Friday, July 21, 2017

Secrecy and Self Responsibility

The Moment of Change (Part 1) - Back to Basics
Some time ago I wrote about our lack of information integrity/accountability wherein I stated, “Information Unaccountability is a weapon of mass destruction that will continue to spread destruction, disease and death until “We the People” stand up and become accountable sources of all our information within and as the Public Domain.” By weapon of mass destruction destruction, I was referring to the compounding relationship-points of consequence within the world system that, because of the lack of accountability, facilitating a lack of integrity in the political system and secret societies of the elite, the human race continues to be in disorganization and disharmony, a human race at war with itself and everything else.

That was a few years back and although I stand by everything I said, I now see that the way I said it could have been less intellectually focused on the world “out there” and more focused self-honestly on addressing and correcting my role in the creation of what’s “out there” by changing myself right here. For example, last night while I was watching one of the Transformer movies, I judged once again that the elite behind these movies and many like them have been secretly exposing information that has been kept hidden (often in plain view) from humanity for some time. In this instance, one of the main characters says, “they all belong to secret societies all united in one cause, to protect the secret history of transformers.”  Now if we just take out one word, “transformers” and replace it with, for example, humanity, ancient technology, extraterrestrials, giants, moon bases, etc., we hear that the “stated” purpose of secret societies is to protect their secrets their secrets from humanity. I wondered, are these secret societies getting ready to divulge their secrets to humanity, their very reason for being? No, I doubt it because if they honestly were, they certainly wouldn’t be using science fiction movies. .

But, is their continued purpose for keeping secrets (especially in the time of technology based revelations), really to keep the secret or is it that they too are just too damn frightened to let go of how they’ve been? I this the reason for choosing to release bits of info here and there, hiding them in plane sight in the lines of stories instead of just unveiling their secrets all at once? Why don’t they just come out of their hiding places, stop wasting resources attempting to control the flow of information and just open the gates to a world of complete honesty and accountability in order to facilitate integrity within humanity? Why? Why? Why?

Alas, eventually I must bring back to myself all of the questions that I have projected onto others. Thus, I bring these questions (in relation to unveiling the secrets while still attempting to veil them in plain sight) back to me to consider where I am still withholding information. Well… I’ve written about my secret relation to alcohol, my fear of just being myself around people, my battles a few of the neighbours and so on, but there’s still more. However, before I continue I would like to reiterate something very important in relation to dealing with points of secrecy.

Specifically, it’s not the information contained within the secrets themselves, that causes the fear associated with having the secrets unveiled. Instead, it is the energy that we’ve attached to the secrets themselves that keeps us tied to them in fear of letting them go. Therefore, once we put out the information, the energy “of fear” is also released because it no longer has anything to attach itself to.  This is where the internet comes in handy as a tool to release information, like burning the ships so there’s absolutely no chance of turning back. However, don’t forget to consider the systems by which we sustain ourselves. In other words, don’t get fired from your day job just for the sake of being absolutely honest. Self honesty does not require that the world see all of one’s secrets, but that we face them so to no longer define ourselves by the energy attached to them,

Now, back to the point of where I am still not being completely self-honest. There are still many points wherein I have, let’s call them ideas pertaining to reality that I do not share for the most part for fear of being judged as being presumptuous. Yet, how can I honestly request that the elite let go of their secrets while I hold onto mine with justifications such as, in time they will eventually see; or I don’t need to say anything now because they’ll figure it out themselves? From this writing, I now begin to see that the justifications by which I have been holding onto my ideas is perhaps no different than the justifications used by the elite to release information bit by bit instead of all at once. In short, I see that we humans throughout all of the levels of hierarchy are basically the same. Herein, whatever I would like to see of someone else out there, I must first create within myself right here.

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