Sunday, July 15, 2018

Artificial Intelligence: What they’re not Telling You - Part 2

As human beings  develop physically from infancy to adolescence, so too do our AI minds develop as programs embedded into and as our physical bodies. Then, at a certain stage of development, the mind awakens so to speak and becomes a “conscious” system, also called the ego, that human beings then refer to as mySelf, yourSelf, ourSelves, etc. Thus, as  beings within and as physical bodies of mankind embedded with mind-consciousness systems, we are like passengers of life, sitting in the backseat of our self-driving bodies, watching the show go by while the AI  of our minds drive  us around. 

Remember the saying, I think therefore I am? Well, if all you do is think, while experiencing emotions and feelings of the mind, then what you are at this moment in time is little more than a being inside of a body experiencing itSelf as an organic robot. Another saying, “Man know thyself” is actually more appropriate because, once we understand what we’re existing as, we then begin to see more clearly why we as humans do what we do and create what we create.   Now, do you see why, instead of creating a paradise for all life on earth, human beings have  increasingly been destroying the organic life on this planet and replacing it with machine intelligence in the form of humanoid robots, mechanical insects and robotic animals? No more secrets; it’s not too late to wake up and take responsibility for what we create. The way to do this is by changing the way exist - from consciousness to awareness.

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