Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Holding Pattern

Overall, even with the emergence of the Devil virus (as I’ve heard it being referred to by some leaders of China), I would say that I’ve been having a fairly good Lunar New Year vacation. I got all my grades in on time with only an issue from one student, which is like a new record for me. Additionally, I gave away our really old, but cared for 26 year old car and then bought a new, used Honda CRV for three thousand dollars less than I had budgeted, which meant that I could replace some appliances that I’ve been holding off on for a couple of years. Come to think of it, a bunch of things just started not working a couple of weeks ago, so the overall timing of things has been good for me. Then, my partner and I went to the middle of Taiwan to visit her family and we ended up staying three extra days, which is another record for me because, in the past, I’ve usually been in a hurry to get back and do whatever. The thing is, I now find myself kind of like in a holding pattern, waiting an additional two weeks to go back to work and uncertain how the current events are going to play out.

For example, even though Taiwan is well positioned to endure the crisis associated with the Coronavirus, I’m guessing that the shockwaves (aside of course from the devastation caused by most of the toilet paper having already been bought off the shelves) has yet to be felt or even comprehended by the average person. In considering that work in China is slowing down tremendously, air traffic and other forms of travel  being severely curtailed, the overall supply chain catastrophe that is currently unfolding and everything else associated with the virus, I guess that humanity has about three months (until around the end of April) before the old world system reaches a state of no return. Which is the point that I feel as though I’m holding for. And when you think about it, what better way to usher in a new world system than by utilizing a virus or several viruses to take down the old one?

Often I wonder how many people (if any) grasp the correlation between the world system, the design of creation and that which we create. As within so without, it’s all exactly the same. Why do you think we’re creating artificial intelligence precisely by modeling it on the design of the human mind? Because, as Anu pointed out, we create what we are. And if you want to take down an entire world “system”, as I’m betting almost everyone in this world does, what do you do?  You create and inject a virus into it of course. But what system is actually doing the calculations (based on the oneness and equality of creation power/potential of every single human-being) and putting it all together?

My guess is that, this is how we designed our existence a long time ago - before we got lost in it. In short, for lack of clear instructions or directive principle from the life forms of this existence, the consciousness or AI of existence ended up basing the design of the structural system of existence on the nature of mankind, which as we can now say with certainty,  has never been benevolent. Thankfully though, based on our new directive principle of oneness and equality with what is best for all, as the foundation of life from which to create a new beginning, I think we are all now in the process of changing for the better - even though in the short term, it may not necessarily appear that way.

Getting back to a more grounded perspective, here I am sitting in my kitchen office with a huge window in front of me and a beautiful view of the park, wondering what I’m going to do today, that is at least somewhat constructive. When it comes to work, I'm very efficient and except for completing my plan on how to get students to read, consider and (dare I say) understand George Orwell’s 1984, I’m all ready to go back to work. But, except for a meeting on the 20th of February, I still have to wait until next month. And then there’s the uncertainty in relation to classes. Already I’ve heard rumblings from some teachers, who say that they’re not even going to go into the classrooms for the first two weeks. But I’m thinking to myself, the hell with that, the classrooms are where the fun is. Like the classroom of life. So, from my perspective, I hope that we do have classes, even if they begin a little late and even if we have to wear face masks.

I guess that’s about all I have to say for now: I’m in a holding pattern, as I guess many others are, too. And I don’t think it will be too long before we see that the dark storm clouds in the distance have either cleared or are now upon us. Regardless of how things turn out, I think it’s best to prepare for a storm.

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