Thursday, July 16, 2020

ColorIN My Dream

This is something new that I don’t remember seeing before. In my last blog post, All in an Afternoon Nap, I wrote how I noted in a dream that there was something about the colors that seemed strange, like something that reminded me of a Disney production. Although at the time, I didn’t think much of this point, this afternoon while napping, something similarly strange happened that convinced me to take a closer look at this point.

Just before awakening, I found myself in the backyard of a family that I knew while growing up in my hometown. As I was walking, presumably back home, the family that owned that backyard were all lined up in front of their barn for what looked like a photo op. As I walked by, one of them said something to me. “Hi, I said as I continued to walk by without glancing over. Again he spoke, this time calling out my name, “Tom La Grua, invite me over.” I stopped, turned around and walked to where he was standing with the sunlight on his face in front of the barn with the others. I looked at him: “Hi, I didn’t notice you. You look so much older,” I said, meaning it in a nice way because he really did seem to have a beautiful color about him. There were red, orange and yellow hues, like high definition desert colors. “Invite me over,” he said once again, and then I was in another scene with someone else and there was cake. Suddenly I had a craving for that sugary frosting. I piled it all on to a place and was about to eat it when I woke up.

So what’s so important about this dream, that I would write a blog post on it for the sake of posterity, for future generations to read? The COLORS IN THE DREAM! I’ve never (to the best of my recollection) ever seen such vivid, beautiful colors, such desert-like hues in my dreams. What’s weirder (well maybe not so weird for me): in my last dream that had such colors in it, I even noted the strangeness of such colors while I was dreaming and I also mentioned something else about colors in the blog post I wrote about that dream.

But didn’t see the significance of it until now. I don’t recall ever seeing such vivid colors, especially not those particular hues in any of my dreams. What could this possibly signify?

I’m guessing that it has something to do with the changes taking place right now to the minds of human beings. I’ve been writing a lot recently about the changes occurring to the minds of human beings, including  of course, mine. The thing is, to comprehend or follow even a little bit of what I’m saying, it helps to be able to consider that the design of human beings includes an AI component calle the mind, which makes us programmable (to an extent), kind of like organic robots I guess. I like robots.

Lol, I often wonder about other people not being able or willing to consider and comprehend things that they're programmed not to look at. And then I wonder what I’m missing out on. OK, for those that have made it this far (in reading or scanning this post), here’s something to consider in relation to what’s happening in the world.

Even though the Coronavirus was foreseen a long, long time ago, it has nothing to do with the wrath of God, but it is a gift. From my perspective, the Coronavirus is effectively assisting human beings by singling or cueing our bodies to (I guess you could say) disengage certain aspects of the mind. In the long term, this is going to be awesome. In the short term however… I think we’re losing certain aspects of our minds.

Also keep an eye on the colors and/or perhaps the holographics. I think some changes may also be  occurring in this area. 

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Dave S. said...

I really liked this Tom. I've also been having particularly vivid and extraordinarily colorful dreams with almost unnatural colors. Similar to a psilocybin trip. I'll try and be more specific when I have more time.