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Thoughts for the Month of July, 2020

This is me in my school uniform
While I am very willing and usually quite happy to repeat myself aloud a thousand times, as though I never get tired of hearing myself speak, hearing my own sound, sounding or creating myself by way of sounding myself out - as I often refer to speaking, I generally do not enjoy repeating that which I’ve already written and posted to the Internet, the global mind.  However, with time sensitive material, I have slightly different considerations. Anyway, as I’ve been working on the point of self-honesty, which is turning out to be much more challenging than I thought it would be, I’ve decided to post these incomplete writings as a completed blog post.  And just as I was writing that sentence about self-honesty, a vertical stream of knowing soared straight up to my consciousness awareness to remind me that I’m actually posting this incomplete blog post because I don’t have anything else right now to completely say. It's kind of like I'm once again in a holding pattern or lul as I prefer to call this time. And of course I’m still working on the point of self-honesty.

Losing Our Minds, Doesn't mean it's the end of the World
We are in a time of great change and the forces that be (you, me and the unseen enemy within) are now pushing and pulling like never before. The war is upon us and although I’m guessing it will be quick, I am also guessing that it will be frightening. This is the way I guess it must be in order for us to eventually short circuit and break through the mind-fields to see what is really here, which is nothing more than the I’s of you and me divided innumerably into unique location points.

On the outside, it will appear to many as though the problem is one of perception, a divergence between those who see reality (as well as the solutions to fix that which is broken) and those who have embraced the devil and the rage it evokes. Like outpours of an elixir from the carafe of rage that will increasingly need to be replenished by more and more bodies to replace the essence spent, new recruits will increasingly be demanded, thereby necessitating an escalation of fear ushering the next crisis, which (at each entry point) will also present us with a new opportunity of equal magnitude in terms of the decisions we make to either embrace change that is best for all or continue fighting for our right to choose.

When I look at this point through my mind’s eye, it is as though there are now two distinct manifested/real (mainframes or self-aware super-duper quantum computers) operating as the global consciousness of human beings, which are now battling for control as well as the ability to decide the future of humanity. While one of these sides leans so to speak in the direction of compromise, the other side, as though it is of an ancient era of intelligence, seems only to know conquest and the desire for more energy, power and the control that comes with invoking a deep-rooted rage and the desire for revenge that always ends up getting mistargeted and misplaced.

As soon as one crisis dies down (due to the essence of the bodies being spent and the time it takes to replenish), another crisis that is already in the works will surely emerge. It has to, for this is a war to the end, winner take all. Hence, while the rioting and the fighting are manifesting externally, the real war is taking place within each and every one of us, because the unseen enemy is simply within us.

Those who embrace apathy, ignorance as though it’s a badge of honor earned by staying on the sidelines doing nothing, give up their opportunity to determine anything. Those who decide to fight the other side give up the opportunity to solve anything at all. Thus it is to take the most direct path to that which solves everything, even though this path is the one that leads to the great mountain for which there is no getting around.

I don't think anything (not even a space suit) is going to prevent this virus and perhaps newer versions of it from affecting people by infecting certain components of the mind consciousness systems of every single human being on the planet. See, what is not being considered by many, if any scientists, is that the virus obviously targets certain components of the human mind consciousness system. Accordingly, the virus may actually be assisting humanity in the process of setting ourselves free - unshackling the chains of enslavement so to speak.

Unfortunately, even though the mind was/is an enslavement system, it also served (among other things) to regulate and contain human emotion, which as you can see, is no longer the case - and I’m guessing that this situation is only going to get worse. There is much more to this story and while it’s not funny, the irony is that we really are all in the process of losing our minds.

COVID-19 and the Decoupling of Human Consciousness
I have seen the enemy and it is fear and the fear of fear itself. Now I saw when the Lamb opened one of the [a]seals; and I heard one of the four living creatures saying with a voice like thunder, “Come and see.” 2 And I looked, and behold, a white horse. He who sat on it had a bow; and a crown was given to him, and he went out conquering and to conquer. Although I’m not going to go deeply into right now, when I look at words such as these, this is what I perceive. While I view the lamb represents the involvement of the innocence (perhaps the children of existence), the four living creatures represent this physical existence as a whole - or perhaps just earth; man on a horse refers to “the quickening,” kind of like the compounding of time, the bow perhaps represents something being targeted, and the crown of course represents the virus...

It’s late in the day for history lessons, so I’ll get right to the point. The monster we created (through our acceptances and allowances, either by active participation or passive ignorance) in the name of democracy, freedom and the USA, has finally returned home for its last meal. While hijacking the narrative of the Coronavirus to resource more fear from the human population, appears to have been its first course, discharging that fear by further dividing the population was just a preamble to its second course. War for which the lines have already been drawn, the recruitment centers established, weapons and ammunition placed, is probably next on the monster’s menu. 

