Wednesday, April 1, 2020

In a Nutshell: My Perspective of Where we Are

Perhaps it has something to do with what's going on in the world/humanity. I spend a lot of time absorbing information from the internet and there are huge changes taking place in the world that strangely enough, not so many people are even aware. For example, Trump has already essentially nationalized the Federal Reserve. And if that wasn't enough to make the international (for the most part also fake) international news report on something real, it looks as though he's now beginning to take control of the other Central banks throughout the world. Fascinating stuff going on while most eyes are all focused on the virus.

It's all part of a (so to speak) plan that I actually learned about in 2008 or 2009 from (believe it or not) interdimensional beings speaking through a portal that happens to be a human being. Around 100-200 (or perhaps many more) of us throughout the world were able (for some reason) to listen, consider and hear the words, while many others that we pushed to attempt to listen would usually end up reacting angrily. Their minds, as with the minds of most humans had apparently been fitted/designed with defense mechanisms making it extremely difficult to listen to such words - basically anything that might wake them up or weaken the enslavement/control design of the human mind.

Since that time, a small group of human beings have been walking our processes through our minds, from energetic awareness or "consciousness" to physical awareness. Actually, all of humanity have been going through a similar process; however, most have probably only been aware of it on very deep levels. And although I have been actively aware of much of what has been taking place in the world, e.g., the power and control shift from the multi-tentacled bloodline elites and their minions to "one" group of human beings - mainly represented by Trump and Q, many people probably still do not have much of a clue as to what is taking place.

See, a long time ago, all of existence except for I guess 3-7 races were apparently enslaved by a very small group of beings who set up this "physical" existence (earth and whatnot) to mine the substance of our human physical bodies for energy for the heaven existence, very similar to the way we humans mine the substance of earth for energy - represented by money - as above so below as the saying goes.   It was and still is a very complex system that couldn’t just be completely disengaged from the bodies of human beings due to the extensive interconnectedness of the mind/being/body relationship of human beings. And just to be clear, the responsibility for where we ended up (and are now heading) really, really, really is equally as one, shared by all.

The bottom line (as I view it) is that we (actually, all of existence I guess) have now entered into a new stage of this process, wherein the power structure of earth is now essentially shifting to one group. To better comprehend this, imagine an extremely complex enslavement system in the shape of a pyramide. Although it would be easy enough to obliterate the entire system, blow it to smithereens and watch it come crashing down, the net effect would also be the death of an enormous amount of human beings. Therefore, instead of taking the system down all at once and attempting to rebuild it from the ground up, certain components of the enslavement system (beginning with the really nasty ones) are being removed, taken out of commission and replaced piece by piece with ever more supportive components, which is actually a good example of Jesus’ suggestion (Investigate all things...) being applied.

As for what human civilization is going to look like in the near term: well, the plan was and still I guess to create a platform so to speak on which to raise up as many as possible (out of survival mode), so as to provide many as people as possible with the opportunity to also walk their processes from consciousness (mind controlled organic-robots) to awareness of themselves as life equally as one with everything of existence. It’s really fascinating stuff that is going to take a while to walk through, and I for one am going to do all that I am able to make this plan/process successful. The cool thing is, as far as I am able to see, we humans are making substantial progress, which I’m guessing (actually I’m certain) is going to become more and more apparent as time goes on.

So as the saying goes, hold onto your hats, because the world as we’ve known it is rapidly changing. While some embrace the metaphor of moving from “from dark to light” in reference to what is taking place, I would prefer to simply state that the veil is coming down. Or if you're into religion, you may prefer to use the term, Revelations (meaning a revealing). Either way, I’m guessing that it’s going to be quite interesting and that’s about as far as I care to speculate.

This is (in a very small nutshell) where/how I view humanity being in terms of the process that we’re walking. My suggestion in relation to the fear porn that is apparently being disseminated (and seems to be spreading to an extent throughout humanity) is to not get caught up in it. The virus, as far as I view it, is essentially an outflow of the changes taking place. It has a purpose which I’m sure will eventually be better understood.

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Proceso a la vida said...

Hi Thomas, cool! I just read your comment today on a blog I made, cool yes since then I have stopped watching sources filled with sensationalism, or conspiracy theories, as it helped me a lot to realise that I was doing it because I was not paying attention to me, my life, what i have in my environment, around me, the things, people, I was entertaining myself and filling up with an energy of thinking I was getting important information, while dismissing what is really important, my living words.
It supported me to understand this a post by someone on the group, I don't remember now from whom it was ;) :D