Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Taking Responsibility for the Blame I Projected

Last night in an act of blame, I pointed my finger at an old friend and the USA. In looking at this point of blame, I realize that, it has been creeping up within me, more and more as of late. Blaming  is a desperate act of frustration brought about by one’s belief in his or her inability to change that for which he or she is blaming another or others. In this case, my frustration had to do with what I have defined as the slow pace of change within/as humanity. Even though, I am able to see, realize and understand so much of the change that has happened and is happening before my very eyes in terms of people and the world as viewed in person and on my computer screen, I still feel as though I/we are moving too slowly. And this comes right from the turtle's mouth, lol.

I am on vacation now and it has only been just over a week. With no schedule to tell me what to do and have done and nothing to justify going out and having fun instead of writing things out and correcting me, I have created a point of frustration within me. It manifested as blame and now I have to deal with it as a point of me that requires correcting.  

In a recent Facebook post, I blamed the USA for being the land of the oppressor and the oppressed and told my old friend to stop trumpeting the bushtit (of Independence Day). What I did not say (in my frustrated state) was that, whatever the USA and/or other nations of humanity do and have done, I/we in this physical reality are each, equally as one responsible for everything that has and will be created. I call this point, the democracy of creation, which is also the equality of creation as in oneness and equality of life.

Within the design of the democracy of creation is the mathematical certainty that, the whole of creation (what is created) is the equivalent or aggregate sum-total of all points of creation created by the creators. This is what we are: creators creating the created, and this is why every single human being, as one human-creator creating the nature of humanity is equally as one (creator of humanity) responsible for the nature of humanity as a whole. We can take this equation and apply it to all of existence, or we can bring it back to ourselves within and as the universes of our physical bodies to see how each cell cooperates equally as one (responsible point of awareness) to stand as a point of unconditional support of the whole physical body.

I sometimes forget my point of responsibility as an equal and one creator of what we create as one race of humanity. Thankfully, many out there are kind enough to remind me. It is nice, too that others will forgive me; however, for to right my stance, I also require to forgive myself, write the corrections (change the programming code if you will) and then, physically live the corrections to really change the nature of me. 

Below, are my  self-forgiveness and self-commitments as part of my process to change me from one who blames to one who takes responsibility. Writing self-forgiveness and self-commitments functions to release the energy that I have attached to certain lines of mind-programming code. From this point, I am then able to replace those lines with the corrections or self-commitments as instructions that I will use as a guide to physical living to change me to that which I care to be and become.

  • I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to participate in frustration defined as a world that is changing too slowly.
  • I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself blame people and ideas for my frustration instead immediately bringing the point back to me to address and correct the frustration at the point where it began, the point wherein I created it.
  • I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to participate in imagination of scenarios of what is going on in the world and what is going to happen to this planet and humanity instead of realizing the opportunity that is here as me to live to my potential by changing and creating me to be and become as I care to have all stand in relation to me.
  • I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to point my fingers in blame at people and ideas such as the Rothschild’s, the banking system, the US dollar and the USA for my/our situation of having to work to survive instead of living just for the fun of expressing.
  • I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to blame money and the money system for my experience of my definitions of the world instead of taking responsibility (for my experience) by depolarizing/de-energizing the definitions within and as myself in relation to humanity and the world.
  • I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to wonder if it is too late to bother attempting to write right the changes within and as me. Herein, I see, realize and understand that, wherein I change myself for the better, each point within and as me that is better for all, I also change one point of humanity for the better – here in cooperating with others in words and deeds, we as a whole are able to change the nature of humanity for the better.
  • I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to judge me as not being diligent enough, placing too much emphasis on balancing my time between work, process and play instead of realizing that, the good and bad of my ideas as my morality are but definitions through which I have attempted to make sense of reality as viewed on a computer screen instead of understanding that, living is a physical doing, not an imagination.
  • I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to judge the world based on my perspective via the internet on a computer screen instead of letting go of my judgments so to take responsibility for what I am able to respond to, that which is here in the area in relation to me, which is my opportunity to expressly live.

  • When and as I find myself at a point of frustration defined as humanity changing too slowly, I commit to stop, breathe, release the energy of frustration and bring this point of blame back to myself to let go of the self-judgments that I have projected as blame onto humanity. From this point of self-responsibility, I commit to stand back up and continue my journey of writing right to change and live in relation to all as I would have all change and live in relation to me.
  • When and as I find myself at the point of imagining how the world will become, I commit to stop imagining that which I have little control over, and instead to focus on points here in front of me wherein I have the ability to respond to by inputting and creating change for the better.
  • When and as I find myself at a point of wanting to blame the politicians and the elite or my imagination of them for the state of humanity, I commit to bring my pointed fingers right back to me so to take responsibility for my opportunity to do something about it by physically moving me for the better, as I am able. This means using much of my vacation to better correct me and write changes (for the better) that I plan to continue inputting into the educations system.
  • When and as I find myself at a point of fearing or justifying that it is too late to change the future that I have imagined, I commit to stop fretting over how the future may or may not be, so to determine the future right here within and as the present. Nothing is over and done until it is done, and until then, I commit to continue walking my process and doing over as many times as I require.
  • When and as I find myself at a point of judging me as not being diligent enough in the process of changing me to change humanity, I commit to let go of the judgments so to focus on determining and walking my next step, even if it means re-correcting points that I thought I had already addressed and corrected.
I also want to thank Dave S. for responding to my frustration in a kind manner. I found to be very supportive. Thanks Dave

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