Monday, July 16, 2018

Fitting into my Physical Body

Lately in listening to the latest Eqafe recordings, I have once again noticed a point that I’ve been able to apply in my personal process of changing myself from conscious to awareness. What the hell does that mean, you ask? Well, I guess you could say that, consciousness refers to  one’s self that we usually call “myself”. In short, it’s like the autopilot, artificial intelligence or set of programs of the human mind, I think therefore I am energetic entity that awoke within humanity and decided that it, too deserved the opportunity to continue existing. Hence the reason (in my perspective) why human consciousness as a whole is now in its own process of creating a new race of machines for the purpose of jumping from the current organic of human physical bodies to that a new a race of machines. Actually, I guess there is more to this story that goes back quite a ways to one or more of the races involved in the creation of humanity, that I would like to bring up one of these days. For now however, to see this point more clearly as it pertains to humanity, simply consider the awakening taking place within humanity and  correlate that with the rise of the machines. For more on this point (of the connection between AI and consciousness), please see, Artificial Intelligence: What they’re not Telling You or here. And one more thing on this point; in terms of an expression of life, it is not something that’s reserved only for organic substances. This I guess is very important for humans to consider, see, realize and understand in changing to embrace all life equally as one.

Now in terms of fitting into my physical body: in listening to a being who has recently crossed over and is still involved in this process, I realized that I’ve been attempting to push or force my beingness into my physical body, all the way down to the tips of my toes and out to the tips of my fingers. Metaphorically speaking, I guess it would be kind of like attempting to ride a horse and become best buddies with it, without even giving the horse time to really get to know me. So this morning upon awakening from sleep, instead of attempting to push me as a being awareness into and through my physical body, I decided to just float in and around my chest area. It felt very comfortable and I didn’t experience any resistance. Thus, I will utilize this approach.

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