Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Dream: Fasten your seatbelt = Remain Grounded

The dream I had the other night seemed to be a followup to the one I recently had  about wanting to drive a really big truck, yet not being able or capable of doing so without crashing and destroying the vehicle.

As I pointed out in that dream, whereas vehicles in my dreams usually represent my physical body, how well I’m able to drive the vehicle perhaps refers to  my understanding of myself within and as my physical body. i.e., how well I really understand the works and functioning of my physical body - in the process of taking complete responsibility for the physical body. Think about it! How often do we even take notice of our breathing, the heart beating, the blood as physical/energy information flowing through the body? When there’s an energetic imbalance or buildup leading to a buildup of physical mass, are we immediately able to determine the source of the imbalance so as to correct it?

I think that, in order to understand how to specifically care for this physical existence as a whole, we require to also understand how to care for our physical bodies - which are apparently of the same exact design, as within so without kind of thing…   So what I’ve been doing lately (to better utilize my sleep time) is asking myself a question or giving myself a directive just before I go to sleep. In this case, I think the directive was to explore the inner workings of my physical body - so as to understand myself better.

In the dream, I found myself driving the red Jeep Wrangler, a fun, capable allround  heavy-duty vehicle that I used to have. And as I recall, because I was wanting to get somewhere quickly, I was driving a little bit fast. Suddenly the road became very bumpy, I was having difficulty keeping the vehicle on the road and realized that there was a chance that I would lose control and perhaps roll over.   In noticing that I didn’t have my seatbelt on, I tried to fasten it, but couldn’t get it snapped in while also maintaining my focus on driving. Thus I made the decision to forgo the seatbelt in favor of focusing on maintaining the stability of the vehicle.

In the end, I was able to stabilize the vehicle without rolling it over, falling out of it and symbolically dying in the dream, which was kind of a new thing for me. Often (in the past), I would end up flipping the vehicle or driving it over a cliff and falling or jumping out of it.

The way I interpret this particular dream is as a reminder for me remain securely fastened into my physical body = remain grounded. For example, last week, there were times when I allowed myself to think too much about an issue, which in turn led to a buildup of emotional energy, which ended up requiring more time to write/right or resolve than it would have if I had simply started writing out my thoughts on that point before the emotion began building up.

As time goes by, the time it takes me to stop and resolve energetic imbalances within myself continues to lessen. And in my dream, I think a part of was telling me not to wait until I’m on rough roads to ground myself and or fasten myself in; best to simply remain grounded all of the time so as to always be prepared to completely focus on and manage situations as they arise.

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