Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Day 82: Who has earned the Right to Life?

Equal Money Newsletter

So it has been through history, the right to life, mortgaged to the bank, crown, government, slave traders..., what's in a name, miss a payment, they still take your home, your life away. Smooth talking politicians, puppet poster boys and girls for the Elite. They talk of change, and it's changing alright, just not in the way we Hoped. Even the most ignorant has gotta know by now; it's all been a pack of lies. The American Constitution, Bill of Rights, all just writings that in the end have amounted to nothing but another form of control. The Money System, Government, Judicial, Education, system, system, systems – all for the purpose of controlling the masses. What rights should any of us have anyway, that we're not willing to equally offer to all? In a system wherein equality is not absolute, a part or parts of that system will be subject to top-down abuse. The hierarchical structure – fear-based mentality of self-interest within and as the Human race is the source of the predicament in which we/all now find ourselves. We've probably been before, and that would mean that this time's going to be much worse – like a snowball rolling downhill. My hope for this New Year, 2013 is that there is no more hoping, not for me or anyone else. Because as long as there's hope, we human beings have a tendency to prey, wait for God or some alien beings to come and take us away to a better place. Instead of realizing that Earth was once a Garden of Eden, but is now just a Hell. Hey! As long as we're still here – alive, it's not too late to change.

Modern-day Capitalism, the suffering of the many for the benefit of the few has long been pushed and accepted as though it were a permanent solution, an equal-opportunity for all. It is now very clear that a small percentage of people (who see Capitalism as a game of winner take all – at all cost) have manipulated/corrupted the system to such an extent that it now function and provide for an ever shrinking few, the one percent. These manipulators, Banksters and their puppet politicians whom we call the Elite, operate for the most part from behind closed doors, and although some may proclaim that their intentions are good, the devastation done to our planet and all that inhabit it would say otherwise. As is scientifically verified in an unprecedented choirs of agreement, Earth is in a downward spiral that is fast approaching a point of no return. The current political system of policy making from the top – down will certainly do nothing to fix the system. Thus, it is for we the people, to step up and take responsibility for creating a new system, one in which “Equality” actually equates to All – as opposed to just all those with money. For those interested in participating in the creation and implementation of a new system that will benefit all equally, vote for Equal Money; give the gift that you would receive. Equal Money


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