Tuesday, October 17, 2017

The Most Difficult Part of Writing

I often say that the most difficult part of writing is writing the first word. I don’t have the words that I will write all planed out. However, I have found that once I begin writing, the words eventually just seem to pan out as though it were the words writing themselves out and not me. This makes sense to me because, as I was telling my students today, “In the beginning there was the word and the word was…” Some say “god” and some say “sound.” I say that the word, god and sound are one in/and/of the same. Therefore, to say that, the word is god as the creator (and not the other way around) as the power that creates is perhaps not so far fetched. For, what am I, what are we but the words we speak as the sounds we create? And what is it that we create - ourselves as the words we sound. We as sound are the words we create as ourselves; hence the importance (I guess) of being of sound mind to stand equal with the body of sound.

That being said, perhaps not as precisely (or rightly) as I am able to say, yet nevertheless said, I have an idea, an old idea of mine and it goes like this. As words are the building blocks or DNA/design of ourselves and this physical reality, shouldn’t we be able to manipulate, create or at least change reality to an extent via our words? I’ve written about this before, how the magic of magicians used to “really” alter the physical reality. Somewhere along the line, I guess that art seems to have been lost. I have often thought that it should stay lost. Even when I heard someone say that the age of magic would return, I had no interest in it because it is not a permanent solution and sometimes creates even bigger problems. However, as so much of the world does seem to be going to pot, hell in a handbag or whatever it is that they say, perhaps what the world needs now is a little magic - as spells or words specifically directed.

Actually, it’s not magic like abracadabra and the genie appears. It’s simply or difficulty a matter of writing out the correct words, sometimes called spells and this is what I plan on experimenting with for a while, writing spells and casting them out into our reality. I realize that this may sound strange to some. However, for me it’s one of those certainties that I’ve had for quite some time. In short, I “believe” or perhaps I should say “theorize” that words as spells written and cast correctly may become quite a force of reality. The key to understand (and also why I have not spent so much time on this) is that the force we create with words is not permanent. In other words, the spells of one, cast into a lot of many may for a moment have what appears to be a big impact, kind of like a smartphone battery wired to turn over the engine of a car. It will do it, but only for a moment. Of course, if there are many batteries working together, then the effects will be longer lasting. Ideally, all the batteries could one day be connected and focused on creating the same outcome, that which is best for all.

This is why in the past I have encouraged others to target our words for maximum impact to the benefit of others. Key here to writing right and casting such words or spells is to do so from the starting point intention of creating outflows that are best for all. The risk in all of this is that, in supporting one area, another one may be diminished. Again, this is all just a theory/belief and this post is but a record and a warm up as part of my experiment to support the solutions that are ready to be implemented.

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