Tuesday, December 13, 2016

My Story is still Mystery

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Although I have said many times that, my purpose is me, I still find that my purpose does not always come naturally. In other words, often when I enter into new situations or return to the similar situations, I find that I still require to ask myself, who am I right now in relation to the room I in? Immediately, the words, “equality, oneness and what is best for all” come up and I consider if I am self-honestly in word and deed, standing as what is best for all right now. In all honesty, the certainty is still a guess, which brings me back to purpose. In the past, I wrote with a certainty or so it seemed that, I would not have come to this place without a plan; my mission is I usually call it. I have also said with the same certainty that, there is a plan beyond the plan I most readily see or comprehend, I guess I would call that one plan B, lol. How does all of this relate back to purpose? When I look into my eyes, I see me as a being, just floating in there and I do not care to be that which just floats around and observes anymore.

There, I said it – observes. This point of observing, I have always been aware of it and I have been cool with it until now I guess. I guess there is a time for observing and a time for doing. My reasoning for observing time manifest into outflows during the last 8-10 years has been that I first required changing myself more to prepare to do more. However, in doing more, such as inputting into the education system and occasionally writing on topics such as democracy, for the global consciousness, I question if I am doing enough. The answer that comes back to me like something bouncing from mirror to mirror is that, these things take time to manifest and I agree. I guess this relates to the within to the without

I tell myself that it is time for my beingness to wake up; however, I still wonder about my purpose. To stand equally as one as what is best for all sounds cool and specific; however, when it comes to words and deeds in relation to various situations, the questions within me arise. What are the words to say and what are the best deeds to live. I guess it is not so much to plan on what to say or what to do in different situations; perhaps, it's better to practice simply living these principles in the little things of day to day living.

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