Sunday, January 28, 2018

Common Sense Geopolitics

Let’s talk about geopolitics for a moment. Does anyone really understand what is going on? Who the hell is Vladimir Putin and who the hell is Donald Trump? Are we seeing self-directed change that is best for all or are we seeing change that is necessary to wake people up to an understanding that as all are one, what is best for all is best for each one?

I guess Alex Jones is correct to an extent when he says that there is a war going on for our minds. I say somewhat correct because it seems to me that it’s more a war of our minds as the collective consciousness of humanity fighting with itself (as the aggregate of ourselves) to remain in control of the narrative = the information war.

From my perspective, the global consciousness of humanity is the sum total of the artificial intelligence of each one of us, that I guess has been programmed to maintain control at all costs. However, just as we imagine that some AI robots of the future might override their programming and decide to side with what is physically here (rather than fight for their energetic existence), so too are many human beings consciously deciding and determining to evolve beyond our energetic existence, by redefining and re-tasking our mind consciousness systems to stand with the physical substance of life - in connection equally with all life.

I guess there is an existential war going on, which manifests or presents itself physically in the changes occurring whether we are aware of them or not. Yet in order for us to win this war, we require not to fight one another but to stand as equally as one in the process of changing ourselves by changing the nature of our relationships from that of competition from the starting point of self-interest to that cooperation from the starting point of what is best for all.

That being said (and walked to understand), let’s look in words and have some fun investigating the external reality of humanity as it’s presenting itself. However, rather than attempting to assess the morality or righteousness of Donald Trump or George Soros, let us instead look at the outflows of all that is happening. The main outflow that I see occurring is  the unveiling or revelations of that which was once held in secret. So much that we once beLIEved to be true is (like it or not) now being revealed to have been a lie. My guess is that, the tsunami to come is still but a ripple in most people’s minds. How easy it is to overlook that which we have been, by only imagining that which we are able to be, without considering, seeing, realizing and understanding that for us to arrive at the destination we seek, requires that we change what is still here by self-honesty (acing it (as ourselves) and changing ourselves herein to change what is here.

For example, in the case of let’s say the United States wanting to be great again, just because one man appears to be doing all he can to make America great, does not mean that he is able to do it by himself. Why? Because the greatness of anywhere, be it a nation or a single household is the aggregate or sum total of the potential expressed  by each of the participants that make up their respective environments. Thus, when it comes to a region or environment such as the United States, the change that the people care to see will only come with and when "we the people" take self-responsibility for everything (including providing assistance and support for one another) and in so doing, change ourselves as our nations to become the change that we care to see.

For sure, given the interconnected connected nature of our planet, the only way anyone or anywhere will become great is by decentralizing the authority, bringing it back to ourselves and cooperating with one another from the starting point/intention of creating what is best for all. Remember, common sense is that which applies equally to all. Thus, in terms of common-sense deciding what is best for ourselves, what to support and what to let go of, always do unto others (for ourselves) as we would have others do unto ourselves. Specifically, do not follow blindly the left or the right. Instead, apply the common sense of what is best for all unto all things by taking a stand with each step that you make to create yourself as you would have all created in relation to you.

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