to do. As though they were doing what they thought they were supposed to do without actually knowing what it was they were doing or why they were doing it. Off hand, I would call that “group think,” but in reality (after rewriting this several times, pushing myself to locate ideas, judgments, projections and take complete responsibility for everything (it is after all, my dream),  I’m starting to see (in terms of the human situation) that this point of knowing something has to be done, but not knowing exactly what to do, applies to me, too. I guess it applies to a lot of us: consequence is after all something that must first be walked through before something better is able to be created.

As if attempting to frighten me, they began to encircle me and then one of them  began to attack me. I wasn’t frightened or even the least bit reactive emotionally and I easily brushed him aside and didn’t even bother to fight back. However, the moment he hit me in the chin, I did fight back; and in looking back at this point, I noticed that a very  interesting thing happened to the attacker - at least in my eyes.

As soon as I stood up to him, he physically shrunk (in dream terms) to a third of his original size, whereupon I knocked him to the ground, grabbed both of his legs with one hand and was about to smash him down onto the ground, when suddenly the ground became a chalice and his body transformed (like a bursting water balloon) into but about a half of cup of liquid energy that fell into the chalice that was immediately swooped up and gulped down by the unseen entity.

In shifting my view, the scene had changed and I found myself in the basement of that house, looking at what appeared to be a shallow pit dug like an oversized grave into the earthen floor. At the bottom of the pit, sitting upright and leaning back against a dirt wall was something that reminded me of one of those horror-movie monsters that fed on the souls of people who would then become part of that thing as it grew. And it had offspring or baby things growing on it like warts attached to its skin.

It looked at me, acknowledged my presence and with a wave of its arm, as though to welcome me to “all of this,” it telepathically communicated that I was welcome to remain - as one of them (a consumer rather than the consumed). It looked at me as though it knew me from the past. Then I woke up and immediately noted that this dream and that particular entity represents the unseen entity or enemy that I’ve been referring to and thinking a lot about.

In analyzing this dream, bringing everything back to me, the first point I noticed was the complete absence of emotion - nothing coming up inside of me. Which is cool because in many past dreams, whenever I became frightened or felt threatened, I would almost always end up destroying/crushing/obliterating that  which I feared or reacted to, which occasionally left me wondering who the monster actually was.

In this particular dream, it is also relevant that the entity invited me to join the party just after I had obliterated that which I had deemed a threat, thereby feeding, sustaining and dare I say, even creating the very energetic entity or idea of something “out there” to blame for the domino like breakdown of society that seems to be spreading throughout humanity.

For example, in writing about how the overlords via their minions at Facebook and Google threaten human civilization with their corporate censorship and numerous other evil deeds, what I’ve really been doing without quite knowing (on a conscious level) what I’ve been doing, is casting out my power (via the pointed finger of blame) in the direction of that which I blamed, thereby giving up my power to that which I blamed, thereby abdicating my responsibility, as the ability to respond as human authority  equally as one with every other human. See, I and everyone else require to understand completely, is that no one is coming to save us, not God, not Jesus and certainly not the ET’s, because no one but is able to - which is why we’ve gotta do it ourselves. And until we stop pointing our fingers to the left and the right, things are just going to get worse. 

In terms of symbolism (after honestly decoding this dream), I see that while I really have made tremendous strides in stopping energetic reactions or emotions, I still have work to do on the point of responding rather than reacting to movement within my environment. Specifically, I still require to completely stop judging myself as being threatened by those unto which I disagree.  The key is to stand as a point of harmony even in the midst of chaos; and this is kind of how I perceive everyone is able to eventually stand - as a point of harmony by embracing and living the principles of oneness, equality and what is best for all. The path to walk is the path we create as the point of self-creation as is best for all.

In summary, the most important lesson and realization of this dream has to do with the so-called unseen enemy that I and many others have been referring to. While I guess that there are quite a lot of things “out there,” none of it even holds a candle to the real enemy or threat to humanity that feeds off of us every time I/we point our fingers at something else as being the cause, instead of taking unconditional responsibility within and as ourselves for that same exact point. Even in my dream, there was nothing inherently evil about that entity and the only reason it existed was because I had created it and was still feeding it. Not at all what I had expected would come of analysing this dream. That being said, as the saying goes, know thyself.

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