Saturday, June 28, 2014

Processing the Illusion

This morning, I woke up with a stomachache and immediately I turned to thinking about what I have been preoccupied with these last couple of weeks, the act of deciding upon a new job, getting that job and relocating. Notice that the emphasis in on “the job.” I thought to myself, do I even really care that much what kind of teaching I'm doing, elementary school, high school, university? “Not really, as long as I'm making money.” And then suddenly it occurred to me (once again) that, I had been participating in fear, thoughts/illusions of wanting more, wanting the future now in the present without physically walking to and through it.

When I look at my process of stopping the illusions of mine/mind, I see this point of money – always considering it, checking to see if I have enough or need more so that in the future there will be enough – is the point wherein I sometimes slip back into the cyclical trap of self justified self-consumption  of subliminal fear defined as a desire to have more than I physically require. 

Here in the fear lies the bait and the catch. In thinking about money, strategizing how to get more so as to alleviate the fear, I/we re-source our physical bodies to produce the energy to light the thoughts of mind so as to perceive our ways through the mines and into the light of the idea of having more. Meanwhile in the physical world of reality, that which is often forgotten or ignored, what really matters is the physical matter.

In the physical – the world without – the same process takes place; we mine the resources of earth, animals and nature to transform substance/physicality into energy/light represented in the sea of humanity by currency of money. As within so without: the self perpetuating cycle of consuming ourselves within is manifested and reflected in world system without. 

Until we address and correct the flaws of the world system of fear wherein money is a need, a must have to survive, nothing for humanity is going to get better, but it may get worse as the body of resources run dry. And here is the catch-22 revolutionary trap: in order to correct the world without, we also require to correct ourselves within - wherein lies the fear of the without. 

What we often fail to realize however, is that the fear within ourselves of the world system without is the same fear that manifests in the without. Justifying and participating within the fear of what is physically out there, we end up perpetually creating the very monsters that we fear. The solution I now see is clear: face the fear within where it lies and let it go so to in awareness of here manifest a world without fear.

Herein, I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to fear not having enough, and thus desire to have more. I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to participate in thoughts of wanting more. I commit myself to stop participating in and as mind of thoughts of what I should do to have more, and to instead physically do what requires to be done, even if it's simply a matter of writing it out so to see desire for what it is, fear.

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