Wednesday, January 31, 2018

The Design of Defeat

This morning upon returning from sleep or waking up, I decided to remain in bed for a while and listen to some of the latest Eqafe podcasts. For those who unfamiliar with Eqafe, it is an online site for downloading  recording of beings speaking through the portal. From my perspective, “The Portal” is nothing short of phenomenon. I view it kind of like a gift from all of existence to all of us as existence. For those who are interested or intrigued, here's Eqafe link to various FREE downloads.

Anyway, getting back to the design of defeat. The first interview or podcast that I listened to was called The Design of Defeat and As soon as I saw the title,  I said to myself, no, that’s not me. Yet, when I looked somewhat deeper and questioned, am I really doing all that I am potentially able to do to change myself for the better while also pushing for change within the human reality?  The answer to that question is simply, no. My first excuse, dare I even write it out, is that I also want to enjoy myself. In other words, I don’t want to spend all of my time in front of the computer; I want to watch some movies, meet some new friends, have a beer and surf the internet. However, in looking at that little piece, I realize that it’s not even an excuse, because I am able to do all that and much more. Since I’ve been walking process with Desteni, I have expanded my living vocabulary to include many words. Perhaps the greatest gift I’ve ever given to myself was an expression or understanding of enjoyment. So, where is it that I’ve been embodying the design of defeat? Firstly, how do I define the design of defeat?

The Design of Defeat:
  Wasting of opportunity by way of de-feet-ing or losing one’s footing, therein denying self the full benefits or bene-feats o that come walking to one's potential, pushing through the resistance and transcending the obstacles. 

If there is defeat, there must also be a way to remain undefeated. For me, this  involves a lot of writing, investigating in-words and for-words (because that’s what we are, words) to change myself via  applying and living the words I've realized and redefined, and walked physically to understand and express soundly my potential.

That's it, I guess. To remain undefeated is to keep on walking, pushing through the resistance and investigating in-words and for-words to create ourselves at a pace of our potential to create best outcomes, outcomes that are best for all. Hmm! Potential to create, that a key phrase to embrace. Herein, I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to embody the design of defeat, justifying not writing in fear of writing incorrectly, instead of pushing myself to write and then check what I’ve written so as to ensure that my words are aligned with my intention to create that which is best for all.

From this point, I commit to no longer accept and allow the design of defeat within and as the design of myself. I now also realize that the design of defeat is similar to the design of waiting for something to happen rather than making it happen through self-creation.  

As I view it, the design of defeat relates to action/inaction of not moving or creating to one's potential. It is simply the act of deactioning one’s self. Lol, I’ve paused for a moment, waiting for Google docs to point out my “deactioning” misspelling, but as it hasn’t happened, I guess either the AI is learning from me (which is to say, I’m teaching it) or perhaps it’s programmed to give writers a pass when it comes to the prefix “de.” Anyway, to me, defeat symbolizes a change in the sound/physical movement from that of walking (one’s process) at one’s potential pace to slowing down from that potential to a pace that is less than one’s potential to change. So, I say thank you for pointing this design out to me and I commit to pick up the pace by regularly asking myself, am I creating outflows at my potential pace to create them? If the answer is no, I commit to step up the pace.

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