Wednesday, November 29, 2017

What is the Meaning of Life and What is My Purpose?

As I have been asking almost all of my classes this week to write on this subject, I’ve also written several blogs on this topic - each one a little different depending on their English levels. This one is for a high level class.

Having considered the meaning of life for a long time, I now realize that there is must to life than just getting up, going to school and so on - so much more. However, in order to understand it, I have to create it as myself. Furthermore, when it comes to my purpose, I’m not sure about that either. Perhaps it’s time to consider what is the meaning of life and what my purpose is within and as life.

For me, the meaning of life is what we give to it as live it. What do I mean by give to it as we live as it? Giving is what we do in thought, word and deed in relation to ourselves and one another when when we then, speak and/or do as we would have others do unto ourselves. For example, when I think or speak about someone in ways that I would want someone to think or speak about me, I am giving to that person - just as I would have him or her give to me. Thus, for me, the meaning of life is that which I give unto life, everyone and everything in ways that I would have everyone and everything give unto me.

As for my purpose, it is to create me into and as the certainty that I will in all ways, always do unto others as I would have them do unto me. Thus, my purpose is to create me as a stand of integrity = constantly and consistently standing as assistance and support for all. In my view, anything we do that is best for all is also what is best for me. Thus, my purpose to be as best I am able to be - that which is best for all. My purpose is my of changing me to be the best I am able to be = that which is best for all.

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