Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Realising and living my utmost potential

Previously I posted The Desteni of Living, principles that I am walking in a process of self change, changing the nature of me. These are cool words that I agree with. The question is how do I as one of all actually in reality live these principles. My first response is that it's a work in progress. The reality is that, sometimes, often I feel clueless as to what is best for all, what is best for me or even what is best for the person sitting in front of me. I'm rarely ever, actually never certain of the outcome the next step until I walk it and it becomes an outcome of the past, now part of who I am in the present. So, let's examine these principles, what they mean to me, how I am better able to direct myself to live them.

Realizing and living my utmost potential
My utmost potential is perfection, and perfection is constant, consistent movement in aliment to that which is best for all. In other words, realizing and living to my utmost potential is a journey of and to life, never about actually being perfect, but always striding for perfection. In a world where there seems not to be any perfection but in the chaos, it's difficult to see where I fit into the big picture, so perhaps it's better for me to focus myself in relation to the small, that which I am able to see and direct. This, I guess is a key for us all to understand; we don't change the world in one big swoop, we change it by changing ourselves in relation to all. I have often viewed myself like a turtle that moves very slowly, considering each step and then taking it, certain that he will get where he's going, but not a clue nor a care as to when. I hold onto to points of me, slowly but surely letting them go as though I’m afraid of shocking myself into the reality of the changed me. What is my utmost potential? The potential to be the best that I am able to be in directing and supporting change in this world, change to living equality for all life. For me, this doesn't mean not having fun; it means letting go of dishonesty/fear so to live. What is living? I haven't a clue; however, I am certain that it is preferable to what we humans currently ascribe to, slaving our lives away as though life were something that had to be bought. In closing on this point of “Realising and living my utmost potential,” I will say that this is my journey of self change, self honesty, equality of me within and without, the journey. I'll get more specific in the posts to come; writing/righting myself is turning into a long journey.

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