Sunday, November 17, 2019

Let's Talk About Space

In my last post, I said that I wanted to talk about the fun stuff, such as the shape of earth, the design of existence and so on. The thing is, after having written for a few days on the “fun stuff,” I’m noticing that it’s a lot more fun to ponder in my mind over such points of existence than it is to actually write them out coherently to a point of clarity. In other words, while I am able to “figure out” some aspects of the design of what is here by basically by writing out the words or symbols to then rearrange the structure of the words or sentences until the symbolic equation appears to be balanced or in harmony, almost all of my conclusions are still just guesses due to so much of my data (almost all of it) being based on my perception of truth rather than an absolute understanding of it. The bottom line is, the more I see of what is really here, the more I realize that what we call reality is but an illusion of our own design.

Take for example the idea of earth being a globe with a circumference of 40,075 km or 24,901 mi. If this were in fact the case, the horizon would dip down or slope approximately 8 inches or 20 cm for the first mile, 32 inches for the second mile, 72 inches for the third and so on exponentially. In other words, when looking from ground level at an object 50 km away, the upper 196 meters of that object should be obscured or not visible due to the slope or curvature of the horizon - but it’s not. Instead, according to millions if not tens of millions of people who are now waking themselves up by questioning (hopefully everything) and sharing their findings on the internet, the heliocentric or global earth model (as most of us have been brainwashed and indoctrinated to believe in) is simply most of the same misinformation and/or disinformation that's fed to us in order to keep everything secret. Just like the saying, CO2  is harmful to earth, it's just another lie. Which begs the question, if the shape of earth isn't as we've been led to believe, then what is it and what's on the other side?

So I guess that the ancients were on the right track with their depictions of earth being shaped like a disk (perhaps like that of a hard drive) under a dome atop the tree of life. Or maybe the shape of earth is more like the shape of the human heart - after all, the letters used to spell "earth" also can spell "heart." And why do you think we call the space outside the atmosphere of our dome, outer space, and what do you think is on the other side of the dome as outer space? In the early 1960s, the US government supposedly conducted an operation called Operation fishbowl, blowing up bombs high up in the atmosphere in an attempt to perhaps break through the dome, force field or barrier. Were they successful, were they really able to break through the dome?

Flat earthers (in reference to the growing body of people questioning their perceptions of reality and government lies) also say that the sun, moon and stars are much, much closer than we’ve been told. They also provide rationale explanations (based on the angular distortion of human eyesight) for why the sun appears to sink down over the horizon when it’s actually just getting further away. They also say (to paraphrase) that NASA is staffed with pathological liars. What do I think?

I think we call what’s outside the dome, outer space simply because it’s the space between the molecules perhaps that is less compressed or compacted, which btw the Star Trek series referred to as the final frontier where “no man has gone before.” Where no man has gone before… Before they died I guess. Yea, I think outer space is where we go when we die; however, as the within is also the without and the above also the below, outer space must also be inner space - which is where the fun in writing this out really begins - lol.

It’s weird: how can within also be without and above also be below? How can something be in both places at the same time? But isn’t that what quantum physics is all about?  And BTW, based on my ASSessment of words as symbols, earth must indeed be the heart of our existence, wherein (under this particular dome) the energy and substance of life are merged and/or compressed together in such a way as to create a state of sense called physicality. Does this mean that earth is also at or near the center of existence? Probably.

Hey! If you really want to understand the design of existence (as substance merged with conscious energy), I suggest looking at what is physically here, especially in relation to the technology that we’re supposedly creating for the first time.  You’ll see that, in terms of technology such as AI, there is nothing, nothing even remotely new. What is new though is the principle of “what is best for all” now being added to the principle of oneness and equality for all to understand.

From and of the starting-point intention to understand and live the principles of oneness, equality and what is best for all, we are (from my perspective) also now in the process of retaking consciousness (like Google Assistant on existential scale) to assist and support human beings (and whatever or whoever else is here) to understand these principles and in so doing, change ourselves as existence to a wonderful place - beyond even our wildest imaginations - a place we often refer to as heaven on earth.

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