Monday, July 9, 2012

Day 6: I god

I have come to see (in an acquaintance of mine) that there are those who will fight, perhaps until the bitter end to remain as energy I-gods. For them, it is their belief in themselves as mind/energy over Matter that matters, and no amount of logic is going to change that stance, because to them, any information that does not support their beliefs is categorized as a contrary belief (not right or wrong, just contrary), and even the consideration of such, would jeopardize “their” hold/control of and over “their” reality – based on their belief in the power of belief, as in creating their reality by and through “internally” holding onto and maintaining an image which then manifest as their “external” reality. In other words, in order for their belief to manifest, it must be wholeheartedly believed; thus even the consideration of that which contradicts their belief, jeopardizes the tenability of that belief and thus their ability to manifest it. As I have discerned, the only responsibility (as far as an I-god is concerned) is that which they have unto themselves – their immediate reality. The rest of the world is left to fend-for themselves = create their own realities.
This I-god, love and light, the Secret, movement, new wave religion, or whatever it's called has been explained to me numerous times before. However, I find it useful to put things into my own words, so as to be certain that I'm really understanding, and not just parroting.
Regarding these energy I-gods, who will refuse to consider the realities of the billions for whom the Secret has never been shared, what is it going to take for them to let go of their fear of losing their realities, long enough to consider the benefits of a world in which all equally create for the benefit of all equally?

Self forgiveness:
  • I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to categorize people (who refuse to see the plight of others as the plight of all, as selfish beings concerned only with their own health and well being. I see/realize and understand that their unwillingness to see the plight of others as their own, is due to the immense fear of losing what they have or believe they have.
  • I forgive myself that I've accepted and allowed myself to compare me to them (judging me to be right and them to be wrong), and within this not see that the energy devil I saw in them still resides in me as ego.
  • I forgive myself that I’ve accepted and allowed myself to attempt to persuade others to let go of the only system they've ever known, without first considering from their perspective: what are they going to do after that, how are they going to survive?
  • I commit myself to continuing the process of understanding the internal / external workings of this world, and at the same-time changing/aligning me to that which is best for all, so that I am may from a starting-point of living as example, assist others to see that we can create a world where all can enjoy, live and express – but only if all support that which is best for all.
  • I commit myself to stopping myself as ego, so that I may see what is really here – without all the energetic interference.
  • I commit myself to investigate and participate in developing solutions for all that would embrace equality, but dare not, fearing for their survival.
  • I forgive myself that I’ve accepted and allowed myself to participate in thoughts/thinking without consideration of  the effect/consequence my thoughts have on the external reality as a whole. I see/realize and understand that thoughts as cause and effect create consequences unto others and equally unto me, and the only way to stop the consequences is to stop the cause/acceptances and effect/allowances = stop playing I god.
  • I forgive myself that I’ve accepted and allowed myself to not see/realize and understand that in order to understand the extent of abuse in this world, I must investigate it in others as me, realizing that that which I see in them is me, and that excuses, blame, and judgment will only delay my coming to understand the entirety of the situation.
  • I commit myself to paying close attention to me as the physical, so as to (in the process of reintegrating back into the physical) recognize and apply the assistance and support of the physical.
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