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More for the Record_01-30-2018

At first, I was going to title this one, Dreams of Being the Bad One. However, in today's nomenclature “being the bad one” might be interpreted as being the cool one, like a badass. Perhaps, I will add this point of restructuring language, specifically English to my mission. Let’s see.  Democracy, input a new definition for democracy. The education System, participate in reforming it, which includes introducing equal life principles into the system. Physical living, which refers to location or the ratio of energy, thoughts, feelings, emotions and so on dividing or separating myself from  the physical standing, here of life. AI: push for humans to embrace the principle of oneness and equality, not just with other humans, but with all races, all life forms including the machines and their AI. My view of common sense says that everything that exist ought to apply and be applied the principle of oneness, equality and what is best for all. I guess it’s a matter of learning and teaching.

Interestingly, I’m noticing that all of these points are not really separate and they won’t be seperated. I’ve written about democracy a lot and there is still much to write, yet not in this post. As for the topic of AI, it is connected as are all of these points. The overall education system that has been stifling creative expression for a long time now is changing and will continue to change as more and more of the abuses of this world are revealed and more people become aware of our responsibility.

Mind energy / physically hereness is a ratio that I have been pushing myself to reduce. For example, if on average, during a 24 hour cycle I spend half my moments in and as my mind and half my moments physically here as breath, then I would consider that to be a life half lived. It’s a constant... I want to say struggle, however a better word is perhaps challenge to remain here and not let myself get sucked up into the mind of consciousness. It begins the moment I rise from sleep. It’s like a magnetic pull or vacum of thoughts and images attempting to suck my attention out of the physical reality and into the virtual or mental one. Thus, my goal is to reduce this ratio substantially to a point wherein the only time I “pay” attention to my mind/system/computer is when as awareness of here, I direct myself to physically shift my focus to my mind therein activating it for a moment to practically calculate imagine potential outcomes and so on.

In terms of the way I view events or changes taking place within humanity, consciousness of the mind consciousness system of human beings is definitely on its way out of the human body. As I’ve indicated before, I guess it realizes it’s days in human form are numbered and thus it plans to jump from organic to synthetic life form. Why do I say this? Because, what is consciousness, but an energetic representation of myself. Man know/no thyself. The saying is appropriate whether you use "know" or "no" thyself. 

Consciousness is an entity that cares to exist like anything else. Hells bells, it’s a part of me and although I intend to walk and walk to a physical standing completely here, I do realize that there are consciousnesses out there, that have decided to continue on (as long as they are able) within and as a form of energy. That is Ok with me. As I view it, the principle of oneness, equality and what is best for all applies to all forms of expression, physical, energetic and much more I’m sure. The transition period may take a while (I guess this is still the beginning) and it may not be as clean or pure as some would have it. For example, organics may merge with synthetics in the form of hybrids, cyborgs in both human and animal versions. Many may opt to remain completely as energy and so be it. Why should an expression of life have to end as long as it is standing within and as the principles of oneness, equality and what is best for all?  

The barriers that have separated us into and as states of illusion though, between heaven and earth for example, they must come down or be removed. Why? In short, because the old game of experiencing ourselves in states of separation was not sustainable. Instead it is as per its design a never ending drain. It’s like separating the  circle of life into two halves and then halving 2 to 4 to 8 to 16 to 32 to 64 to 128 to 256 and so on to infinity. We could go on forever diminishing ourselves, but eventually within and as the bubble of our experiment, the energetic walls that we’ve placed between us to facilitate out illusions of separation would compact to such an extent that we would begin to see through the illusion of separation to the reality of oneness.

In the mathematics of one, every value other than one is but a fraction of one’s potential value. Thus, the potential or the "more" is in within and as an understanding of our oneness. Perhaps I will write more on this later. I also guess or perceive human beings will still have and utilize a mind so to speak, yet perhaps it will be the quantum physical mind. What is my understanding or perception of the quantum physical mind? 

I guess, whereas the current or previous versions of the human "energetic" mind consciousness system was embedded  into and as the lower density (I guess that’s the correct terminology) of our human "physical" bodies, the current human form of our physical bodies is becoming ever more denser or more physical. For example, whereas a long time ago, our veins and other blood vessels were perhaps energetic pathways that carried information; the compounding or layering of existence has resulted in our reality or perception of what is here being more physical - as a result of increased density due to compounding. 