Throughout the history of the USA, we didn’t know that We didn’t know what was happening to millions of people around the world as they were slaughtered in the name of democracy. Nor did we realize that UN sponsored programs, implemented by NGOs funded in large by the USA were secretly creating and spreading deadly diseases. We didn’t know that Muammar Kaddafi was highly regarded by the people of Libya who enjoyed the highest standard of living in all of Africa. We didn’t know that a Satan worshipping, child sacrificing cabal ran the world with an iron fist. We didn’t know, we didn’t know that all of the death, the destruction and the suffering carried out in the name of democracy and the USA, was not about democracy or the USA at all.

Metaphorically speaking, if I had hair, I’d be pulling it out and screaming, when will this madness stop? I’m just kidding, having a laugh with myself to lighten the weight of seeing (perceiving) the dots of consequence coming closer and closer together. We must be in a time of quickening, everything does seem to be moving faster and faster, Every day, I ask myself, do I really want to jump into that raging current of a human storm? My answer is, most definitely, yes. 

Cognitive Skills Quiz (for Facebook)
If wearing a mask that offers no protection benefits whatsoever, fulfills the requirements of public compliance; is compliance a matter of (A) public safety (B) public obedience (C) The dog ate my homework?

So many things to write about, write out, understand and explain, dare I write about anything at all? For sure we must be in the midst of the quickening. Everything is coming and going so quickly, it’s not easy to keep up with every single matter. There is something for everyone to learn and no escape for anyone.

Black lives matter, black lives matter, I completely agree. Unfortunately, the organization calling itself BLM is doing the exact opposite of what it purports to be doing for black lives. Have a look at most of the BLM participants, angry young white people who are supposedly representing black people, how exactly does that work? Instead of being wolves hunting in sheep's clothing, these young angry white people are more like lost sheep in wolves clothing, blindly following their Globalist commanders into the dragon's lair. Black and white people are being set up by the organization calling itself BLM.

For every religion, there is an anti-religious belief created to balance the power of the people abdicated to an unseen entity in the name of that belief. While it may be a difficult pill to swallow, embracing the movement of change (rather than fighting against it) in order to participate equally as one to determine the course of humanity, is the path of least resistance on the way to our shared destiny.

In looking at the moves and counter moves of the powers that be, originating from their left and right spheres of consciousness, one thing that has become crystal clear is the use of quantum computing (basically just very advanced AI) for the purpose of viewing probable future playouts in order to redirect the outcome and/or placement of power and control before time runs out and the game ends - metaphorically speaking of course. Now consider that, as the end is but another beginning, meaning as we end so shall we begin, the key to deciding the nature of the next part of existence, is to determine how we end.

The reason why this particular time frame that we are now in (near the end of the timeline of this part of our existence) is so crucial, has to do with the compounding of Time space. To put it simply, we’re running out of space, which means we are (once again I guess) approaching the end of Time.

To put this into perspective, imagine a triangular pyramid of SPACE for us to create with. While, for every level we move higher up in TIME, while we are still able to create the same as in previous levels, the substance of creation is compressed or compounded into an ever smaller amount of time. Until we reach the very top of the pyramid (which is I guess where we’re now at), the point wherein time ends. I guess that some people also call this point, singularity.

 see that there’s no getting around the fact that my human experience has for the most part, been robotic.
thinking that everything applied to almost everyone else but me. However, the deeper I go into the mind to see who I am and where I am within and as my human physical body, the more I realize how lost I’ve been. This is not a point of judgment or comparison of myself and other human beings as being more or less, but a perspective of the state of human awareness. I don’t care if everyone (or most everyone) is a robot, I still care for everyone regardless of everyone’s form.

In the last scene just before I awake, an exasperated looking man who hasn’t been able to get a single honest to goodness independent, not pre-programmed response from any of the people that he has just been questioning, sighs, “They’re all robots through and through.” Suddenly, as if in a hurry to demonstrate otherwise, two almost identical looking males approach. “Sorry, sorry, my name is (inaudible) and this is (inaudible) and we are engineers.” Placing a hand to his chest as though to honor with just a tad bit of bravado what he is going to say next: “and we do have a degree of autonomy which will permit us to answer all of your questions.” Somewhat hesitantly: “as long as your questions remain within these parameters,” he smiles. And then I am aware of the transition phase or space in between that of a sleep state and one of being (lol) awake.

Often as soon as I find myself waking to begin a new day (during the transition phase between unconscious/subconscious and conscious awareness, I make a point to take a quick look at the memory packet of the dream-state before it fades with my awakening into a mixed state of awareness as that of a conscious human-being.

In writing this out just after I got out of bed, I recalled the following about the transition or awakening. There in a boxlike room (that I guess I am in) with a see-through force field like wall that I quickly direct myself to look at and into the cloudlike sphere on the other side of one of see-through barrier in order to scan and locate the main scenes of the dream state, which I am then able to copy (as much as I’m able to grab) and paste into my conscious awareness, kind of like dragging and dropping files from one level of conscious awareness to another. Interestingly, having written this point out in the morning and then returned to it in the afternoon, I found that I was unable to access the details of that which I had written out earlier that morning. I’m guessing that this has to do with certain safeguards designed into the mind to prevent beings from accessing too much of its design - which is exactly what I was intending to do.

