Sunday, May 12, 2019

Importance of Investigating an Issue before calling it a Problem

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When problems arise, I now generally know how to solve them. Unfortunately (for us beings), as the saying goes, knowing the path is not the same as walking it. In other words, even though I now have the tools and knowhow to solve most if not all of my problems, what I still lack to an extent is that precise understanding that comes with actually walking through and solving each and every problem so as to stand one with and equal to the solution - as the understanding.

For example, not too long ago I received a call from someone informing me that someone else wanted to speak with me about an issue, which from a perspective fear of mine might jeopardize my place in the system. Having faced, walked through and to an extent solved  similar points in the past, I realized that the very first thing one does and must do before moving on to step two in a problem is to deal with any emotions attached to that point. In the past, the emotion or fear attached to this particular point (as a fear of being cast out and/or losing my place within the system) had at times been so horrendous I wouldn’t sleep but for emotional exhaustion. Gradually though as I began learning how to use the Desteni tools to walk through this journey to life - out of the virtual reality of the mind and into physical living, I began realizing or really seeing the benefits of writing points out so as to guide myself out of and through the emotions that were clouding my seeing and making ant hills appear to be mountains.

Thankfully as I had already walked through similar points in the past (the hard way), I was able stop myself from going into an emotional view of the situation. Thus I started writing, but, but, but what I neglected to do was write the point out from the very start or entry point in which the problem had emerged. Instead, I guess I figured I would just jump right to step three or four of the solution by writing an email explanation to the person concerned so as to assuage any concerns and  move on.

To be honest I was kind of satisfied with myself: chalk one up for me for quickly dealing with such a problem by remaining grounded and not allowing myself to go into emotion and become overwhelmed with it.  In a sense it is kind of like a game: I as a being am playing a game of interdimensional chess with my digital duplicate I as the mind within and as the playing field the reality of my human body. In terms of strategy, I as a being and I as a mind are so evenly matched that it makes no sense for me to even try to outwit myself. The key, thus for beings to get through the offenses and defenses of the mind is to maintain the home field advantage of the physical reality by not getting suckered into the mind fields or energetic reality of thoughts, feelings and emotions of the mind. Likewise (from the perspective of a conscious mind), the key to maintaining control over the being is to keep the being occupied in the energetic/virtual reality of the mind. Although it may seem as though a battle between two opponents is playing out within the human reality, I would say it’s more of a balancing action as a way of creating equilibrium among all life forms that make up and create this particular reality. 

Anyway, in getting back to this particular story, it turns out that I may have jumped the gun by focusing on solving a problem that may not have been as big a problem as I had imagined. In other words, instead of recognizing an issue as an issue and investigating the extent of it so as to determine if it was going to become a problem that I would need to solve, I jumped over the investigation process by designing and implementing a full on solution to a problem as I had imagined it, which I may now have to follow through with due the fact that I initiated it in the first place. Next time, I’m going to investigate the issue (from its entry point) before designing and implementing a solution.

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