Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Stand up or Continue to Ignore

Every day, I read about what's happening in the world; from the small to the big, it's exactly the same pattern, the desire/search for more, coupled with the fight to hold onto what we have. Have you ever herd the expressions: “to eat oneself up inside” or “to be consumed with desire”? 

This is what we're doing to ourselves every moment that we ignore, in favor of the quest of more. A starving person is not searching for more food. There's plenty of it already here; yet, but because he hasn't the money to buy his right to life from us – the ones in control, he suffers and dies, leaving the whole – which includes us, diminished or less. Why, because we in our quest to have and to hold more, have failed to realize that there is no more than what is already physically here. 

It should be so obvious that we're going in the wrong direction; I mean, we expect the structures we create to eventually deteriorate. Yet, what about nature, the oceans, the rivers and the trees, is it natural that they too should be deteriorating and dying? We're consuming ourselves from the inside out, and we don't even see it because we're too afraid to look, lost in ignorance – the want, need and desire to have and to hold.

One of the saddest ironies of our current state of humanity is that, as long as we as individuals are enjoying the experiences of ourselves, we tend to refuse to voluntarily look at what is actually here, fearing to let go of our ignorance, least the love and happiness suddenly disappear. So it will be as it is becoming: each one forced to see and endure that which we've ignored, until we take responsibility for ourselves and all.

Look now at the masses of those who ignored the poor; for hey too were once among the upper classes. Now that their money has vanished, they walk only among the poor. Hear their cries of anger and sorrow as they search for helping hands, but all they find are those they once ignored. 

Like it or not, humanity is controlled by money; therefore, if you still have it, stand up for equality; stand-up for those who no longer can; for if you do not stand now for the poor, who will stand for you?  

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