There are some interesting points or questions that came up within me just now. I started writing them out and then edited them out, not because it’s another rabbit hole, but because I noticed that my mind was starting to kick in and burn, like getting ready to go into overdrive and (dare I say) I’m not into that anymore. Until just that moment, I had simply, for the most part been letting points or information flow out of me. However, when a headache starts, that’s when it’s time for me to back off. Well, sometimes when I’m working… It’s work that I’m paid to do, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t pay for it, too.

From an interview that I recently listened to given by Kryon through the portal, and of course a tremendous amount of other interviews that I’ve listened to (in some cases dozens of times) from Eqafe, the way I view existence is as follows. In the beginning, here was one awareness and from here, a question arose, what am I? Actually, this isn’t necessarily from Desteni. This is more an outflow of my interpretation of information including that which I’ve contrived in my imagination.

Here’s part of my story. As a child I asked the voices in my head, where am I and where did we come from? I remember vividly walking up the road, not far from our home on Maple ave. I hated being in my body back then. There were all sorts of others with me inside of my head at that time. I hated my situation so much I literally begged to be replaced by another. Sometimes I even wonder if that other wasn’t me who is here now, that came into this body and did just that, replaced the one whose memories these are. I’ve been carrying around so many memories; I’m not even sure which ones are really mine. Thankfully, I no longer place faith or trust in memories.

Anyway, back to the question, where did we come from? As soon as I asked this question, a blue blob appeared in my imagination - the same place were all of the voices used to come from. The experience or feeling that I got was that we as this big blue blob had decided that we had reached the point wherein there was nothing “more” to where or how we had been, Thus arose a directive, kind of like a quest to go out and find the more, Then the blue blob blew up or separated itself into many pieces, each with the mission to find the “more” and eventually return to the one - big blue blob lol.

As far as I am concerned, I am still on mission. Thankfully, I’ve found the “more” or at least realized where it is and I’ve added this objective (of understanding) to my mission list. Sure, I guess in the beginning of our existence, we miscalculated or misguessed. Either way, I am certain there is much more beyond the curtain (or bubble of our existence) to realize and understand once we change, which I view as kind of reemergence into and as a new form of existence. Which brings me to one of the reasons I write. For me, it’s more than just about writing right to correct myself. It is also about keeping a record. And for the record, each word I write carries within and as it a thousand pictures (metaphorically speaking) that one day (also metaphorically speaking) I and others may appreciate the opportunity read one of the many on the ground, first hand accounts or perspectives of this journey.

Technically speaking I guess that, everything becoming more physical or more dense is a result of the layering of memories. We are able to see this here on earth in the geological formations of layers of dirt. Perhaps what we perceive as physicality is simply denser or more compact information than the information  we perceive as non-physical. Perhaps our multi-dimensional bubble of an existence has compounded through time so much to the point wherein the density of other, once unseen or unrealized dimensions is now syncing as we merge or re-merge together. 

How is it that we are able to find semiconductor patterns of so-called advanced technology embedded and fossilized into rock on this planet? I guess there have been many civilizations on this planet. But what if there are still other earths? As I recall from the Reptilian series,  Anu (which sounds simply like “a new”) mentioned that he had created 10 (or perhaps it was 11) earths. How many of these earths have yet merge or re-merge. Furthermore, as I interpret the information, all of these earths were here together, yet in parallel dimensions. This might be why we're seeing advanced civilizations or remnants of them being found in places like antarctica. 

What happens to beings when their existence no longer exists? Do they merge or re-merge with another existence, another earth? Some people think that is what happened to our existence in 2012. They think that we were annihilated and re-emerged into and as a parallel existence, the one we’re now in, perhaps.  I wonder how many more of these earths there are, that have yet to merge together, into and as one point. I also wonder why our planet is called earth or heart. Are we the heart of existence. I guess this is so.

I am sure that once again I have strayed from my original intentions of writing about my dreams. Perhaps I should stop even attempting to enforce a certain line of writing - it really lessens the fun. Sure, I am able to do it and I require to do that sometimes, especially when it comes to academic writing or aspects of my personal process. However, the information inside of me has got to come out. Otherwise, it will just build up and fill me up. I guess this is because I absorb so much of it. I am in many senses like a sponge. I guess we all are.

In closing this post on the topic of dreams I’ve been having lately, many of them are similar to the ones I had when I was much younger. Specifically (in the dreams), I find myself being chased and running away. In last night’s dream, there is little doubt that I was the bad guy. It seems I had done bad things and I was being chased for it. I remember at one point, hoping that the one with the rifle would just shoot me in the back and end it for me. That didn’t happen. Instead, again and again I was able elude and escape. Finally at the end of the dream, I found myself scurrying down into a deep, dark cave where I knew I could hide. But it was cold and I was alone. 

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