Thursday, May 15, 2014

Changing Self Changes the World

Life (in all forms) is defined and/or determined by and through one's relationships. These relationships from the small of each of us to the big of the world-system reflected back unto us all define and/or determine the nature of each of us as one of humanity. Therefore, to change the nature of humanity so to stop and reverse the decline and degradation of earth and human kind, each one/person requires to change the nature of self – as the small that make up the big – to thus change the nature of humanity.

Although this may seem an impossibly massive project, when we take it down to the smallest point of each one's responsibility – the point wherein one is able to change, it becomes simply a matter of enough people uniting in the commitment to change for the betterment of all, and then doing so step by step until the united mass of change overrides the current flow of deterioration and transforms it to improvement.

Self-change for the betterment of all occurs when one realizes that relationship points in which he or she is currently participating are not beneficial to all and therefore changes his or her relationship participation within and as these points to reflect the consideration of what is best for all.

By determining and then living self-change, one not only determines the nature of self (who one is in relation to all), but also re-defines the nature of all in relation to self.

Specifically, in changing self for the betterment of all, one determines the nature of self; thereby redefining the nature of all in relation to self. Hence, each one's ability to change the nature of humanity to one that is more benevolent simply by changing the nature of self. 

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