Thursday, June 26, 2014

Getting out of my Comfort Zone

For the last 3-4 weeks, I have been focused primarily on finding a new job. Basically, I have decided to be out of my home sweet home comport zone no later than some-time in August. Why? Because it's time to get out of my comfort zone, do new things and relate to new people. This is where I'm heading, to meet new people and participate in new activities and relationships.

As is often the case, I really don't' know where I'll end up, I'm not even sure I care where I go as long as there is opportunity to see and understand something new, points within/as me that I haven't yet physically walked through and tested out. I'd like to stay Taiwan, perhaps teach at a local university, elementary or high school. I'm also considering China and some other places.

Each time I do this – get up and move out of my house out of my zone for a year or two – it does become a little easier; I guess because in recognizing the mental energies associated with such moves, I am now able to direct them so to not be moved by them. In other words, I realize that in reality, it's a simply matter of walking each step – one by one – through the mazes of the system. Nevertheless, even though I would say I'm an expert at navigating through systems such as government, education, law, etc., it never really gets easier as one might think it probably should. Perhaps this is because the system keeps on upgrading, and perhaps this is why so many around the world are now more and more finding themselves left out. It's like the world system is under attack and it's going into survival mode, protecting the royalty and locking locking the peasants out.

Yes, I would definitely say that all the red tape that I have once again stepped into is a waste; unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be an “easier” way around it. So, I will pay the hundreds of dollars that it's going to cost just just to have a set of transcripts and a degree verified by the Taiwan embassy or Representative Trade office – depending on where one sits.

And then I walk over to the sink, turn the knob and watch as clean drinking water comes out. I wonder to myself; what about all those who don't even have a sink or a refrigerator with food to eat? What about those who can't afford an education-pass into the system of money; how do they survive? Herein, I once again commit myself to – regardless of where I work or where I teach – continue to walk though this system, changing it/me in/as the places I stand until all are standing in equality.

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