Sunday, September 18, 2016

Unconditional: What does it mean and how do I live it?

This point has once again reared its ugly head. Not the point of being unconditional; I don’t even know what that means. I am talking about the point of facing my points of conditionality, they are ugly - painful to look at and even more painful to walk through.

Here, I am talking about work related issues: what’s mine is mine; what’s yours is yours; nobody shares, why should I? As a point of logic or better yet, common sense, it is easy for me to explain why we all should share information and knowledge, open source. Yet, when it comes to actually doing it, all sorts of justifications, each as a conditionality come up within me, as to why I should not share. 

Nevertheless, I want us all to be unconditional in relation to one another. Therefore, I will face this point, again and again if necessary, until eventually, I stand unconditionally in relation to all. 

What comes first, everyone being unconditional in relation to me or me being unconditional in relation to everyone? I am not sure; however, I am certain that, as the directive principal of myself, I am responsible for my location within/as humanity. Therefore, all I require to do (before I am able to ask honestly, anyone else to stand unconditionally in relation to me) is to first stand unconditionally in relation to everyone else.

I see in the environment of capitalism, very little unconditional sharing because, capitalism is all about competition. This one of the problems that, we as humanity must overcome if we are to evolve. So, without going into lengthy discussions of the logic or mathematics of why it is best for each of us to stand unconditionally in relation to all, I will say simply that, I do not yet understand how to be unconditional. However, I am able to see how my movements would be if I were to stand unconditionally in relation to others. Therefore, I commit  to move myself as I see I would move if I were to do so unconditionally, even if it pains me to do so. 

I guess, the pain is just resistance and if I keep pushing through, as in doing how I see I am able to do unconditionally in relation to others, I figure the pain will eventually subside and the movements will become more natural on the path to changing the nature of me.

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