Friday, December 21, 2012

Day 80: No Doom's day today

I’d be lying if I said that I haven't for a long time been hoping, perhaps the last of my hopes, that the end of the Mayan cycle would produce something, a wake-up call if you will to humanity, that change is now the order of the day. Alas, the day has come and almost gone, and all through-out the land, people are still shopping, including me. No tsunamis have come, not even the usual earthquakes that Taiwan so regularly sees. Billions will still go to sleep, hungry tonight, the rigged stock exchanges will still open on Monday, garbage will still flow into the ocean, trees will be cut down... Longing for the end of the Capitalist system, how do we put a stop to it; it's like it just doesn't want to die, crash and be done so that a new system (Equal Money System) may be put in place. I realize that it's not that easy – like Revolution and War. The most important aspect of change – other than its direction, is it's foundation, and here is where patience is obviously crucial. Once again I find myself with more questions then answers. Regarding the Mayan calendar there's more to this mystery, something – like so much else that I’m still not seeing. For example, why is it that the mainstream media such as CNN, never jumped on the 2012 craze, they never pass up an opportunity to hype an issue. Perhaps it's because they weren't involved in creating this one, or perhaps they're just focused on creating a different issue. Either way, I’d call this a day, one more step in the direction of letting go of the hope – small as it may have been, and turning once again to face what is to be faced, the consequences, slow and steady. The reason I am certain that there are still consequences to be faced is because I can currently see them playing-out and still being created. At least it wasn't plan A.
  • I forgive myself that I had accepted and allowed myself to hope that the Mayan calendar had been aligned to an external event that would force would instantly force change upon us, and within this not see/realize and understand that hope in external events causing humans to change is one of the causes of our not changing. I see/realize and understand that it is necessary for us to change ourselves. Within this, I commit myself to continue walking my process of change, as long as it takes, and within this to come to understand/live the word, patience.
  • I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to long for the end of Capitalism, and within this not realize that longing for a system to end, only prolongs it. Within this, I commit myself to further investigate an Equal money system, and write more about it.
  • I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to hope that the world as we know will end, and within this not see/realize and understand that without the necessary preparations for a new system being in place, the suffering would be even far more than it is now.
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