Sunday, October 18, 2020

The Elephant in the Tea Shop


Whereas some people might accept pictures presented to them at face value, I push myself to question them in terms of cause/effect in search for the alignment of the shadows cast. For example, if there is an elephant in a tea shop, then there must also be shadows of cause and effect directly aligned with that elephant by which to determine the relevancy of the elephant in the tea shop —  is it a real elephant inside of a real tea shop, is is it a picture of an elephant on the wall of a tea shop or is it just a picture of an elephant in a tea shop?

 Now how about the Coronavirus, the hysteria surrounding it and the so-called solution that is supposed to miraculously make everything return to normal? While the infected mortality rates published by both sides of the aisle (as the purported cause) definitively show that COVID-19 is no more dangerous than most others strains of the common flu, the draconian measures still being imposed upon the people as the purported solution (to a non-problem) are not aligned.

In looking at the virus another way (in terms of humans waking up and the enslavement system coming down), rather than being a deadly pathogen that will kill billions of people, I would say that the Coronavirus is actually a misunderstood gift. One day, I guess we will see this; however, it may take a while. So I’ll just state my perspective once again on this subject and then I'm going to leave it at that.

 As far as viruses go, the Coronavirus is real. However, instead of manifesting from and of the intention to harm human beings, I guess that this particular virus, as part of a directed effort to free human beings once and for all, is actually assisting us to rid ourselves of the enslavement aspects of our mind consciousness systems.

 Recall that soon after the Coronavirus emerged onto the scene, human beings began noticeably awakening en masse, while the world system, which is directly connected to human beings’ mind consciousness systems, also noticeably began to collapse? While much of the world wants to blame the Coronavirus, the fact of the matter is (in terms of infected rate of mortality), it’s no worse than the common flu.


      Ages 0-19:    99.997%

      Ages 20-49:  99.98%

      Ages 50-69:  99.5%

      Ages 70+:     94.6%

      Seasonal Flu Infection Survival Rate (for population as a whole): 99.90%

 While I guess that we are indeed existing in a physical dimension, I have yet to understand why so much of the information out there seems to come from and also apply to other dimensions. And that’s the writing of my ponderings for today.










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