Monday, May 12, 2014

Redistributing the Wealth and Changing from the Ground up

The other day, I looked out my window to see a farmer spraying what I guessed were pesticides on the growing rice. I thought to myself, why do they have to do that; why can’t we/they just accept a littler lower yields? Silly, to even think about. Of course it's all about money; everything in this world always comes down to money. We compete against one another, kill one another all for money, the ability to survive in a world driven by money.

The conspiracy theory is that “they” are taking out the middle class, and soon we'll all be peasants except for a few, the ultra elite. It does seem to be happening that way, and I wouldn't say I’m disappointed. Having 99% of the people equal isn't as good as 100% but it's movement in the right direction. It's just too bad it's looking like equality of poverty instead of equality of abundance and sufficiency as it could be if we the people would simply unite and agree upon equality for all.

It's interesting how we complain when lose or get hurt, but thank god when it happens to someone else - thank god it wasn't us! Yea, the middle classes all over the world are being relegated to the lower class, and the extremely wealthy are getting wealthier. The real question is what are we going to do about it. Fighting for "My" right to exist without fear of going hungry is useless unless we're also willing to stand for the equal rights of everyone to live without fear of not having enough money/credits. That's what money is, credit that we use with the debt eventually coming due. 

It's not about the one percent; it's about the 100%, and this is what we the people require to understand. There is only one way to win the war against "them", and that is to stop fighting amongst ourselves, end competition of self interest, and learn to cooperate with one another and all. Then perhaps, we'll also see that it's never been about the one percent taking; it's always been about ourselves, what we accept and allow.

So, I encourage those who think to fight against, to reconsider. For, the only way to win is to stop all fighting and cooperate with one another in the principle of equality for all. Anything less, as is often ranted about by famous “anti conspirators” is simply hypocritical. 

The pope of all people has recently been chiming in, and when he says that it's time we look at wealth redistribution, I don't disagree. However, just redistributing the wealth/debt isn't going to solve humanities problems. We require to work together from the ground up, not from the top down. Redistributing the world's wealth does sound like a cool idea until one looks at the world's money to debt ratio and finds that, on shit, there's a hell of a lot more debt than there is money, which means that technically there is no money.

So, instead of calling for a redistribution of the world's money, I call for people's of the world to begin taking responsibility for everything. From the ground up, using the internet and direct democracy. I call for the people to enmass begin the transition to taking responsibility by making all the decisions - starting at the personal level. Many say that people are too stupid to make all the decisions. I disagree. People are not stupid, we're just not accessing more than a tiny fraction of our creative potential. To access this potential requires that we work together. Imagine the resources that will be freed up if and when we eliminate the fear of not surviving.

As far as redistributing the wealth of the world, I suggest not getting too excited about it because, this in itself will not solve our problems; although it is a start. What we the people require to do is start making the decisions from the ground up so as to learn how to make decisions in consideration of all, learn as we go. This means that it really is a personal process of giving unto one's neighbors as one would like to receive. Because if we're not able to do unto others as we would have others do unto us (at the personal level), there's no way even if there is a massive redistribution of wealth/resources, that we're going to do anything differently. It will just be another revolutionary cycle of a new start of the same old competition/wars.

This is what I have to say today; not to the Cyber world but specifically to me, myself and I. That I require to remain consistently aware of my personal relations with others, respecting them as I would ask them to respect me. It has not been easy for me to understand this, understand the positions/perspectives of others; however, I am making progress, and I commit myself to keep walking in this direction of equality and oneness.

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