Wednesday, August 23, 2017

The Flaw of Logic

There is so much that I don’t understand as in an awareness of the consequences I cause unto myself and everything else through all of existence because of what I do or do not do. Whether I speak of the big or I speak of the small, it doesn’t matter because they are one in and of the same. That being said, today I am looking at the word, logic, today and already there is a pain in my stomach as if to say, don’t go there.

I guess this is because of a realization or perhaps a new consideration in relation to what I refer as “logic.” This morning, while listening to an interview or podcast by a being from the Atlantean race, on the subject of the cross-manifestations that began appearing in the design of structure of beings’ molecules, it occurred to me that, logic is but an judgment of how information should flow from the past to the present and into the future.

Whereas, I used to wonder why so many people couldn’t comprehend my simple logic, I now begin to see that even the simplest of logic is flawed due to one’s  biases or culture of what is considered to be right and wrong. Yea, culture is just another form of logic based the perception of what was considered right and wrong in the past should still be considered that way in the present. This is I guess one of the ways we have pinned ourselves to our crosses of righteousness. In carrying with me my past definitions of right and wrong and attempting to pin my logic onto others in the present in the hopes that things will flow “my way” into the future, I have miss assessed and over complicated so many situations.

The bottom line is that, I really must let go of the idea of right and wrong as a means of deciding what to do. Better to replace such a consideration with, what is best for all. And if that gets too complicated, perhaps it’s best to simply ask, what would I have everyone else do if they were standing in my shoes and I in theirs?

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