Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Purpose and Responsibility

Purpose, purpose, purpose, I have been considering this again today. The problem is not that I have none, but what I imagine it to be, is perhaps just a little beyond reality. I have always been certain that I and everyone else is capable of doing anything and everything, even flying, walking through walls and so on. It is not even a belief; it is a certainty within me. I am not sure why so many do not see this. Perhaps they do, but do not say. Walking through walls, flying through the sky and other stuff that we would probably classify, as super-human traits are not super-human at all, but abilities that we have lost with our acceptances of the limitations of the laws of the playground we call this reality. My guess is that, these laws will be changing soon enough. Nonetheless, I state this, not because my purpose is to defy the current laws of gravity or walk through walls, but because I am certain there are no limitations to our reality that we do not adhere unto ourselves. Thus, when I look at the purpose I am able to live, I do not see any limitations, which begs the question, should not my purpose be the best that I am able to be, that which is best for all? Of course, it should.

Actually, it just occurs to me that I figured out my issue with purpose, just this morning and probably long before that. Purpose is like the present; it only exist here. My problem has been that, I have been looking at purpose as a projection of the future and the changes that I care personally to see. However, what I have not been considering, beyond my uncertainty of “what the hell is my responsibility,” is that, the past as well as the future do not exist and they never will but within and as moments of here given to memories of the past and the projections of the future. Herein, I and everyone else are only responsible for doing the best that each one is able to do in each moment, which brings me again to my quest, what is the best that I am able to do right now? Am I on some level, holding back my awareness of my abilities so as not to have to face self-responsibility? 

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