Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Things I do and take Notice Of

One of the many "local" farms behind my home near the center of a very big city in Taiwan
Today, I plan to grade about 100 multiple choice exams, write out self forgiveness in relation to polarizing the  definition of honesty/dishonesty, which I’ve already begun and will probably be working on for about three months, go swimming and then buy some fruit, watch a video about the pandemic (or scam-demic as the case may be) as well as  one about Comet Atlas and Comet Swan - some stories that may not be getting the attention their arrivals deserve, and finally, setup software to join a virtual meeting tomorrow for work.

Yea, I, as with millions of other teachers and students (I guess) are still doing classes online and although I prefer going into the classroom with students (actually getting to teach), having all this extra time is also quite cool. One of the good things to come out of this pandemic fiasco, is the extra time to do things we enjoy, as well as incentive to reconnect with others. And people really are waking up, I’m seeing it everywhere.

A strange thing happened to me two times last week in relation to imagination and the imagination system. Whereas in the past, whenever I would go into imagination, it was kind of like putting my head into a virtual reality balloon,  last week I caught myself twice imagining something, but it was as though I was completely inside of the imagination system just floating there that virtual reality balloon. I’m not sure what to make of it, only that it was different and even though it only lasted about 2-5 seconds, the experience was noteworthy enough for me to take note of it, categorize and store it (to eventually understand it) and to add it to this post as part of the record of my personal process. The weird part was the sensation of floating slightly above and to the right of my physical body.

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