Sunday, August 20, 2017

From "My Way or the Highway" to Humbleness and Understanding

In my previous post, Opportunity in Consequence, I touched on a realization I’m beginning to open up and understand in relation to my idea of standing up for my rights and my right to live my way according to such  rights. In short, this was as it has been with me, a my way or the highway self-definition, wherein I justified my way because as I viewed it, it was the best and therefore the right way for all involved. However, what I did not realize was that, if the best way for all is not an option for all, then it is not actually the best way for all. Thus,  when searching for the best solution, I now see, realize and understand that, that which is best for all, will also account for the perspective-awareness of all involved, so to be applicable or applied by all involved. This is a major realization for me and in looking at how simple this point seems, I am tempted to wonder why I didn’t see it sooner. Thankfully, I have also begun letting go of the search for “why,” so to focus on actually changing myself. Thus, while I have much self-forgiveness to write out and sound, I am also going to choose some words to redefine on the path to better living.
Self forgiveness
  • I forgive myself that I had accepted and allowed myself to create within and as me a point of defiance in reaction to my feeling of helplessness or inability to live according to my rights as I defined them.
  • I forgive myself that I had accepted and allowed myself to judge myself as being feckless in relation to stopping preventing from feeling humiliated, instead of directing myself to see/realize and understand that, as the humiliation I have experienced originated from within/as myself, all I have to do is to change/shift myself from the definition of being humiliated to that of honoring myself by utilizing my opportunities to see and face such points my process of changing myself for the better, the way I care to have all others stand in relation to me.
  • I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to define my experience of myself, based on the actions of others, therein limiting my experiences to my definitions of their actions instead of taking completed responsibility for who I am by choosing which words to live, redefining them to my specifications as the best I am able to live and then living such words in any given moment.
  • I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to believe that my way was right and therefore best for all, instead of  utilizing my ability to look into people to see and consider their points of view so to compromise for the betterment of all, which is not really a compromise, but a practical consideration for the structure of the environment that the problem resides. Herein, I now see, realize and understand that, the best solution, that which is best for all will account for the perspective-awareness of all involved so to be applicable and willingly applied to all involved.
  • I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to desire to be vindicated by the system, thereby tying who I am to the outcomes of system instead of determining how I will stand within/as this and all matters by choosing a word for the occasion/moment, redefining it and living it. Herein, in relation to any dispute, I commit to embody and live my definition of the phrase, humbleness and understanding.
Self Commitments:
  • When and as I find myself entering into or facing a point of humiliation, I commit to sound the word “humbleness” so to shift myself into and as a sound/physical presence, neither proud nor arrogant, yet self-honestly aware of the best that I am able to be in relation to my environment and determined to move that way = my new way.
  • When and as I find myself considering and/or physically facing people with different perspectives, I commit to sound the phrase, “humbleness within and as understanding,” where, in addition to embodying and living the word humbleness, I utilize my ability to consider and understand other people’s perspectives, who and why they are; herein, seeing them as one with me while also standing as an example of how, in working together to mend our relations, we also change ourselves for the better, together.
  • When and as I find myself facing a point in the physical reality relating a disagreement, I commit to sound the words humbleness and understanding, embody the definition within and as me and live it in relation all aspects and people involved. Herein, I now determine who I will be and how I will stand in relation to all things.

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