Sunday, September 4, 2016

Living Words: How many do I actually need?

Of all of the points and considerations of process, the living word is the one that baffles me the most. It has been said that we should redefine and live words. A word a day, a word a week, I am not sure how many words I am supposed to be redefining and living. I guess, what Jesus said about becoming the living word refers to living the words we speak – as in living words. However, in terms of communication, I do not understand the sense in having two or more people stand in relation to one another, living words defined of different understandings. How are we to communicate if the words we have defined have different meanings? For example, consider the word, mean.

When I look a sentences, such as those above that I just wrote, I see confusion, miscommunication and misunderstandings of varying definitions of possible interpretations of sounds and symbols. This not because of the words themselves, but because of the lack of specificity with which I have used them. Why do we use words such as “mean” when, “infer” or “translate to” would be just as useful without carrying the sound of “mean,” which also carries the connotation of being offensive? Why does one say, I know you, which sounds as though I am not you? I guess we could just say, I recognize you, but that is just another way of saying, I rethink (of) you.  The problem is not in/as the words we speak, but within and as how we infer and interpret them. For example, the English language is often spoken one way as sound, but interpreted in the opposite way in meaning. Thus, it has become the language of humanity = of separation, disharmony and disunity. To add a little spice to all the confusion: as I write, I sometimes laugh at the innuendos I sometimes place in sentences. This time, I laugh at myself, because once again it occurs to me that, as I am probably the only who will get it, I am still just communicating with myself.

Which brings me back to the point of redefining and living words. For now, I would like to choose three or four to understand from which to expand. I choose stable/stability, patience, calm, self-honesty, care and consideration. :) 

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