Saturday, April 25, 2020

My Perception of the BIG Picture, April 2020

The birds with the black tail feathers are native to Africa, but for some reason have now begun to migrate to Taiwan in ever larger numbers.
In my last post, I ended with the statement: “whereas I would say that the first half of our existence has been about understanding the meaning of life, from a tiny bit mean in the beginning to the meanest meaning of absolute and utter despair, I am fairly certain that the second half of our existence is going to be about understanding and living the value of life. To expand on this statement, existentially speaking (in terms of the big picture), I would say that we are now beginning the halftime act or show I guess you could say, in preparation to begin the second half of our existence. Furthermore, I don’t think that this period, change or movement from bad to good, dark to light (or whatever you want to call it) is going to happen overnight. Rather, I am fairly certain that this is going to take some time and perhaps be quite difficult. In terms that most of us ought to be able to relate to: if you imagine existence as a multidimensional game of life (but with real consequences) as a timeline or path on the playing field of existence as a whole, with a beginning and end, we, as existence would be in the beginning of our halftime - having just entered into the space between the first and second halves - kind of like the space in between yin and yang. However, before we’re ready and able to move on to the second half of our existence (which is actually more like a journey to and through life), we require to walk a process of self change. And that’s my perception of the BIG picture.

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