Saturday, November 11, 2017

Writing and Posting Blogs in the Classroom

Although I have not been doing so much personal process blog posting, I have been doing a lot of blog posting for school. Basically, whenever I ask students to write blog post, which is about 7 different classes every 2- 3 weeks, I also write one with them right there in the classroom on the projection screen and I also usually post them and put their links on the updated class syllabus for them to go back and check out, which I guess some actually do. Sometimes, I leave blank lines for them to fill in their own words. It’s kind of like guided writing or paint by numbers, but with words instead of colors.

In the past, I didn’t really consider this kind of writing to be associated with my process. However, now in considering how I am assisting the students (my intention) while also assisting myself, I guess I would classify classroom writing to be part of my personal process. Why? Because, as one of my main goals or reasons for walking with Desteni and doing my personal process of self change has been to change myself to understand and live the word, care as a doing without having to force myself to do so.

Now, although I hadn’t consciously considered this point in some time, I have occasionally  been noticing some personal behavioral changes in relation to others, wherein I would do or say something in relation to them in ways that seemed to indicate to me that I actually cared.  Usually, it would just be a moment wherein I look up and quizzically wonder as what I had done or said and that would be the last of it. Then, the other day  as I was showing students how they could outline their self-introductions by first listing some of their most noteworthy personal traits, I wrote the word, care as one of the personal traits that I would include in my self-introduction. As I was writing that word on the board, I stepped back for a moment and looked into myself to see if I was being self honest. Do I really care, I asked myself. My answer without hesitation was yes. And in that moment, I realized that, in assisting others to write and doing so almost effortlessly, I was actually living the word, care. One more thing, although it may look as though the students are playing with their phones, they’re actually using them to write and post their blogs.

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