Monday, July 7, 2014

Diminishing Cognitive Reasoning skills

Getting back to writing on me, the nature of where I am. Yesterday, a friend that I use for reference informed me that a school had called him to ask about me. Apparently they had done a Google search on me and were concerned that my Internet activities might flow into the classroom.

What am I honestly able to say to allay their concerns? My plan all along has been to change the nature of me to one who is humble, considerate and caring, one who lives the principle of equality. 

Therefore, of course, I would say that this should flow with me into the classroom, and yes it does. I practice equality in the classroom. In other words, rather than enforce a hierarchy wherein students are required to pay respect to me, I respect them as I ask them to respect me. This, I have found works very effectively in assisting students to remove many of the psychological barriers that they/we have towards speaking out. However, mutual respect requires time and patience to nurture.

In my experiences of standing up for equality in the physical reality and the public domain of the Internet, there have been difficulties. As I have changed me in relationship to others/all, many of the relationships that I used to participate in are no longer. At first, I felt as though I was losing parts of me. Later however, I realized that there is nothing of me that I am able to lose.

Some apparently view ones who speak out and present solutions to the inequalities of this world, as trouble makers. Others I guess agree with what we do, but not enough to take a stand, leaving the ones who are willing to face the risks of taking a stand, standing alone. I have very carefully considered the risks of standing for equality, standing and facing the hammers of those that would hammer us down, and honestly, this does not concern me that much. My focus is on the process of realizing/understanding solutions to the problem of inequality, and implementing them.

The reason I am not concerned with the system hammering me down and casting me out is not because I am brave or courageous; it's simply because I realize that my time on this planet is limited. One way or another I'm going to die, and when I do, the only thing I care to see is the foundations of equality, humanity on the path of standing one within and as the ecosystem of earth.

There is also one plain and simple fact. Although, I felt very poor growing up, I was actually born into privilege, and as such (other than the process of realizing this and changing me), nothing has ever been that difficult - along the lines of what I imagine billions are currently facing in this world. However, as we do require to walk within the current system so to change it, each one must determine for self the amount of systemic feedback that he or she is able to deal with and direct. 

The reality (as I now realize it) is that the current system of inequality attacks where it senses fear; therefore, once one decides to walk a path of participation in changing self to change the world, the decision ought to be crystal clear because there is no retreating or turning back without leaving one's back exposed to attack.

So, I applied for and interviewed two universities, one that I would like to work at, the other probably not. Will I express what I understand of the world system, the mind consciousness system, the path to equality, etc., if I teach at this or any other university? Most definitely; for this is the main reason I am looking to move once again into teaching settings of students of higher levels of English proficiency. I stand by all that I have published on the Internet; it's what I have been and who I now am; therefore, of course this is the stand I will make in all classrooms, everywhere I am.

That so many educators apparently tow the line of the current education system without even considering what is being programmed into and out of the students is (I would say) one of the reasons students' creative problem solving abilities are diminishing rather than increasing. 

For example, the English proficiency “Testing” industry has grown to such an extent that a substantial portion of students' time and money now goes towards “learning how to take tests” so as to attain higher scores that are supposedly indicative of higher levels of English proficiency.

Using before and after test scores, governments and educators alike justify this focus and allocation of resources with the so-called proof being the higher test scores. The irony in this is that, the improvements in students' test scores after having taken the “how to take the test” classes are not indicative of higher levels of English proficiency but higher levels of test taking proficiency. Thus, the focus of education has been moved from cultivating real-world problem-solving creative abilities to the virtual reality of memorizing and regurgitating whatever information the global testing industry decides that students should be filled with and boxed into.

That government and educators alike apparently do not see the irony of teaching students how to take tests to increase their proficiency-scores instead of simply teaching students to become more proficient in the subject-matter and then designing tests to accurately reflect one's understanding of that matter is indicative (I would say) of diminishing levels of cognitive reasoning skills within and as the components of society and the education system itself. 

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