Sunday, May 17, 2020

Teeth Issues

Searching for a comet.
Finally, I’m back in the classroom and I’m so glad to be back. Insanity/humanity are the words that come to mind when I look at what has been going on and I guess this will continue until human beings take responsibility en mass, stop relying on politicians to make decisions, stop obeying and start questioning - everything. But, I didn’t come here to beat a dead cow (as the saying goes), but to share something that I've learned, something that may be new.

Up until about two months ago, I had been noticing (at least for about six months) that my teeth seemed to be changing or moving out of alignment. Whereas they used to come together or fit nicely enough when I bit down or chewed, the top and the bottom rows of teeth had started going out of alignment, which was making it uncomfortable for me to chew. During that same time, I had also begun noticing and experiencing pain in the areas where the roots of my teeth connect to the the jawbone - as though the roots of my teeth were withering away, perhaps due to becoming infected by too much bacteria.

Sure enough, when I looked at or focused on this point, the image that appeared in my mind was one of spaces or compartments of trapped gas at the top of the teeth in the areas where the roots connect the teeth with the jawbone. It appears that compartments of trapped gasses in those areas were facilitating the spread of bacteria in those areas. 

In looking at my options, I realized that I could target that bacteria with antibiotics, which is always a last resort for me, or I could look for and experiment with other possible remedies. So I began gargling with sodium bicarbonate and water in an attempt to alkalinize those areas in order to rebalance or regulate those areas and make them a little less hospitable for bacteria.  I guess this helped a little, but it didn’t solve the problem, because the areas that I was attempting to get to, were like air pockets that were sealed off from external contact.

Then one night as I was experimenting with deep breathing (as I’ve been doing off and on for a while now),  I noticed or heard what sounded like plastic bubble wrap popping  whenever I would exhale very completely by really pushing the air out of my lungs with my stomach muscles. At first, this concerned me a little because of the noise and the pressure that I felt in my head. However, when I looked closer at this point  and experimented some more, I realized that the pressure that I was exerting during the final stage of the exhale, was somehow squeezing the gasses out of those tiny gaps, basically closing those spaces and eliminating the gaps.

Yea, I think it’s weird, too. Nevertheless, as I've continued experimenting with this, not only has the pain and the problem seemed to go away, but somehow my teeth now also seem to be back in alignment, more or less. So there it is, a point that I will continue observing and probably write some more on in the years to come. And I do suggest that anyone having issues with the roots of their teeth, consider what I’ve written.

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