Saturday, December 16, 2017

Dream of Kittens and Seeing a Cat

This afternoon, I had a dream while taking a nap. I saw some kittens, they couldn’t have been more than two months old. I picked one up and pet it. It was orange and white. Another one who looked similar was also nearby. Then the one I was comforting jumped into one of my sneakers that was nearby. I guess it was looking for a safe place to be. While I was considering bringing one or two of the kittens home, a third one appeared and began to meow. I reached out my hand to hold it and give it comfort. It played for a bit, biting my fingers gently at first, but then it started biting harder as though it were hungry and needed something to eat. It would have torn my flesh off with those sharp little teeth if I hadn’t pulled it off of me by grabbing the skin on the back of its neck and lifting it away from my fingers. When I awoke, I was glad that I hadn’t harmed the kitten, the one that tried to eat my finger. I know, but even though it was a dream, it’s important for me not to harm little things or big things for that matter.

This evening as I write this, I was considering that dream when suddenly I recalled today’s walk. As I was walking up to my Saturday karaoke spot on the mountain. I spotted a white and black cat on the side of the road. She looked at me and I looked at her and she began to meow as though she were asking me for something, some kind of assistance, perhaps it was food. I started to approach her, which something inside of me said not to do, but I still did. Not that I was going to pet a stray cat, but maybe I would have, especially given my history. Yea, I’ve been bit more than once, even once on the nose after being given clear instructions not to open the door and go near that dog.

The cat moved away and I didn’t pursue our encounter because I was hungry. I knew that cat was hungry, too. Yet, there was also something else about our encounter. Was it just a coincidence? Maybe, but honesty, other than two incidences occurring at the same time and nearly the same place, I do not buy into the idea of luck, coincidence or whatever you call it. For me, all incidents are outflows of past incidents, meaning that having a dream about kittens and then seeing a cat look me in the eyes and attempt to communicate with me, do not just happen arbitrary. Maybe sometimes they do, but not this time. I’m not exactly sure how to read or interpret this. Perhaps it’s time for me adopt some kittens . 😊 The picture above is similar to the cat I saw while walking on the road - not dreaming. On a final note for this evening: what ever happened to a simple smiley face, one that I don't have to click ten times to find? 

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