Friday, July 14, 2017

How I've Been is Not how I Have to Remain

Consciousness of the Spider Monkey - Part 1
If you asked me who I am and what I have been, even at a young age in terms of the undercurrent designs that I had embodied, I would have said that I am a soldier fighting for my rights to live free and do as I please. It’s not that I wanted to trample over the rights of others, but that I just wanted to be left alone to do as I please. I wouldn't intentionally harm anyone, I may even have helped some ones, I just wanted to be left alone. But "they" wouldn't leave me alone, they wouldn't let me be free. Therefore, I used to think, I would just keep on fighting again and again, I would fight to the end.

Not a pretty picture, not even for me, but this is how I have I have defined myself in so many ways - a soldier fighting for my rights and sometimes the rights of others to be left alone to do as we please as long as we harmed no one.

Then in 2008 or 2009 when Desteni arrived on the scene, I began to consider the  principle of oneness and equality and the point of self responsibility as in (the extent of) my ability to respond to any and all inequalities affecting humanity - equally as one affecting me even if am often not consciously aware of the effect. Why? Because, as one of the sum of all the parts (amounting to the whole), any inequalities affecting another or others are also affect me, regardless of whether or not I am aware of it.

I sometimes wonder how the simplicity of this mathematical certainty had been missed for so long; it is of the alpha and omega of math, the mathematics of One as I call it. For example, think of humanity in terms of a biological or computer system. When even a very small part of that system, such as the little toe is overtaxed, overburdened and becomes disabled, the entire system will slow down and deteriorate to an extent and this is what's happening currently to humanity, the world system, nature and the animal kingdom on a global scale. Now that I/we I comprehend this, our responsibility to ourselves, each as one with whole is to (as best we are able) correct the situation.

As I see it, in order to correct what ails humanity, we require to expand our awarenesses to see, realize and understand our oneness and equality, i.e., what affects one affects the whole, which in turn affects equally affects each one of us. The quickest way to expand our awareness of equality and oneness I guess, is to equalize the good/bad experience throughout all of humanity to the point wherein no one can deny that the suffering of one is the suffering of all, and this is how I view the current realignments taking place in the world system of humanity, e.g., the disappearing middle class and the mass migration/integration, etc. It's kind of like an existential equalizing to nudge or jolt human beings to embrace the reality of oneness and equality - what affects one, does in fact affect all. Eventually, I’m guessing that, as more and more begin experience the misery equally as one, more and more will begin to realize that the best alternative is to embrace the principle of oneness and equality with what is best for all.

By understanding who I am, how I've been, so to so to change myself as a point of integrity = a fully transparent, functioning component of humanity standing equally as one awareness of everything that is here, in support of everything that is here. I realize it's a lot; nevertheless, we've gotta start somewhere and the best place to start is always with the next step, which brings me back to my personal process of taking self-responsibility by investigating to see, realize and understand who/how I've been as one of humanity at war with myself. Yea, I do see now that, my war comes mostly, if not entirely from within.

Therefore, I am now investigating an undercurrent design/definition of myself  leading to the self-definition of “I am at war."  As I said, it’s not pretty, but this is how I’ve defined myself for almost as long as I am able to recall. Life, as I viewed it was but a battle field and I was at war. On this, I will continue in upcoming post as I come to better understand the undercurrent designs and how I came to decide to embody such a design.

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