Saturday, May 9, 2020

Time, Story Time, Time for another Story, Perhaps?

Over the last couple of months at the end of each day, in looking back at my overall day as well as the week preceding it, I have been noticing somewhat of an anomaly (something that deviates from what is standard, normal, or expected) in terms of my experience and/or perception of time. While each day, from beginning to end seems to be going by quickly, the seventh day preceding each day of the week feels like a distant memory. Of course I noted this for future reference - as I note and categorize so many points or dots of information to form or create like a ground view picture of the state and progress of humanity. 

Days later while scanning the internet, absorbing information to keep tuned in with the global consciousness, I noticed a Q post or Q drop of a YouTube link to a segment of the movie starring Keanu Reeves, called The Day the World Stood Still. In deciphering this breadcrumb (as it’s called), the guy who produces the X22 Report for YouTube and Bitchute hypothesized that Q was conveying the message that people will only change when on the precipice of destruction or annihilation. I guess though, that there’s a little more to it.

Here is the dialogue from one or the movie scenes, wherein I’ve underlined words that seem to stand out:

Professor Barnhardt : There must be alternatives. You must have some technology that could solve our problem.
Klaatu : Your problem is not technology. The problem is you. You lack the will to change.
Professor Barnhardt : Then help us change.
Klaatu : I cannot change your nature. You treat the world as you treat each other.
Professor Barnhardt : But every civilization reaches a crisis point eventually.
Klaatu : Most of them don't make it.
Professor Barnhardt : Yours did. How?
Klaatu : Our sun was dying. We had to evolve in order to survive.
Professor Barnhardt : So it was only when your world was threatened with destruction that you became what you are now.
Klaatu : Yes.
Professor Barnhardt : Well that's where we are. You say we're on the brink of destruction and you're right. But it's only on the brink that people find the will to change. Only at the precipice do we evolve. This is our moment. Don't take it from us, we are close to an answer. Source: IMDB.

Later in the movie, I guess when Klaatu (played by Keanu Reeves) realizes that there may be a solution that doesn’t involve the annihilation of human beings (dare I say, again), the conversation between Klaatu and a woman holding her child goes as follows:
Helen Benson : It's alright. He's here to help.
Klaatu : There's another side to you. I feel it now.
Helen Benson : [referring to large, black cloud]  Is that how it ends?
Klaatu : Yes.
Helen Benson : You can't stop it?
Klaatu : I don't know. It would come at a price, to you and your way of life.
Helen Benson : But we can change, you know that now. Please, please, just give us a chance.
Klaatu : I'll try. I must get back to the city. Source: IMDB.

I wish I could say for sure which comes first, the plan or the coming together of the plan; however, like the chicken and the egg, I guess they do both emerge and begin to manifest simultaneously. Which brings me back to about ten years ago (which once again feels more like a hundred) to part of a story I read involving two beings, one named Bernard and the other, Anu-Que or Qui (an Anu that apparently came before (perhaps in a previous cycle) the Anu involved in creating this physical existence). And as I recall, they too seemed to be planning something.

Even though I didn’t get to read the whole story back then, I’m still reading and writing it presently, because this story, our story, is ongoing. Each of us have a role to play or stand as, and the cool part is, each one is able to decide which part/place/location they will stand as and become in the chapter to come. All you’ve gotta do is make the decision and begin the process of standing in/as that position. However, it is also important to understand that the creation process works best for each one from a starting-point/intention to create with zero friction, equally as one with all, outcomes that are best for all.

Getting back to my story: as many of us humans have come to realize, it is indeed our nature that we require to change. Unfortunately, it is also only on the brink of destruction that we seem to find the will to take “self-responsibility” for the “self-change” required to change our nature as a whole, which means that in order to answer the question, is there something more, are we able to evolve, we are I guess going to bring ourselves to the precipice or brink of destruction.  

As fascinating an adventure this may be, one of the most important lessons I’ve learned (and am still learning) is to alway look for and push myself to walk through the “first” door of opportunity (to change myself for the better), because with each missed opportunity, the doors become fewer and farther in between and more difficult walk though.

Which brings me to “The Storm” or that black cloud that’s been building for a long time and has now I guess arrived, at least the front end of it. What exactly is this storm, I ask myself as I look out my window at people walking in the park under the sunshine. I’m planning on going for a swim in an hour; I’ve gotta go back to school on Monday, classes are opening back up, my regular routine will once again begin. I feel a storm approaching, yet I also feel a sense of excitement, why?

To summarize: everything we need to change, as well as everything we require to evolve to live unimaginable expressions of life is, as the saying goes, here on a golden platter. Now all that’s left to do is to pay the price by standing up and walking through the storm on the precipice of destruction as the old gives way to the new. I don’t have much of an idea (beyond a guess of about 5 years to three generations or three lifetimes) how long all this walk through the storm is going to take. Nevertheless, I’m excited to be here, I am determined to continue changing as we require and I’m also certain that we will all eventually get through this and emerge into and as, the same existence, yet completely changed.

Oh! And as for Time, it does seem (from my perception) to be pulsating more than usual, stretching and contracting, perhaps destabilizing a bit.

And… at the end of that movie, when everything stopped, including Time on the watch, what I guess really happened (symbolically speaking) had more to do with the flow  of energy and perhaps the movement of earth - hence the title, The Day The Earth Stood Still.

Finally, whereas the price, to us and our way of life, is to give up everything that we’ve ever held onto (and been helled by), the return for our effort will be the realization that we’ve given up and lost nothing at all to realize or regain everything (back) that we’ve always been.

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