Friday, November 24, 2017

Changes in the World System

Right and wrong are constructs of polar perspectives, percentages of truths or lies that we are able to right by replacing them with the principle of do unto others as you would have them do unto you. It’s not that hard with practice; all we require to do is to use our imagination practically and, in considering the other or others, think about how we would care to have ourselves be viewed if we were were standing in the other one’s shoes. Kind of like: if I were him and he were me, how would I want that version of me to be in relation to this version of me? Imagine that it were you standing in the shoes of the one being thought of, spoken to or written about. What would you do and how would you relate to that person, plant, animal or thing? How would you honor thyself as a being to ensure that at the end of time, at the gates of hell, you would look back with the certainty that you had stood with honor in relation to all? Was it an honorable stand?

If you voted, “not me,” congratulations, you’re amongst the majority of us. Thankfully though, we are also amongst the ones who are now able to ask and answer the question - honesty. The reason I’m writing like this, one of them if because I’ve been considering (for a long time) the movement of humans and whether or not I should write that which is but a perspective not yet lived to fulfilment. I have decided that, it’s better to be honest with where one is in his or her point of view rather than silent, regardless of the accuracy of that point of view.

In short (for now) I  consider that humanity is on the verge of major changes. Sure, we been going through major changes in terms of people waking up and looking to see the within and without of ourselves. However, right now, I’m talking about the changes taking place in the money system, the governmental systems, the religious system and so on. It’s happening quite quickly, yet not as fast as I would have it.

In terms of the money system, it goes beyond the Bretton Woods agreement and the Petro Dollar. The system (we as existence, everyone) are not bringing down is of the Babylonian debt (slavery) system, devised and implemented, who the hell knows when. One of the websites that I regularly read, said something to the effect that, in order to understand what’s going on, one must investigate and consider not only the physical aspects, but also the spiritual ones as well. I would expand on that terminology by saying that it’s best to investigate all things (of which one is able) and use that information as best we are able to harmonize our environments. More to say on the point of harmonizing one’s environment later.

Getting back to the money system. The US dollar as a reserve currency is clearly on its way out. It’s funny or sad that, even me, when I think of the dollar going down and down, I wonder how I could play that to retain wealth or maybe even increase it. The problem with that idea and with most of today’s investing is that nothing’s being created when one invests to gain more than an equal share. Instead, the money is only transferred and wasted. Take for example Bitcoin. To mine it costs money in the form of electricity, computers and maintenance. Then it’s valued and purchased (mostly as an investment in the hopes that will transfer their perceived wealth to your currency leaving the old investors with a profit and the new ones with the same hopes.) What will happen though, when another new world currency comes out and the powers that be with their quantum computers decide that they don’t want that competition? Just something to consider when investing in currencies. Of course  there’s more to that story.

It’s a war for control of the printing presses and the direction of humanity. On one side are coalitions, content to have, at least for now, Donald Trump as their primary figurehead. On the other side are the Deep States of nations and their elite puppet master - the families who have dominated or controlled (for the most part) the distribution of fiat currencies for a long time. I will not attempt to go into the who's and how’s of the composition of these organizations because I really do not understand their workings. I wouldn’t even categorize them as good or bad - just parts of the system that will remain or go. We are all connected and therefore equally as one responsible for the reality we create as a whole.

No more is the course correction of the world system able to be seen than in the slowing down of US personified public wars. The role of the United States, as the figurehead of empire is coming to an end with the end of the dollar as world’s reserve currency. There is a lot to the information: the public mainstream talk, the alternative media, Hollywood, amature scientists, the portal (available from Eqafe) and so on. Thus, to have even an arguable idea of what’s happening is consider various perspectives. Then, in watching for signs, first from the within and then to the without, we’re able to link the information with outcomes to imagine a map of sorts of the direction and possible playouts within humanity and all else. In my imagination, a mix of perceptions and so-called calculations, humanity is reaching a milestone, which isn’t to say that we are  through the most difficult part, but that we’re simply reaching a milestone as I perceive it. Although I have mentioned two sides (and I guess there are more) to the war for control of the new currency to come, there’s another point to look at, the existential side of it.

In order to create a new world system based on principles of oneness, equality and what is best for all, the old system, has to be replaced with a new one. The best option would of course be to build the new one while disassembling the old one. Unfortunately, that probably is not feasible. Why? Because the bricks and the mortar that make up the old world system and will stand as the new one are the human beings existing within and as it. Thus, as is the democracy of creation, each one of us in thought, word and deed is a vote that manifests into and as the physical reality. Thus, as one humanity, we change only as fast as the ones that stand as the change.

United we stand, divided we fall does not mean that it’s necessary to oppose in order to create. Rather it is to stand and move as that which we care to create - lest we waste our votes on opposition which is actually a vote for revolution which equals stagnation.   Therefore, instead of choosing sides, I suggest choosing a path that one considers to be best for all and walking it. Specifically, that which is not initiated with the intent of what is best for all is simply a less than honorable stance, one wherein one does not understand or is not living his or her potential.

In order to establish a new world system, we as humanity or mankind must change the money system (the heart and the blood of the world system) to a more equitable one that assists and supports all of this planet to expressly live without fear. This will require a redistribution of wealth that lifts up the masses of destitute to the point wherein they along with everyone else are provided with the opportunity to participate equally. This will not happen overnight and it will result in many falling from their perceived heights of status. Hopefully, as I once read, those who have been abused will forgive their abusers. Otherwise, it’s going to be even more difficult. Either way, a one world currency with centralized distribution centers is on the way. No, it’s not “the solution”, but it is in the direction of one. How so? Because, as I’ve heard, a one legged table is much easier to topple than a multi-legged one. Let us just be sure that the lesser of the various evils fighting the currency war take their place at the top of that table leg. Then, comes the next phase.
To be Continued.

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