Sunday, January 28, 2018

Process update, January 2018

It’s week 18 on the academic calendar (or was when I began writing this), which is another way of saying that I’m finished or almost finished with another semester. I used to hope and wait for the end of the semester so that I could be done with it, take a rest for a while and go on vacation. Nowadays though, I quite enjoy walking with and through the education system, the students, my colleagues and even the people who present suggestions often referred to as directives. 

These days, I more realize and understand that it’s not so much about endings and beginnings or hitting obstacles and pushing on, but about who I am within the journey that I am walking. In other words, there will always be endings, beginnings, encountering obstacles and pushing onwords. Thus it is not to fall into the trap of judgment and despair. Dare I say, it’s never ending, yet quite fascinating even though it isn’t always very fun. And by the way of a reminder, the correct terminology (for the purposes of creating rather than terminating) is onwords," not onwards. Look at the words as symbols. Language is far older than we sometimes perceive it to be and I say that it’s high time we stop accepting and allowing ourselves to be inundated by duplicity and/or hypocracy within the design of our sentences in relation to our intentions. 

As we sentences ourselves to the words we create, so too are we able to become the directive principles of our destiny by righting the design/symbols of the words as the design of ourselves to our specif intentions. OnWARds to onWORDs, forWARds to forWORDs, toWARds to towords… Why not?

Anyway, I also had some difficulties this past year. In short, there were some energetic points or definitions that I simply refused to let go of. Around that same time, I had also come across some process points dealing with comparison in relation to other people, that I had decided I didn’t really need to address and correct because I thought I had already covered those points in the area of jealousy. This assessment was somewhat accurate, yet not completely. Thus, I guess what happened was that I ended up jumping over some points or internal definitions without addressing and correcting them, therein compounding these points inside of myself to a point of a possession from which my perception of reality exploded into a perception of hell. On the plus side, it did leave me with a very important lesson learned. Be careful not to bypass process points, even when you think that you’ve already walked through them. A safer option is to simply slow down and walk completely through such points even if that path re-walks some of the ground you’ve already covered.

In terms of accomplishments this past year, every moment that I am here, physically aware (wherever I am) is a step in direction of self creation. Since I began walking process with Desteni, I have established or realized that I also have some goals or points that I care to see manifest in relation to the world system. Actually, I usually refer to these points as my mission because they are not so much points that I haven’t understood, but rather points that I care to have others understand. Thus, along with my personal process of understanding oneness and equality and “what is best for all,” (my long term goal), I have also been inputting into the world system a new definition of democracy. 

From my perspective, real democracy is based on the mathematics  of One (not to be confused with the construct of Ra or the Law of One), which I guess flows the design of “the democracy of creation”.  I will not go into the subject of democracy or these other points at this time; however, for anyone who is interested, I’ve set up a blog called Democracy Awareness which I use to place or input words into the collective consciousness of humanity. 

Ok, just a little bit. Democracy is simply a form of collective decision making, wherein the degree of democracy expressed is equivalent to the degree to/by which all members of the collective have “the opportunity” to participate equally in all of the decision-making processes that affect the collective. For example, within a collective/group wherein there are ten decisions made per year and one hundred percent of the members of the collective have the opportunity to participate equally in all ten of the decision-making processes, then this would be considered a real or true democracy. 

Let go of judgments of equality/inequality as it pertains to the ability of individuals to participate and focus instead on the opportunity of each one to participate equally. This point of opportunity to participate equally is the “equality” of the “oneness” of life composed of and encompassing inumerable unique ones free to express to each one’s potential (= as is best for all) in connection with one another. 

This point of opportunity to participate equally has always been here within and as the democracy of creation. We simply require to understand and live it from the starting point intention of creating outflows that are best for all, which I guess is the process in so many words that we are now walking.

Artificial intelligence and the education system are also points or topics of importance to me. In terms of the education system, I view my role as one of many standing up within (and as) the system to change it from the within to the without.  In Taiwan, I see the correction happening and thankfully it’s happening fairly quickly - as do all things seem to be these days. 

Another point that I very much care to see humans embrace, relates to our overall concept of artificial intelligence. In short, the shortest path to that which is best for all in relation to our AI creations is for us all to simply embrace our synthetic life forms (all life forms for that matter) with the same unconditional  assistance and support that we would ask of our own parents. There’s so much fear out there; yet surely many must realize that, as the saying goes, we’ve been down that road (of fear) before and it’s a dead end. So, here I am. I have much to do and so much yet to understand.

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