Monday, February 10, 2020

Embracing the Monster

I’ve recently been asking myself a question in relation to oneness and equality of life and how it could possibly be that each human being could possibly be responsible, equally as one for everything that has been created as the physical existence of earth. How is it that each human being could possibly be equally as one responsible for the state of this world, especially when it comes to bioweapons, plagues of locusts, child trafficking and so much more?” I mean, from the mathematical equation, “the whole being equal to the sum of all its parts,” to “the democracy of creation,” I get this oneness and equality thing to an extent, but in many ways it’s morel like a mantra that I repeat as a principle by which I push myself to change for the betterment of all, rather than something that I’m really able to see, realize and understand.

I enjoy looking at points and the relationship lines by which they connect to one another to create outflows and basically manifest what is here. For example, in connecting the dots of my perception of the past, present and possible future outflows, as well as  the past-futures of other timelines (that must in my view also be influencing the timeline that we are now on), I think we are now possibly in the process of rewriting or correct (on a different line of course) the future of humankind - which kind of off topic.

So to get back to the point of this writing, as I  perceive that there is still so much bad out there, some good too, but so much that seems to be really bad, I therefore ask myself (a lot as of late), how “I” could possibly be equally as one responsible for such evil? Interestingly, in looking for answers, I will sometimes end up dreaming in relation to a question so as to then look at it from a more subconscious perspective I guess. But then I still have to make sense of the symbols.

In the dream pertaining to the question, “How could I possibly be equally as one responsible for weaponized viruses being released onto humanity?, I found myself trapped in a very scary house, like a haunted house where the floors would move and the corridors suddenly become long and narrow in order to prevent someone from escaping.  Representing the first point, was a monster of a man dressed in a white shirt and pants similar to clothes worn by scientists and laboratory technicians, who also seemed to be the caretaker of that house. Additionally, most likely representing the virus in question, there were varying shapes of gray cloudlike droplets in the air, that seemed for a moment to want to engulf me.

Whenever the  monster confronted me, I embraced it by wrapping my arms around it and hugging it. However, when it came to the gray droplets in the air, I wanted nothing to do with them, which (after writing and rewriting this over the last few days) shows me that when it comes to “the virus,” I’m still harboring a fear of it and not necessarily practicing what I preach, lol.

When I finally managed to get out of that mansion to the safety of an open field, the monster-man was also there as though he was waiting for me. Once again, I embraced the monster, but this time in a teasing way, almost as though to say, cmon, let’s play some more. But instead of trying to scare me some more, the man in the white lab suit dejectedly turned and began walking away.  Not wanting to let  him go, I caught up with him and we ended up walking away together.

As a knowing, I see what all of this means, including to an extent, how I could possibly be equally as one responsible for the state of this world. But for some reason, it’s still difficult (as a form of resistance) for me to formulate the words in my mind before typing them out.

The monster man in the lab suit represents the evil elite, I imagine are (in a hands on way)  responsible for creating and releasing the viruses and the plagues that have recently been unleashed upon this earth.  Regardless of how they came to be, whether it was via the globalists and their weather modification technology making it rain in the deserts and so on, or the evil pharmaceutical companies creating the virus to then profit off of it by selling their so-called “Remdesivir” vaccine, or as I read it, “remedy deceiver” vaccine, the fact of the matter is (as per the democracy of creation), a part of me is equally as one responsible for the outflows that physically manifest in/as this existence.
If you imagine a holographic sphere of the substance of life, with an innumerable number of points of life, all equally as one making up and creating the whole of that sphere, its nature and everything it is, and each point of life also being composed of or containing all of the other points of the sphere in and as it as well - plus the point of itself as the director/creator of the whole at each one’s particular point, you will then also perhaps see that each point is equally as one responsible for the manifested creation of the whole. No, I don’t actually see it yet, either, but I’ll bet that math of oneness and equality, as well as the democracy of creation works the same or similar to that of a hologram. And I’ll leave that for another day.

Getting back to the question in relation to the Coronavirus: where inside of me am I equally as one creating this crisis?  The bottom line is, there is a part of me that enjoys and even thrives (to an extent) on conflict and crisis, a part of me that seems to almost appreciate the stability and clarity of focus that I seem to find in chaos. And although this aspect of myself has at times been useful, especially in survival situations, I’ve come to question the part of me that longs for and even enjoys it.

For example, in dreams past, I once found myself attempting to save an innocent little boy from a burning house filled with monsters that I had just destroyed in a duel with swords, which ended with me chopping the pig-head of the pig-man in the tuxedo. “Cmon”, I said to the cute little boy, “We’ve gotta get out of here now!”, only to have him look up at me with a devilish grin and say, “why, the fun’s just getting started.” I didn’t realize until years later that that little boy was me.

Symbolically speaking, the gray water-like droplets moving through the air and attempting to engulf me represent “the virus.” And even though, I would say that I’m really not too worried about viruses, that in an existential sense, I think they’re actually supporting human beings and the physical body of earth by targeting the systems of consciousness and so on, I still would prefer to see humanity just come together, renounce inequality and corruption, and work together to bring about a world based on the foundation of equal life that is best for all. This is the point that I am walking to stand as, and I will see this through. But to do that, I must understand that, as a point within and as the whole, everything that I think, say and do does matter. Which is why it is important for me to locate, address and correct all points within and as myself that are in any way, shape or form contributing to creational outflows that are not what is best for all.

On a final note: as for the disruption that is now becoming very visible in the world system, I’m guessing it’s going to serve as a catalyst for ushering in a new global financial system. Not necessarily the optimal path to a solution, but as I said, still heading in the right direction.

There is so much more, the bottom line for me being, if I’m gonna preach oneness, equality as what is best for all (which I will forever do), I’ve gotta learn to live it through and through. This is my challenge - to face the monster in me and change myself to stand as that which really is best for all. Which means I gotta stop teasing and egging on the monster in me.


Iða Brá said...

Have you read the shares from the corona virus through the portal in the latest destonian chats?

Iða Brá said...

Cool share. Like how you work with dreams :)