Years ago, I remember often using the term, organic robot as though applied to the rest of humanity and  just a little bit to me. Nowadays though (and I’m sure I’ve said this before), the more I look into me to see who I am, the more I realize how robotic I’ve actually been. In seeing how much of my day is managed by the AI system called the human mind consciousness system, from the moment I wake up to the moment I enter into a coma called sleep, I realize that I’ve mostly just hung around in the background for my entire life. Note that the optimist character/point of mine would like to point out the bright side. Consider the amazing amount of potential waiting for me to live.

Now that millions, perhaps hundreds of millions of people have had the opportunity to slow-down, take stock of their lives due to the lockdowns, quarantines and shutdowns associated with COVID-19 (soon to be COVID-20, 21 and so on if you ask me), perhaps we might all agree that while some people would prefer to stay home, many more have probably come to realize the structural benefits that a job offers us.

Having been home now with my partner for about three weeks now, I appreciate the benefits of being able to go swimming, cook whatever I decide (due to having more time) instead of eating some frozen meatballs or canned mackerel mixed with fresh vegetables and rice, both of which I think are yummy options. However, I also notice that I miss the challenges associated with work, preparing for classes, teaching classes and even preparing reports which I honestly don’t think anyone even reads. I sometimes wonder if anyone actually even opens up some of the files that I send. That doesn’t mean that I don’t enjoy doing them for the challenge they present to me as well as the opportunity they afford me to practice solving problems - even while on summer vacation.

Just recently I was asked to resubmit information, which I had already supplied, but in a different format. Even though I defined this task as being akin to mission impossible, I went ahead and re-sent the information in excel spreadsheets only to receive word that my information still was not in the correct format because it had to be in the format of excel spreadsheets downloaded from the system. I was going to just give up and admit that I’d been check-mated, when I had another idea, why not just download excel spreadsheets devoid of any inputted data from the system (with titles and formatting of the system to fit the requirements of submitting the data), transfer my data into those sheets and then submit them, which is exactly what I did to perhaps solve the problem, which as it turns out, happens to be one of the things that I like most about having a job, the opportunity it provides me to solve problems.

07/27/2020 Perspective from the Within of Myself to the Without of all as Me

On the subject of wearing or not wearing face masks, I recently wrote the following: Having communicated with both sides about what is essentially a two sided issue, I don't foresee either side budging or giving way even a little bit to the other. This is because both sides honestly view the need to hold their positions as a matter of life or death. Those who advocate wearing masks, do so from the standpoint that to not wear a mask puts everyone’s life in danger, which by default (whether they realize it or not) defines anyone refusing to wear a mask, as being a deadly threat.

On the other side of the argument are those adamantly opposed to wearing masks, social distancing, lockdowns, etc. You can call them conspiracy theorists if you like, but I think Patriot (when on home soil) or Nationalist (when abroad) is a more accurate term. As far as the Patriots or Nationalists are concerned, orders to wear masks, stay indoors, social distance and so on are incremental aspects of the creeping tyranny spreading like a pandemic originating from the Globalists plan to destroy them, their way of life and everything else that they hold dear - making their opposition to such acts also a matter of life or death.

Hell, it doesn’t take a Guru to see the storm clouds on the horizon. While the dam representing the greatness of China (the socialist system of centralized power and control) is literally breaking, the same thing is happening in the USA to the old-style, insanely corrupt capitalist system, wherein the bedrock of its support composed of small businesses and the American worker is systematically being exterminated. Add up all of the disruption and it does indeed amount to the perfect storm that many forecasted and have been warning about for a long time.

As I wrote in “2-25-2020 Notes on Current Events,” when the virus was just coming out, “As crises of viruses, plagues and perhaps the least talked about supply chain woes begin to disrupt people’s love/hate relationship to the world system, I ponder on the birds still singing and the sun still shining - don’t they know that it’s the end of the world? Ahh! I guess I should have been more specific: don’t they know that it’s the end of the world system? I don’t think it’s going to happen right away; these things, manifested consequence, I guess you could call it, do indeed seem to come in waves.” the world system (or at least parts of it) is coming down.

And while we are either fighting amongst ourselves or trying to figure out how to survive the summer, the plagues of locusts have grown exponentially in size and the supply chain woes have degraded to the point that it will now require at least 1-2 years (under normal conditions) to repair. The organizations and recruitment centers on both sides are in place; now do you see where the soldiers will come from and why so many more will soon be willing to fight, steal and kill? Hunger motivates people to do things they never believed they would. Sorry to put it so bluntly: unfortunately, the time of sweet talk has passed. 

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